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Found 5 results

  1. Website: www.PandaGaming.se Server: Discord: https://discord.gg/zs8hs8T NOTE: While on this server you may still experience various bugs as there are still areas for improvement, however if you do experience any bugs/glitches please report it to a staff member nicely, this means without any verbal abuse as it will NOT be tolerated by any of our team! Current Additions/Features: Custom Kavala Police HQ Custom Jail Custom police Actions (Patdowns, Revoke License, threat Level System[WIP]) Enhanced Resources Robbable Gas Statio
  2. Hello Fellow Altis Life Players, Brief Description: We currently have a Fully Working Altis Life and are currently looking for players to fill up our player database, the cop force and the NHS. We also are creating another map which will be released in the upcoming weeks, to bring more players into the community and let the members in out community to have a try and roleplay on the new upcoming server. Anybody is welcome to the community and any questions please don't hesitate to ask our friendly staff members! Developers are also welcome to the community if they wou
  3. Welcome to A3Gaming UK. Server IP - : 2302 We are brand new server that has just launched, run by experienced developers who used to run some of the biggest Altis Life servers from back when. We have around 50 community members and are searching for more to help the community grow. A3Gaming is constantly receiving updates and patches and new content is expected as time goes on. This is only the beginning and the future looks very bright. The server is brand new and the economy is fresh and everyone starts equal. If you're looking for a fresh start at Life Mods the
  4. IP: Port: 2317 http://sttg.tv/forums/ Check out the forums and come join us on the server, we have spent the past month completely customizing our altis life map and adding in lots of extra features to keep you entertained. Some of our features: XP/Skill System Whitelisted Cops/Medics Gang HQs, Gang Bases (coming soon), Bounty Hunter Career, Custom map locations, 3 Part Meth Production with advanced blue meth production with combination of skills/licences, Radiation Zones, Police road checkp
  5. Indigo Altis Life Hey, just wanted to let everyone know about me and my friends new life server. Our main mission is to provide a great RP experience without the hassle of mods or whitelisting. We are launching on the 23rd and would like an active community to be behind us while we setup. Here's what you can expect if you give us a shot! Active admins Fairly active and friendly community Structured Police and Medic force 2.5 Million start to jumpstart your Indigo Life experince Balanced economy and prices Hardcore/Realistic RP experience N
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