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Found 6 results

  1. ● Sunrise Gaming sucht Dich! ● Wer sind wir? Was bieten wir dir ? Was suchen wir? Was solltest du Mitbringen? ➤ 1. Wer sind wir? Wir, das Sunrise Gaming Team suchen für unseren Modded Lakeside Server Verstärkung. Das Sunrise Gaming Projekt gibt es seit dem 01.08.2018 und das Grundkonzept des Servers basiert auf dem amerikanischen Stil. Dadurch besitzen wir unter anderem amerikanische Fraktionen. Der Server befindet sich derzeit in der Anfangsphase, dennoch haben wir bemerkenswerte Ziele gesetzt und auch schon erreicht. Ein ausgezeichnetes Roleplay ist uns
  2. Kontaktdaten:TS3: http://project-reality.net/board/Hier einige Bilder unserer Insel, jedoch einfach mal anschauen
  3. Hello I was looking like replace map a hospital and all the responses I saw are using @101editor but now when starting the server keeps out people without the mod, only can join the server the people with the mod. --I am using TADST v3.1.0 -- Is there any were that the server load the mod and the player not need load the mod? Is there a different way to use the hospital? thx.
  4. NEW AUSTRALIAN ARMA LIFE SERVER!!! TAKI STYLE ON ALTIS MAP! QUANTUMGAMING is proud to release QuantumLifeAu, A taki style server with a large KOS zone, checkpoints, and lots more! REQUIRED MODS: Task Force Radio, CUP Weapons, CUP Units, CUP Vehicles Current Features: Instead of Police we have Altis Security Forces, a government task force working hard to keep the civilian population safe from terrorist threats! armed with an arsenal designed for all situations, their goal is to keep the ASF territory under control! Rebels are Terrorists in this version of armalife, with
  5. new altis life servers OFFICIAL ARMA3/RealAltis The server of all servers, a beast……... Simply the best Arma Server there is, PERIOD! http://www.RealAltis.com TeamSpeak ts.RealAltis.com:9991 download mods for lakeside at www.realaltis.com SERVERS RealAltis (Altis-Life) - RealAltis (LakeSide) - Server Specs: Dual Intel E5-2699v3 20Gb Fiber Connection Intel Datacenter P3608 – 4,500MB/s Daily Backups As our servers develop a community base, we are looking for the following roles: Scripting Website Develop
  6. Homepage: www.eu-gaming.net Forum: www.tanoa.eu-gaming.net
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