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Found 21 results

  1. Server Status - Early Development Islandia Life? Islandia life is a new and exciting life project set up by a group of experienced players, Islandia life has been created to go back to roleplay, we focus on a hard-core experience allowing you to be what you want and get a slice of the Icelandic life. Why play with us?
  2. Simple Life Roleplay ——————————————————————— Discord: CLICK HERE About us: We are a new Tanoa Life RP Server that has weekly updates, friendly players, friendly staff, and a good start to help your experience be the best it can! We currently are doing weekly updates to fix all the bugs, so you guys can have the best experience you possibly can! We have a $3,000,000 start for every player so you guys can have a good startup and be able to get to doing drug runs and robberies. We have just created this server but we were recently known as Lazy Boy RP.
  3. We are a Tanoa roleplay server. We are a new server that has recently started that was recently called Lazy Boy RP. We are in need of active staff and players for the server! We are currently doing weekly updates and below I will list some features we currently have: FEATURES * ART GALLERY ROBBERY * GOVERNMENT FACILITY ROBBERY * MILITARY BASE ROBBERY * DYNAMIC MARKET (GOOD PRICES) * FRIENDLY PLAYERS * DIFFERENT REBEL TIERS * NOT VERY HARD RUNS * CARTEL GOLD MINES * BOUNTY HUNTING * CONVOYS * CUSTOMIZED MAP * SHADY CRIMINAL * WEAPON CRAFTING + A LOT MO
  4. Hello Altis Life Forums, My names Kermit the community manager for the new and updated Urban Sky gaming community. I want to extend a warm welcome on behalf of all of the staff and players at Urban Sky Gaming . We are a modded server with a custom Kelley's Island Map, custom scripts and a fully detailed and immersive experience. Made for players by players. While I can talk a big game, about how many custom scripts we have in our server including item crafting, custom business and phone systems We all here at USG have been playing Arma 3 for many years now and have over 5 years of RP exp
  5. Bonjour, Bonsoir Je vais vous présenter ici notre nouveau serveur qui a ouvert les 22/06/2018 à 18 h. Evo-Life est un serveur RP non moddé sur l’île d’Altis qui préviligiera le Rp au gun fight : whiteliste rebelle etc... Sommaire : 1.Présentation du Background du serveur 2.Présentation du Staff 3.Présentation de nos Scripts 4.Présentation de nos ressources 5.Nous rejoindre 1.Background du serveur Les débuts : Avant les années 30, l’île d’Altis n’était pas habitée. En effet celle-ci était trop éloigné du continent Européen et sans réel intérêt, ni économique,
  6. LostParadise GER/EU | TanoaLife | RP | Modded | Since 2017 Wir von LostParadise haben eine erfolgreiche Zeit als RP und Fun Server hinter uns und haben uns mittlerweile auf eine Modded Umgebung auf Tanoa eingespielt. Unsere Features: Eigener TS³ sowie eigenes Forum Leistungsstarker 64 Bit Server Angepasste Preise Weiterentwickelte und eigene Scripte Skill- und EXP System Neuartige Shops Schließfachsystem Dynamischer Drogendealer Erweitertes Craftingsystem Viele neue Farmjobs Fahrzeug und Gebäudehand
  7. Introduction Britannia Gaming was established on the 1st January 2017. We have a dedicated Management and Support Team which which functions 24/7 to ensure the community operates efficiently and smoothly. We have a Development Team who are dedicated to bringing new features to the server to improve your experience and enjoyable for everyone. Our Support Team are here to assist with any problems or questions you may have. We consider ourselves a mature community and expect our members to behave in mature manner and to provide a outstanding roleplay experience. We have revamped the grou
  8. What's better than a fresh community with fresh ideas trying to bring the good old Altis life days back. Well its your lucky day our server and our community in general are aiming to bring back to good old days with a 10 out of 10 roleplaying experience with almost every inch of the map covered in something new our island is the place for you. We are now recruiting cops medics staff and even whitelisted rebels that are willing to put their great ideas forward to the community in order to make players dreams in a life community become true. Please feel free to check out our website @ https://re
  9. Hey! My name is Nick and I want to introduce you to our Altis Life RP project named "ILLICIT". I'm here today to present you what I and my dev team have been working on for over two months now. As we all know, there is an incredible amount of Altis Life servers and competition is undeniably miles ahead with their development and player base but we are here to give it a shot regardless as we believe we have something to offer! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Let's start with a catchphrase as old as Altis
  10. BY: Our New Green Island RP Server COMING SOON ! CUSTOM SCRIPTS (when we say "custom" we mean it! custom scripts that created for us only!!!) MODDED CARS AND WEAPONS MODDED BUILDINGS CAPTURABLE GANGS BOUNTY HUNTERS (Coming Soon) TaskForceRadio - for better sound and RP Car Tuning Modular Talent Tree (Perk System) WEBSITE TS3 - greenislandrp.sytes.net
  11. Bonjour, Bonsoir, Je vous présente ExoLifeFR, serveur ArmA3 RolePlay qui a ouvert en septembre. Cette présentation est également disponible directement sur notre site internet avec une mise en forme : http://exolifefr.com/Presentation.php Sommaire : 1.Présentation Générale 2.Présentation du Staff 3.Présentation de nos Scripts 4.Présentation de nos Mods 5.Présentation de nos Ajouts 6.Présentation de l’économie 7.Screenshots du Serveur 8.Nous rejoindre 1.Présentation Générale ExoLifeFR, c'est quoi ? C'est 14Gb d'addons, des scripts inédits, 4 gameplay
  12. TS: Sayılı Günler Kaldı!!! 2015'te Kapanmış Olan RP sunucusu Asi Life tam gaz geri dönüyor!! Yeni Asi Life Hardcore RP sunucusu yakında sizinle!! -Gerçek Emniyet Müdürlüğü Rütbeleri( EGM, 1. Sınıf Em, 2. Sınıf Em vb. ) -Gerçek Sağlık Bakanlığı Rütbeleri -Güvenli Bölge YOK! ( RDM yasak ) ( Sadece merkez hariç ) Polisler artık araç çekemiyecek. Siviller araçlarını otoparka park edicekler. ( Olağanüstü durumlar hariç Mağaza kapısı önünde AFK araç vb. ) Otopark harici park edilirse ceza kesilecek otoparkta saat başı ücret alınacak. ( Oyun saati )
  13. Bonjour, Bonsoir Je vais vous présenter mon serveur Arma 3 qui ouvrira le mercredi 2 Août à 12 heures. (22764 Ko pour ceux que cela intéresserait). En arrivant vous disposerait d’une offre de bienvenue de 1 000 000€ ainsi que d’un tirage de loterie afin de gagner camion/argent/… (Loterie disponible sur le TS) Cette présentation va être composé de 6 parties qui sont les suivantes. Sommaire 1.Présentation du Background du serveur 2.Présentation du Staff 3.Présentation de nos Scripts 4.Présentation de nos ressources 5.Screenshots du Serveur 6.Nous rejoindre 1.
  14. RP PAS CHER! Par MyLord Inquisitor et Alex Spitz INFOS : Type de serveur : ArmA III - AltisLife Moddé Taille Mods : 1.5Go MAX TaskForce : Oui Type de Rôle-Play : Amusement avant tout Fondateurs: Alex Spitz, MyLord Inquisitor Financement : Alex Spitz Salaire IG : 25 000$ / 30min + Prime de RP Teamspeak : ts11.verygames.net:50633 Lien Steam WorkShop : Secret (TEAMSPEAK) Screenshots ici : https://goo.gl/XKbTpR Nous sommes à la base deux à gérer / développer ce projet de serveur AltisLife moddé. Mais attention ! Il faut
  15. Disclaimer: This server is a work in progress, and some features may not yet be complete. TS³: Website: a3life.enjin.com (temporarily WIP with ads.) Server IP:
  16. Hello! My Server Is Called Wolf Life RP, We are as you may assume due to the name a Role Playing Server! We have scripts found here on the forms such as: Police Radar Zipties / Gags / Hoods Anti VDM And A couple of other visual appealing addons We have active staff members Active Cops Active EMS Rob able Gas Stations Patched Money Duplication Bug We are in the process of making a whole lot of custom vehicle textures. Our Population has died. So If you like over populated servers, Wolf life isn't for you. Ip:
  17. Hello thanks for taking time to view our server. We have a lot to offer with our roleplay. We have 10gb of mods which makes the server awesome and fun. This life mod took us 8 months and we have had it up for a few weeks. We have tons of cars and shops. You can even work at taco bell or be a tow truck driver. It is endless on what you want to do. Our player base is big and friendly, If you ever have a problem we have great staff to take care of it. We want you now join now and get 500k to get you started and start having fun. Contact and server info Website: www.argogaming.net
  18. Welcome to Black Wolf Gaming - An Arma 3 Altis Life community! We currently offer an Altis Life server with a high quality, unique and exiting mission file which heavily tailors towards RP between players. The emphasis in RP allows us to run a community which is suited towards those who enjoy interacting with others and getting the best possible experience out of their time on Arma 3. Our server as mentioned, heavily focuses on roleplay. Meaning that every aspect of the server meets this criteria such as the Police force who involve RP with every move they make, putting words before bullets.
  19. Tired of abusive admins and annoying excuses for RP? Come and join a family ran server (me and my brother) on Red Flag Gaming. We took everything from our 3000+ hours of combined arma 3 experiences and put them into a server for people to love and feel welcome. RP is our main priority over all other stuff. We are currently looking for cops, meds, and supports. We would love to see you guys; if you wanna come talk to us our TS is If you wanna go play on the server our IP is Server Ip: and Port: 2302. We hope to see you there!
  20. TREK GAMING Why should you join Trek Gaming?We offer strict role-play that everyone can enjoy as well as a diverse range of scripts unique to only Trek Gaming. Some unique aspects would include our businesses, players can create an official business and register it with the government. Businesses can buy, sell and offer deals to the citizens of Altis. How do you get the items to sell, you ask? Simply, with our unique feature called, factories.With factories you can create guns and accessories with resources found on the server. We also offer official gangs that can be registered on the t
  21. TRAILER INFORMATIONS Le serveur est un serveur RP sur la map Tanoa, 140 slots. Il reboot tous les jours à 02h/08h/14h/20h. PRÉSENTATION GÉNÉRALE EYL Reborn est un serveur moddé et FULL RP ayant pour carte les magnifiques îles de Tanoa. L'histoire se déroule en 2035, le gouvernement a très récemment ouvert ses portes à l'immigration et, malgré les avantages qui en découlent, il semblerait que les activités criminelles ont fait leurs apparitions ! A vous de choisir votre voie mais sachez que si vous tombez dans la criminalité, des portes se fermeront peut-
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