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  1. Hello all! My name is Cee, and I've decided to move myself for awhile to the Arma3 just for the time being and I'm excited to get to know others around the community. I have been programming for about 7 years now, and I'm looking iif anyone could give me some advice on how to get started. I'd really appreciate any feedback and any questions you all can answer. Question 1: When making a mission, how far are you allowed to go within modification, before you have to start marking things as mods, in other words, at what point are clients required to manually install mods. Are great example of this would be the AltisLife framework, this doesn't require mods, but if i decided to make my own roleplay framework, how would I know when things 'need to be manually installed for clients to join'. Question 2: If i make my own mission, will it show on the gamemode list in multiplayer? ( Just like KOTH, Roleplay, etc... ) Question 3: Why doesn't arma3 support auto-workshop downloading for clients, when joining server? Question 4: Relative to Q1, but, if i whipped up lets say, a slot machine and imported it, why would clients have to manually download this to join? Why not automatically download? Thanks for your precious time reading/answering my questions. Your feedback and answers will be greatly appreciated! Thanks again.
  2. Alongside ArmaHosts.com we are currently developing a new roleplay server filled with fun features and constant roleplay action. We have perfectly adjusted rules to avoid them restricting roleplay and a staff team with thousands of hours in Arma roleplay. Server IP: ugs-eu-germany-3.armahosts.com Port: 2332 Discord: Join for updates and bug/playtests. Steam Group | Twitter Page | ArmaHosts NOTE: Server is currently in heavy development! Current Features: 250k Starting Money (50k at launch) Server Based on Malden Military Police Combat Medics MPD Checkpoints Custom Structures (bridges etc.) Custom Jail Robbable Gas Stations Custom Player Owned Businesses (contact staff for details) Constant Server Events Custom Resources and Drugs Custom Items and Equipment Auction House Combined Gang Funds Black Market Island Planned Features: (more soon) Shipwrecks Slot Machines Police Database Bounty Hunting Placeable Objects Random Airdrops Custom XP System Custom UI / Status Bar Capturable Gang Areas Custom Textures (all sides) Looking For: MPD General / Medic General Experienced Police and Combat Medics A Lot of Active Bug/Playtesters (help will be rewarded at launch!) Malden Life RP Discord
  3. Founded: December 24, 2018 Basic Information ArmA 3 Server IP: : 2317 Website: https://paradiselifecommunity.mistforums.com/forums/ TeamSpeak:
  4. Hi, I have setup a new server and decided to check that all the database features were working. So I bought a car, tried to store it in the garage and nothing executes, I get no error either. However, if I then restart the server, it's automatically put into my garage, so I started it back up then pulled it out of my garage, it got retrieved and then I tried to store it and it worked. So it seems that newly bought vehicles cannot be stored in the garage for some strange reason, I would love some ideas on how to resolve this issue. Thanks. Edit- You also can't impound vehicles or check registration
  5. Hello, I'm Crazy from ThriveGaming and we're now releasing a brand new server on Altis using the Tonic framework, Our server has now officially launched in Beta. However, there will be still be a few bugs . We're currently developing the server daily to make it better in each way, this is on the mission file, teamspeak and website to make sure the server goes into the right direction. APD (Altis Police Department): At the moment we have got 7 cops and we're still recruiting, if you're looking for a good APD experience come and join us and write an application on our website. NHS (National Health Service): At the moment we have medics running around helping the civilians interact with roleplay and all of the applications are open, We're looking for someone to take charge of the NHS to bring great roleplay to the server. What we have to offer: At the moment we have quite a lot of scripts from Altis Life RPG that have been improved upon to improve the quality of the server. We currently have: Custom skins for Whitelisted Gangs Custom Bases for Whitelisted Gangs. Server events (We are making it so we can use the Y-Menu to start an Server event) We have a custom map You can cut keys at the chop shop Side missions that you can do to gain money, weapons and XP. Links: Website: https://thrivegaming.co.uk Teamspeak 3: TS3.THRIVEGAMING.CO.UK Discord: https://discord.gg/nrF4mCv Server IP: Images:
  6. Looking for a fresh start? A new beginning? A different experience? Come join British Life Roleplay Roleplay! Click Here to join our community! TeamSpeak Server: ts3.britishliferoleplay.co.uk Server Details: IP: Port: 2302 With a custom and unique government system like no other, lots of legal and illegal activities and a refreshing town centre, British Life Roleplay is the new community looking to bring you an experience like no other! Our Police force is built off trust and experience, giving you, the player the change to interact with them without the fear of corruption, and the ANHS is only a phone call way using our phone system, to review you when you crash your car with its custom registration plate! Once you’ve retrieve your car from the impound lot, you can head over to Kavala City Centre, which is easy to navigate and has a wide range of stores, ranging from clothing to firearms. The wider map has been heavily edited and developed, it includes a bank and the Alits Reserve allowing you to take your pick of cash or gold! Please note: Our website is currently down for maintenance and will be up again shotrly. Thank you for your understanding. We’re currently looking for willing paramedics and brave police officers to counter our strong rebel force, do you have what it takes? Come and find out at ts3.britishliferoleplay.co.uk! Phone Script credited to Maverick Other Scrips credited to the amazing work from the guys and gals at www.the-programmer.com
  7. Yoyoyo, here I have a HUD for you which I have only recently made but will not continue to use. Before this goes away, I'd rather upload it for others. Legal information (copyright): This script+tutorial was provided by "HerrBackfisch". The copyright in the script may not be removed. Uploading the textures is also forbidden without permission. I forbid the distribution of this data and the tutorial I have written in other forums without my prior consent. Tutorial: 1. you download the attached file. 2. drag the file in the dialog folder into yourmission.altis/dialog and replace it. 3. drag the pictures into your main directory of the mission. Mission.altis/ (you can change the path in the dialog file) 4. now you are done and can start your server I would be pleased with a positive evaluation. If you want to write dialogs just write PN. I do not offer support because I am inactive. Ingame: HUD.rar
  8. Bonjour, Bonsoir Je vais vous présenter ici notre nouveau serveur qui a ouvert les 22/06/2018 à 18 h. Evo-Life est un serveur RP non moddé sur l’île d’Altis qui préviligiera le Rp au gun fight : whiteliste rebelle etc... Sommaire : 1.Présentation du Background du serveur 2.Présentation du Staff 3.Présentation de nos Scripts 4.Présentation de nos ressources 5.Nous rejoindre 1.Background du serveur Les débuts : Avant les années 30, l’île d’Altis n’était pas habitée. En effet celle-ci était trop éloigné du continent Européen et sans réel intérêt, ni économique, ni géopolitique, bien qu’elle appartienne à la Grèce. Ce n’est que le 1 juin 1932 que le gouvernement Grecque décida d’inspecter l’île en espérant y trouver des ressources exploitables. Et ce fût le cas, le 12 juillet 1932 un premier gisement de pétrole fût découvert suivit rapidement d’une vingtaines d’autres entre juillet et octobre de la même année. Le statut de l’île d’Altis n’étant plus le même le gouvernement Grecque lança un vaste projet de développement de l’île afin d’en exploiter le pétrole, c’est dans le cadre de ce projet que la ville de Kavala fût fondée. L’île ne subit quasiment aucun dégât durant la seconde guerre mondiale mais la Grèce ayant était vaincue par l’Allemagne Nazie, celle-ci est annexé au Reich, puits libérée en octobre 1944 avec la libération de la Grèce par les alliés. Les années 70-90 : Le développement de l’île suivit son cours jusque dans les années 70. Les années 70 sonnèrent la fin de l’exploitation intensive de pétrole, les gisements principaux était épuisés et l’île n’était plus auto-suffisante. Progressivement la pauvreté s’installa malgré les programmes d’aides du gouvernement grecque et le taux de criminalité augmenta fortement. Avec le développement du commerce de la drogue depuis le Moyen-Orient l’île devint une plaque tournante de la drogue, le chômage et le taux de criminalité important ne furent qu’empirer la chose, et de multiples groupes armés virent le jour. Les années 90 : La situation durant les années 90 devint incontrôlable. Tellement incontrôlable que le 8 mars 1993 le gouvernement Grecque décida d’envoyer son armée afin de mettre un terme à cette situation. L’opération fût un désastre, les troupes grecques mal organisées et sous armées ne furent pas en mesure d’éliminer les groupes armés. De plus l’absence de réel piste atterrissage ne permit pas un acheminement suffisant de matériel et d’Hommes. En janvier 1994 quasiment un an après le début de l’opération le constat était accablant, 2500 soldats grecques étaient morts alors qu’aucune zone de l’île n’étaient réellement sous contrôle, et que de plus en plus de rapport d’ONG dénonçaient des exactions commises par les troupes grecques sur les civils de l’île. Le gouvernement grecque reconnaissant que la conquête militaire ne marcherait pas, décida d’entamer des négociations avec les groupes armées, qui refusèrent. L’opération fût annulée le 24 juin 1994 et la majorité des troupes grecques quittèrent l’île, les habitants se sentirent abandonnés et furent contraint de fuir l’île vers le continent. Les médias internationaux se désintéressèrent du conflit et l’île fût laissée pour compte. Des années 90 à nos jour : Le 29 novembre 2003 un rapports très inquiétants d’une ONG ayant menée des investigations sur l’île parvint jusqu’à l’ONU, celui expliquait que l’île était en situation d’anarchie complète. Ce rapport ayant fait grand bruit en Europe, intéressa les médias au plus haut point et l’île devint le centre de l’actualité. Sous la pression l’ONU décida d’agir et sollicita une opération de l’OTAN qui débuta le 1 janvier 2004. L’OTAN étant bien mieux équipée et organisée que les groupes armées ne prit que 3 mois à balayer l’île, l’opération était une sucèes total. Une question vint alors au conseil de sécurité : Qui va s’occuper d’Altis ? Au vu de la crise en Grèce il était impossible qu’elle s’en occupe. Après 3 semaines de délibéré la France accepta de prendre sous sa responsabilité l’île d’Altis. Petit à petit l’OTAN se retira et laissa place à une compagnie de gendarmerie envoyée par la France pour assurer la sécurité de l’île, mais les pouvoirs publiques prenant du temps à reconstruire les infrastructures, la France accepta une aide humanitaire massive de l’ONG “IDAP”. En 2007 la situation était redevenue paisible et ceux jusqu’à l’année dernière, en effet les groupes armées n’avaient pas étaient complètement éliminés, ceux-ci s’étaient disséminés un peut partout sur l’île et dans la population. Et aujourd’hui ils se ré-organise dans l’Est d’altis qui était moins développé que l’Ouest. Pour qui vous battrez vous ? Contre qui ? Nous sommes en 2018 et c’est à vous de le décider. 2.Présentation du Staff Leader Project : Nicolas Jhonson. Administrateur : Waxis Fox, Frank Jaeger Modérateur : Vladimir Blyat, Damien Koslow, Teuse Mel Support : Dox Wee 3.Présentation de nos Scripts: Exclusifs : Champs illégaux dynamique Tazer réalliste ouverture des barrières a distance j’en ai surement oublié. Non exclusifs : Nouveau gyrophare (son/effet) Menu déroulant pour placer des objets pour l’IDAP et la gendarmerie Assurance/bourse Sauvegarde automatique Introspawn (Maverick) Shop arme 3d (Maverick) Nombreux script The-Programmer (Iphone,Dispatch,Interpole etc...) j’en ai surement oublié. 4.Présentation de nos ressources légales : Le cuivre La Pierre Le bois Le pétrole Le sable Le sel Le fer Le tabac Les frites La Vodka L’électronique Cigarette Illégales : L’héroine Le canabis La cocaïne La drogue crocodile Le Moonshine Et d’autre a venir ! 5. Nous rejoindre Forum: http://exolife-community.fr/index.php TeamSpeak 3 : ts.exolife-community.fr
  9. Welcome Hello. I am Churvious. I have had a previous account on this website that I have lost the password for. I have run many servers in the past and have been quite successful on them. I have stepped my game up and I have worked on my ability to run the server. Anyways if you want to join you may check out any of the links or information. Don’t mind if the website or teamspeak says Malden. We are looking to change to Malden. All of the assets of Altis Life will be ported over. I just have to get the screenshots. If you have suggestions or criticisms please ask me in the comments. I am open to anything good or bad. Server - Website - http://www.thanatosgaming.net/ Teamspeak - Discord - https://discord.gg/CzS9dkv Features (some pictures may be outdated) Speed Cameras Our speedcameras have been configures so they do not charge people fines but create a wanted level for speeding so if they are pulled over they may be ticketed then. Outstanding Map Features Custom Federal Reserve Custom Prison Custom Police Base & Other Police Structures Custom NHS Structures & Skins Kavala Square Custom Skins (Made By Me) Tuning Shops Shipwreck Sidemissions Talent Tree Syststem Maverick Weapons Shop xPhone Thank You! There are more features that will be listed soon I just have to get the screenshots. If you have suggestions or criticisms please ask me in the comments. I will keep this thread active and comment updates and change the post whenever major updates come out Server - Website - http://www.thanatosgaming.net/ Teamspeak - Discord - https://discord.gg/CzS9dkv Thank You!
  10. Hello I Want to learn the gui dev I Mean i want to make a paa images for the menus, like interaction menu i wanna make a new one with paa image weapon shop , clothing shop ...etc Is there someone can learn me? I Searched for videos but its all without image
  11. YES! Our map is actually New York State and is not click bait as you can see in the photos! We feature a fully custom made New York State Map (still in the works). We currently have 4 Major Cities and roughly 4 towns.. The map is roughly 20km x 20km so plenty of room to fly and explore but still see other players regularly. Our map is still growing and we are looking to build a great community. I am the owner of ICE Gaming Adirondack Life. It is called Adirondack to stand out from the click-bait "New York" servers. The Adirondacks a large national park on the northern side of New York State. Anyways, back to the server! We incorporate a lot of scripts that can be found on this website making the immersion feel. We also write our own custom scripts! We have state trooper vehicles that are skinned as the New York State Troopers. Custom skinned sheriff patrol cars for our sheriff team. A Russian Embassy, Black Market, Breathalyzer, Alcohol/Drug use, Task Force Radio is incorporated & much more! Our Website! TS/Arma 3 Server IP: icegaminglife.servegame.com Mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=928976641 Custom Features: ACE Medical Implimented Custom NY Skinned Police Cars Custom FD (Still in the works) Usable alcohol & drugs (Tutorial used from this website) Ticket and check licenses can be accessed in the vehicle interaction menu Select Jail Time (Found on this website) Cop Radar Rework (Found on this website) Buyable Modded Houses Encrypted Police Channels Task Force Radio Incorporated Jobs: State Trooper DOC County Sheriff / SWAT Fire Department EMT Rescue National Guard (In the works) Laywer Judge Tow Truck Driver Deliveries Pilot Draft alcohol & More! Working on a promo Video atm... Images:
  12. it is a vanilla malden server but we need to get people on the server so if you want to play on a malden server then join the ts to get the ip checkitrp.ts.nfoservers.com
  13. Hello everybody, welcome to Afflicted Gaming Takistan Life, as of recent Takistan fell off the radar of life mods as it was all the same thing we, however, bring something fresh, unique and worked on with pride and joy to the table. Afflicted Gaming Takistan Life is about a new experience we have a highly in-depth leveling system (Courtesy of Maverick) as shown below along with multiple other things that are completely custom and scripted by us, we as a community value the player, that is why we are here and as such every and any suggestions are carefully looked at and a vote is cast to see if it is wanted, the players opinion matters to us so suggestions go a very long way. A few of our features are as follows! -In-depth leveling system -Airdrops -An in-game progression system (You must work your way through the tiers of being a criminal, rob the bank and use the fruits of your labor to craft the next tier of tools and so on) -Multiple things to rob such as the highly unique NATO Reserves, dependent on which one you rob you will get different equipment, rob the armory and vehicles reserve to get NATO Weaponry and vehicles or the NATO Air Reserve to get hinds etc -Want to do drug runs or carry illegal items to the main city? well, you had better think of a plan to get through the border! smuggle someone in the trunk of your car or jump it in style! -Loot "No Mans Land" for vehicle components counterfeit cash or weapons but, be careful as you may find yourself being shot at in the process! -If you want higher tier weaponry you must advance in the progression system to get access to the "Highly Illegal Zone" where RDM Rules don't apply but you are able to buy the best equipment at such a place! -Multiple stages of convoys are on this server, the Takistan Bank Transport, NATO Weapons Convoy and last but certainly not least the NATO Ruthenium Transport, a rare material used for crafting the pneumatic drill for robbing the air reserve! -Split province, The northern side of the border is controlled by NATO Forces and where most of the civilian population live in peace until the rebels attack & the south side, rebel-controlled lands with no law or order, NATO will sometimes carry out co-coordinated attack on the south to ensure the northern population are not in peril -Viper, the special forces of the rebel side of things, they have access to enhanced prototype equipment and weaponry and are accessible by respected people in the community, when someone receives enough +1's on the forums they are granted access to the Viper HQ, NATO Will sometimes attack Viper headquarters and vice versa making it an on-going conflict between the 2 sides -Vehicle customization pimp your ride! choose your color, add nitro or other things soon to come! (Courtesy of maverick) Soon To Come -Armed Patrol, an armed orca fitted with a 6.5 Gatling gun will loiter around a town on the east most side of the map firing at any civilians within 100m of it however successfully shoot down the menace and claim your reward -Your suggestions! That is just a few of many many features on the server, there are also some screenshots below you may want to look at! Media For the full gallery click here! For the website click here! For the forums click here! For the installation tutorial click here! Thank you for reading this thread, we have put blood sweat and tears into making this a reality, I hope to see some of you in-game -Regards Brandon (TaskForceTactical)
  14. Checkpoint Alarm Hello everyone, this is my first time making a script and releasing it to the public. This tutorial will help you set up a working checkpoint alarm that will use a sign and four speakers. All sound files will be provided. If you use this, I request that you do not remove my name but add your name under if edited *Change Log* Works server sided now. - Date unknown Fix for 4.4+. - 07/03/2017 Spam prevention. - 08/03/2017 Limited to a specific rank (read script comments) - Re-working 1. Head into the mission file and go into the directory 'core/cop'. Now create 2 new .sqf files. 1 called 'fn_checkpointLockdown'. Paste code below into the file. /* File: fn_checkpointLockdown.sqf Author: DubStepMad Made for: www.ritalitygaming.com Description: Engage checkpoint lockdown! */ sleep 4; if (Checkpoint2 getVariable "spam_protection") exitwith{}; /*stops the sound from being spammed*/ Checkpoint2 setVariable ["spam_protection", true, true]; /*needs to be after the check otherwise this would not work*/ Checkpoint1 setVariable ["checkpoint_alarm", true, true]; if (playerSide isEqualTo west) then { hint parseText format["<t size='2' color='#FF0000'>Checkpoint Zulu is under Attack!!</t>"] }; /*will only hint to the west fraction (Cops)*/ while {Checkpoint1 getVariable "checkpoint_alarm"} do { [Checkpoint1 say3D "checkpointalarm",5000]; [Checkpoint2 say3D "checkpointalarm",5000]; [Checkpoint3 say3D "checkpointalarm",5000]; [Checkpoint4 say3D "checkpointalarm",5000]; [Checkpoint5 say3D "checkpointalarm",5000]; sleep 20; [Checkpoint1 say3D "AirRaidSirenAlert",5000]; [Checkpoint2 say3D "AirRaidSirenAlert",5000]; [Checkpoint3 say3D "AirRaidSirenAlert",5000]; [Checkpoint4 say3D "AirRaidSirenAlert",5000]; [Checkpoint5 say3D "AirRaidSirenAlert",5000]; }; 2. Create another file called 'fn_checkpointLockdownStop'. Paste code below into the file. /* File: fn_checkpointLockdownStop.sqf Author: DubStepMad Made for: www.ritalitygaming.com Description: Disengage checkpoint lockdown! */ if (Checkpoint1 getVariable "checkpoint_alarm") exitWith { sleep 4; Checkpoint1 setVariable ["checkpoint_alarm", false, true]; Checkpoint2 setVariable ["spam_protection", false, true]; /*Allows the checkpoint alarm to be used again*/ if (playerSide isEqualTo west) then {hint parseText format["<t size='2' color='#22e600'>Checkpoint Zulu alarm has been turned off!</t>"]}; }; 3. Now go into your chosen editor and place down 4 speakers giving each one a separate variable name. Checkpoint1 Checkpoint2 Checkpoint3 Checkpoint4 If you wish to add more checkpoints then edit the 'fn_checkpointLockdown.sqf' to your needs. 4. Now place down an object that you wish a player to interact with, give the object the variable name 'cp_alarm_sign' and place the following code in the 'Init' of the object. if !(playerSide isEqualTo west) exitWith {}; this addAction ["Sound Alarm", "[] remoteExec ['life_fnc_checkpointLockdown', 0]"]; this addAction ["Stop Alarm", "[] remoteExec ['life_fnc_checkpointLockdownStop', 0]"]; 5. Now find your Functions.hpp, open it and locate 'class Cop', at the end of the code insert the following. class checkpointLockdown {}; class checkpointLockdownStop {}; Should look like this below. class Cop { file = "core\cop"; class bountyReceive {}; class containerInvSearch {}; class copInteractionMenu {}; class copLights {}; class copLoadout {}; class copMarkers {}; class copSearch {}; class copSiren {}; class doorAnimate {}; class fedCamDisplay {}; class licenseCheck {}; class licensesRead {}; class questionDealer {}; class radar {}; class repairDoor {}; class restrain {}; class searchClient {}; class seizeClient {}; class sirenLights {}; class spikeStripEffect {}; class ticketGive {}; class ticketPaid {}; class ticketPay {}; class ticketPrompt {}; class vehInvSearch {}; class wantedGrab {}; class checkpointLockdown {}; class checkpointLockdownStop {}; }; 6. Now locate your description.ext and insert the following code under the 'class CfgSounds'. class checkpointalarm { name = "checkpointalarm"; sound[] = {"sounds\checkpointalarm.ogg", 1.0, 1}; titles[] = {}; }; class AirRaidSirenAlert { name = "AirRaidSirenAlert"; sound[] = {"sounds\AirRaidSirenAlert.ogg",1.0,1}; titles[] = {}; }; 7. This is for 4.4+ only, otherwise skip this (If you are using battleye then it will have to be configured to allow RemoteExec calls). Add these to your CfgRemoteExec : F(life_fnc_checkpointlockdown,CLIENT) F(life_fnc_checkpointLockdownStop,CLIENT) 8. Download the provided .ogg sound files and move them to your 'sounds' folder located in your root directory. You are now all done! AirRaidSirenAlert.ogg checkpointalarm.ogg
  15. Introduction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4LIRE6iri44 Bonjour et bienvenue sur ce post. Nous souhaitons vous présenter le serveur Xenoa, que nous faisons vivre avec passion depuis maintenant deux mois. Nous lancons une nouvelle version du serveur, avec de nouveaux objectifs, de nouvelles fonctionnalités et dans l’optique de forger une communauté solide et fan de rôle-play. Je vous laisse avec cette présentation, en vous souhaitant une bonne lecture. Présentation du staff Fondateurs: Kiki Lefada Thomas Formex Ezra Bridger Administrateur La Belette Modérateur Ted Colberton Helpeurs Chris Walker Albert Rossotard Développeurs Stanley Cooper (Lead) Nicolas Imbuzi Thomas Formex Levels Designers Chris Walker (Lead) Kats Matt Carter Webmasters Kiki Lefada Ezra Bridger Objectifs du serveur Le serveur “XENOA” est avant tout une communauté passionnée de Rôle-Play et de jeux multijoueurs. Des faits qui motivent notre équipe d’administration à créer la meilleure expérience de jeu possible pour nos joueurs. Ceci s’exprime à travers le développement de fonctionnalités en jeu et hors jeu que nous développerons par la suite dans cette présentation, mais aussi par la gestion de la communauté par des personnes passionnées et investies. A ce stade, les objectifs du serveur sont les suivants: Créer un serveur Altis Life stable tant au niveau de la communauté qu’au niveau du développement. Offrir la meilleure expérience de jeu possible à nos joueurs. Créer des outils inédits pour les joueurs afin de changer la vision traditionnelle des serveurs “life”. Permettre à tout joueur investi de développer ses idées en lui donnant des moyens et en lui consacrant du temps. Effectuer des mises à jours régulières afin d’assurer une progression constante du serveur et sans relâcher l'intérêt de nos joueurs. Nos offres A l’heure actuelle le serveur dispose d’un certain nombre de fonctionnalités que nous ne pouvons pas énumérer entièrement. Cependant nous pouvons évoquer les plus intéressantes: Système d’expérience en jeu permettant de débloquer de nouvelles compétences Une map soigneusement travaillée par nos “Levels designers” Un système d’INTRANET (Bêta) propre au serveur et disponible sur notre site web. Celui-ci permet d’effectuer les tâches administratives tels que: candidatures gendarmerie, rapports, signalements, etc. Relié à la base de donnée du serveur, il permet de suivre en temps réel le cours de la bourse afin de planifier tous vos déplacements ! Il permet aussi de pouvoir “Hacker” au sens propre du terme les différents sites mis en ligne” (ex: Clefs SHA x pour récupérer des documents confidentiels, Darknet, …) Une BATTLEZONE de type “CQB” dans laquelle sont fréquemment organisés des événements afin d’améliorer la cohésion au sein de la communauté et d’oublier les différends entre les joueurs. Un serveur DISCORD permettant à la communauté de rester très proche et favorisant les rapprochements entre joueurs. “L’équipe d’administration estime que TeamSpeak est un outil dépassé et que DISCORD permet plus facilement de faire vivre une communauté.” Une équipe de presse active et passionnée qui fournit régulièrement des reportages et interviews d’une qualité professionnelle. Une gendarmerie disciplinée, et encadrée par du personnel compétent (Notamment des sous officiers de la gendarmerie IRL) qui aura pour objectif de vous offrir une expérience Roleplay optimale. Une licence rebelle sur liste blanche, avec pour pré-requis un temps de jeu minimum sur le serveur ainsi qu’une candidature forum. Cela à pour objectif de filtrer un maximum les personnes ayant accès à des armes et ainsi permettre la création d’un Rôle-Play type “Civil”. Nos perspectives d’avenir Dans le futur, nous souhaitons continuer sur notre idée initiale: créer une communauté soudée, passionnée et mature. Cela passera par: La création d’entreprises civiles ou rebelles sur la demande des joueurs. L’ajout de fonctionnalités inédites afin de renforcer l’expérience de jeu. Assurer la continuité de l’intranet, avec pour objectif finale de pouvoir s’en servir comme véritable outils de jeu. Conclusion Pour conclure sur cette présentation, nous vous invitons tout simplement à venir essayer l’expérience de jeu que nous vous proposons. Nous remercions les plus téméraires qui auront réussi à garder le fil pour leur attention. A bientôt sur notre serveur de jeu ! L’équipe XENOA Remerciements à David Puljudas pour son investissement audiovisuel à la création du trailer et de ses reportages exceptionnels. Remerciements aux communautés DA3F et LifeIisLive pour leur aide précieuse. ANNEXES Nom du serveur: [RP/FR] Altis Life | Xenoa | www.xenoa.fr | xenoa.fr/discord Site internet : http://www.xenoa.fr Forum : http://www.xenoa.fr/forum Discord : http://www.xenoa.fr/discord Intranet [Bêta] : http://exilon2400.ovh/intranet/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/XenoaGame Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/xenoa/ Chaine Youtube Xenoa Info News : Accéder
  16. Home to a growing network of Arma 3 servers. Connection Information Arma 3 Direct Connect IP: Teamspeak IP: Website Link: http://nbdcommunity.co.uk/ Forum Link: http://nbdcommunity.co.uk/forums/ Server Features ▷ Rubber Bullets ▷ Casino ▷ Realistic Money ▷ CPR Kits ▷ Moonshine (Sugar, Yeast, Corn) ▷ Active Staff ▷ Strict Police Policy ▷ Active Police Force Other Information Paycheques currently stand at £200 every 5 minutes for a civilian and £400 every 5 minutes for a police officer. Due to our roleplay server being relatively new in the world of Arma 3 we are currently looking to recruit Medic and Police members. Should this interest you hop over to our forums to find out some more information! Feel free to join us on Teamspeak and any questions we will do our best to answer.
  17. Hi, I am new to ArmA 3 Altis Life. I need full tutorial on how to download everything and set everything up and a server.
  18. Welcome to A3Gaming UK. Server IP - : 2302 We are brand new server that has just launched, run by experienced developers who used to run some of the biggest Altis Life servers from back when. We have around 50 community members and are searching for more to help the community grow. A3Gaming is constantly receiving updates and patches and new content is expected as time goes on. This is only the beginning and the future looks very bright. The server is brand new and the economy is fresh and everyone starts equal. If you're looking for a fresh start at Life Mods then this is the place to be! We are running the latest version of Altis Life v.5 which has many awesome features. - Drug lock up, where all seized drugs are placed in a container where rebels can attempt to rob. - Real Estates which are advanced houses where you have your own garage, heli pad, online shops and much more. - Fully fledged XP & Perk System. - Dynamic Market, which changes every restart to keep sell prices different meaning the same thing isn't being farmed over and over. - Vehicle tuning, add neon lights, modifications and custom paint jobs to your vehicles. - +20 more unique features! These are just some of the many features we have, with much more expected to be added. We invite you to join our forums @ a3gaming.co.uk Teamspeak @ We hope to see you in game and if you ever need help or would like to know more about A3Gaming please don't hesitate to contact us. - The Staff Team
  19. Going to keep this short & sweet. http://www.LSRPUK.tk Brand new custom made LakeSide server up and running ready for people to try out. The server is whitelisted, meaning you will have to apply to get in. This allows us to weed off the trigger happy kids, and allow solid roleplay experiences. If any more information is needed, don't hesitate to ask.
  20. New altis life server. RubyRolePlay AltisLifeRPG | ActiveCommunity | Custom | *NEW* | We have custom art and scripts for the server and its all new! Come join us ! The server is also antihack. Server Ip:
  21. We have started a new server and are currently recruiting whitelisted cops! If youre interested join. we also have a wide variety of things for civilians to do around town!
  22. Hello! And thanks for checking out Elysium Entertainment's server advertisement! Server Information: IP: PORT: 2302 (default) Teamspeak Information: IP: to be created Website Information: elysium-entertainment.ca We are a new up and coming Tanoa Life server and are still developing, however we decided to open up our server to the public as it is in a fun play-able state. We are a canadian-hosted Tanoa Life server with a ton of features on the way, and are looking for new players. Here listed are our features: Active Staff Members Custom Scripts (more coming) $3,000 start cash (economy is balanced for this) Buy-able Houses Radio Active material mining (not currently in) White listed ONLY Police (contact us on ts to apply until we have our application, this is done to prevent chaos) Custom Textures Custom Spawn Locations (more convenient) Shipwreck-diving! (not currently in) Realistic vehicle spawn locations (cars spawn in parking slots, planes spawn aligned on taxiway heli's spawn on helipad) Beautiful Tanoa Map (perfect for life servers!) Custom Shops Rob-able Gas Stations 24/7 Server Hosting \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ And much, much more coming! We already have some regular players and are looking for more. We are open to suggestions (contact us on ts) and will soon have our forums completed and ready for use.
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