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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone, i recently started to make and config a Altis Life server fro Arma 3 and it as everything good.. but when i buy a Modded car in the Car Shop i cannot put it on the Garage! and when the server reboot is not there.. someone can help me? plz? Thanks!
  2. TITILE: [TUTORIAL][Altis Life 5.0.0] NPC Reviver DIFFICULTY: Easy DESCRIPTION: This script allows you to revive anyone within 10m of the "npc reviver". It can be used when there are no connected independents on the server and you have a friend who can carry the dead companion to revive him. Let's start with the tutorial... In "Functions.hpp", in "class Functions" add: class npcReviver {}; Create a new file named:"fn_npcReviver.sqf" in "core\functions" with: #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" /* File: fn_npcReviver.sqf Authors: WitZ,Deadlesszombie,Cosiwell Description: Starts the NPC Reviver process on the player. */ private ["_npc","_deadList","_closestBody"]; _npc = param [0,objNull,[objNull]]; _deadPlayer = nil; _closestBody = 11; { _distance = _x distance _npc; if(_distance <= 10 && _distance < _closestBody) then { _closestBody = _distance; _deadPlayer = _x; }; } forEach allDeadMen; if(_closestBody > 10) exitWith {}; if(isNil "_deadPlayer") exitWith {}; _deadPlayer setVariable ["Revive",TRUE,TRUE]; [profileName] remoteExecCall ["life_fnc_revived",_deadPlayer]; sleep .6; player reveal _deadPlayer; From Eden Editor, edit your "mission.sqm" and in the init of a new NPC created write: this addAction["Revive",life_fnc_npcReviver,"",0,false,false,"",'']; and place it where do you prefer (For exemple in Hospital). !-> END <-! I would like to thank @WitZ and @Deadlesszombie for the great help they gave me in making this script and that even if we do not speak the same language we have succeeded after many attempts, ideas and improvements to finally create something that everyone would like to have on their server. I would like to thank in particular the @Deadlesszombie who assisted me during the whole drafting of the script and who gave me useful information for the creation of probable future scripts.
  3. Hello, I'm looking for a script that once allowed to be transported from friends to the hospital and be resuscitated by the NPC of Medical Assistance paying $ 3,700? Is there already a similar script or does it do that? Or at least how would it be possible to achieve it? Thanks in advance
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