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Found 3 results

  1. NEW SERVER OPEN FOR BETA TESTING IP FOR TS SERVER IP TS NEEDED TO PLAY MODDED SERVER!!! CEDARPOINT NEW MAP! If you came here for a Arma3 Life server you got one, It is still being developed but join us for the experience. Join our ts at ALSO FEEL FREE TO POKE OR MESSAGE ANY STAFF!! OR JUST WAIT IN OUR LOUNG 1,2 or 3! KEEP IN MIND I WILL BE UPLOADING A VIDEO OF A HELI FLYING AROUND MAP AND ALSO MORE VEHICLE PICTURES What scripts we will have and custom items HERE IS LINK TO MAP VIDEO https://youtu.be/ZekLZWZKzy0 Seatbelts Tuning Shop Custom Car models Custom Skins Custom HUD Custom Tablet Maverick Shipwrecks Script Maverick Talent Tree Script Maverick Vehicle Indicators Maverick Taxi Script Login Camera Steam UID above head Zipties/Blindfolds Realistic Vehicle Towing GPS Server Restart events Placeable Objects For Police Deapartment Custom Gangs and Company's DEBIT CARD Broad Casting network Realistic Roleplay! Rob's Sports utility Vehicle's Elton's Luxury Motors And here is our taxi script Also Including our ingame youtube OUR BROADCASTING SCRIPT OUR DEBIT CARD SCRIPT OUR MAVERICK SHIPWRECK AND TALENT TREE SCRIPT
  2. Ciao a tutti oggi volevo presentare il mio server che come avrete letto dal titolo è un life server RP l' apertura avverrà quando avremo un po' di utenza ( si parla di da 10 a 20 utenti sul teamspeak 3) per connettersi al teamspeak basta inserire questo indirizzo ip : disponiamo anche di un forum: http://americanliferevolution.forumfree.it Grazie per la lettura e buon game!
  3. Hi All, This is just a little advertisement for my community's Life RPG server. we have got gas station robberies on our server we also have some custom vehicles we were given permission to use by I3lueVein. along with these we also use Jonzies Mega Mod Pack so big thanks to both those guys for making such fantastic vehicles(any mods we use are all put into a collection on steam to make it easier for our players to get into the server). With that out of the way what makes our server different to many others you can just log in and join? Simple really we believe its the cops and medics who make or break a server and have made those slots whitelisted only and to go further to join either of the services these players have to be a member of our community for a short while so we know we can trust them is such an important role. many of our players and community members have come from a magnitude of role play backgrounds with the majority coming from some form of Life RPG whether that be from a application only community or from other Altis Life servers, To join our community we have a 16+ age requirement(unless a community member is willing to vouch for you). as we expect a somewhat mature attitude to the game. Our community website can be found here: http://centrigaming.enjin.com/forum and our TS3 IP is here: , We welcome any players to our server and teamspeak and also any applications to our community, the Mod Collection can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=852143140 Finally I would just like to say thanks for reading! and we hope to see you in Altis soon! Kind Regards, Centri Gaming Admin Team. P.S. if any screenshots are needed/wanted they can be attached upon request along with video's.
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