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Found 9 results

  1. Hello! Since i've grabbed so much from here i thought "Why not give something back?" and so i did with Malden gas station positions, but some people said i could write it into a tutorial, so here i am. I did this on 5.0 but it should virtually be the same. (This is also why the file structure is as it is) First off: This is time consuming, i will spare you from getting gas stations manually but most things you'll have to do yourself since it depends on how you customize the map. Please be aware that in this tutorial i will assume you've ported all map objects from Altis/Tanoa over to Malden. So i won't go in to explaining that. Please remember that everytime these coords show up in the tutorial: [5160,7071,0.75] You will need to change them to your own. We will modify these files in our progress in the map porting: 1. Let's start off with life_server, so unPBO that one, open up init.sqf and look for private _vaultHouse so you know you're in the right place. Now this all depends on how you've placed the federal reserve on Malden the next few steps, i did what I personally think requires little editing, as you can copy/paste a lot. But the first thing you're going to edit the _vaultHouse array. If you use the same building as there's being used on Altis you can just copy this line in instead of the one already there: Edit: I noticed i got an error with the code i had provided before, when it would get to _dome so this is my workaround: Comment out the altis, malden and Tanoa plus the _pos arrays. Then in _dome and _rsb you can put in your coords, so it will look like this: _dome = nearestObject [[5160,7071,0.75],"Land_Dome_Big_F"]; _rsb = nearestObject [[5160,7071,0.75],_vaultHouse]; Full: Also, you can remove this code from the init.sqf (Unless you want to spawn in 2 hospitals) Now we've finished the stuff we need to do in life_server. 2. Lets jump over to \core\actions\fn_captureHideout.sqf here it's also a quick is easy (if you use the same buildings as on Altis), example on how you will make this look: 3. Now let's go to \core\civilian\fn_jailMe.sqf in Line 43 (private _escDist) you can put in ["Malden", 60], after ["Altis", 60], (You can change "60" to whatever you want the escape distance to be) Example on how it will look: private _escDist = [[["Altis", 60], ["Malden", 60], ["Tanoa", 145]]] call TON_fnc_terrainSort; 4. Let's go to \core\cop\fn_fedCamDisplay.sqf here you basically do the exact same as in step one, so it will look like: 5. Jumping over to \core\fn_initCiv.sqf - This file is what determines which buildings you'll spawn in, since there's most of the Altis buildings on the map you can just copy paste that line and change _altisArray to _maldenArray , after you've done that don't forget to add it into the _spawnBuildings. (Or just copy paste this) 6. \core\fn_setupStationService.sqf , this file is what starts the "refueling" process, i've found the location for some of the gas pumps, and i've included them in this codeblock. If you find more, please say so and i'll update accordingly. DONT FORGET TO ALSO ADD THIS INTO: private _stationPositions so it will look like this: 7. In \core\functions\fn_actionKeyHandler.sqf find the _vaultHouse line, and add ["Malden", "CLASSNAME-FOR-YOUR-BUILDING-WHICH-CONTAINS-FED-VAULT"] (of course change it) also add _maldenArray with the coords for where it's placed. Don't forget to also add this into the _pos. Example of how it can look: 8. \core\housing\fn_houseMenu.sqf - Here it's just like in step 7, so it'll look like: 9. \core\items\fn_blastingCharge.sqf - exact same as above 10. \core\items\fn_boltcutter.sqf - This is (also) the same as above. 11. \core\shops\fn_virt_buy.sqf - Here you'll add the buildings which you use for gang hideouts. Just like in step #2 Here's an example of how it will look: (You can find this on line 19) 12. \core\shops\fn_weaponShopBuySell.sqf - Here we will, like in step #2 add what building we are using as gang hideout, i'll once again show how i've done it: (Line number 32) 13. \Config\Config_SpawnPoints.hpp - Here we will add our spawnpoints. Remember that the class should be called "Malden". Like so: I know this tutorial is not as in depth as others, but that is because a lot of this varies with where you place federal reserve, which buildings you use for gang hideouts and all the other stuff. Also, if you don't switch to Malden remember that everytime "Malden" is mentioned anywhere in the code change it out with your mapname.
  2. Alongside ArmaHosts.com we are currently developing a new roleplay server filled with fun features and constant roleplay action. We have perfectly adjusted rules to avoid them restricting roleplay and a staff team with thousands of hours in Arma roleplay. Server IP: ugs-eu-germany-3.armahosts.com Port: 2332 Discord: Join for updates and bug/playtests. Steam Group | Twitter Page | ArmaHosts NOTE: Server is currently in heavy development! Current Features: 250k Starting Money (50k at launch) Server Based on Malden Military Police Combat Medics MPD Checkpoints Custom Structures (bridges etc.) Custom Jail Robbable Gas Stations Custom Player Owned Businesses (contact staff for details) Constant Server Events Custom Resources and Drugs Custom Items and Equipment Auction House Combined Gang Funds Black Market Island Planned Features: (more soon) Shipwrecks Slot Machines Police Database Bounty Hunting Placeable Objects Random Airdrops Custom XP System Custom UI / Status Bar Capturable Gang Areas Custom Textures (all sides) Looking For: MPD General / Medic General Experienced Police and Combat Medics A Lot of Active Bug/Playtesters (help will be rewarded at launch!) Malden Life RP Discord
  3. Bonjour, Aujourd’hui, nous vous présentons un projet de serveur Role-Play Arma III, Alivia ! Contenu de la présentation : Le serveur Notre équipe Nos objectifs Comment suivre ce projet ? Le serveur Alivia, serveur Role-Play Arma III, est un projet en cours de développement qui vous fera découvrir une communauté et un serveur extraordinaire. Pour débuter, le serveur se déroulera sur Malden, une île grecque. Elle vous présentera des métiers comme la Gendarmerie ou les Marins-Pompiers de Malden, mais aussi, bien évidemment, la DIR, les taxis ou la sécurité. Ensuite, elle se développera et chaque partie du développement sera communiquée à la communauté ! Notre équipe Nous avons une équipe ayant des grades simples et efficaces. Les voici: Fondateur : Alex, Alvaro et Zépekenio -> Il a fondé le serveur et s’occupe dans l’administration du serveur en détail. Gérant-Staff : X -> Il s’occupe du staff et gères qu’il n’aient aucun problème entre la communauté et son équipe. Administrateur : Bob Rojas -> Il s’occupe des lourdes plainte et administre sur le serveur. Community Manager : Zachary Bousquet -> Il s’occupe de la communauté. il veille qu’un joueur puis toujours parler et partager ses idées. Il est à l’écoute de tout le monde. Modérateur: Alex Robinson -> Il s’occupe des plaintes légères et veille que les gens n’aient pas à se plaindre Support : X -> Il accueil les nouveaux arrivant sur le serveur en fessant une présentation. Nos Objectifs Nos objectifs sont simples ! Nous souhaitons tout simplement avoir communauté et un serveur ayant du Role-Play correct, mais pas trop stricte. Comment suivre ce projet ? Il est facile de nous rejoindre, nous avons un Discord, un Teamspeak et vous pouvez nous suivre sur Twitter et Facebook. Teamspeak : Alivia.verygames.net:50708 Discord : https://discord.gg/9MzaHnc Twitter et Facebook Cordialement, L’équipe d’administration de ProjetAlivia !
  4. So I was wondering if anyone has any malden server files that they would be able to give / find for me as I've looked around and can't find shit. Reason for this is as I wanted to change from boring Altis to Malden which I think would be quite fun and unique to do. Any ideas?
  5. These are the positions i've found for Malden gas stations. You can use these if you want to move Altis life to Malden. [8047,4023,0.04], [8042,4028,0.04], [8047,4035,0.04], [8052,4030,0.04], [8057,4037,0.04], [8052,4042,0.04], [7046.928,7050.492,0], [7046.633,7052.23,0], [7046.645,7054.43,0], [7224.214,7772.088,0], [7219.045,7769.033,0], [7214.585,7776.88,0], [7219.539,7779.958,0], [6632.977,8807.188,0], [7214.585,7776.88,0], [5505.307,3498.975,0], [503.614,3499.315,0], [5507.246,3498.496,0], [3230.448,6289.817,0], [3228.906,6290.520,0], [3226.764,6291.252,0], [5111.221,9061.996,0], [6633.137,8807.185,0], [10062.974,3995.058,0], [10062.730,3988.536,0], [11599.673,4477.188,0], [7214.585,7776.88,0] EDIT: If anyone have more, please respond with them
  6. it is a vanilla malden server but we need to get people on the server so if you want to play on a malden server then join the ts to get the ip checkitrp.ts.nfoservers.com
  7. Reckless Malden Life Contact Information Official Discord Partner : www.discord.gg/rgn Website : https://recklessnetwork.com About us On October 23, 2015, the Reckless Gaming Network (RGN) was formed by a group of friends and passionate gamers to create a community where people of all backgrounds can come together and have an internet home. Reckless was created on the notion to provide a friendly and community oriented gaming community. Reckless was founded upon the notion to provide a friendly and “for the people” oriented gaming community. RGN wanted to provide a home to the gamers out there that like to play with the friends and meet new like-minded people. We’re constantly evolving and improving the community based on feedback. Instead of focusing on one game or one server, we focus on the community and offer an environment beyond gaming. RGN is a place for the avid gamer as much as for someone just looking to meet new people. Check out some of the links below to get involved with the community! Let’s get Reckless! Arma 3 : Malden Life RecklessNetwork.com | Malden Life | Twitch Streamers | Serious Roleplay Perk System Truck, Boat, Air Missions Gang Cartels(drugs) & Rebel Cartel Perishable Goods Mission Gun Mission Cache Drop Auction House Custom Housing Lumbering system (any tree is capable of being cut down) Real life economy (start money 30,000) Arma 3 : Altis Life RecklessNetwork.com | Altis Life | Public Cop | Perks | Farm Arma 3 : 110th Reckless Company (Milsim) RecklessNetwork.com | 110th Company | Milsim | Ranks | Apply Rust RecklessNetwork.com Vanilla|Wiped 6/18|2x Gather|4K Map| Ark Survival RecklessNetwork.com Scortched Paradise|Animal Breeding| pvp In closing please note that this community is evolving into something more then straight Altis or Malden life server. Anyone is welcome to join our discord, ts, or participate on the website to find others to play games with. We play other games outside of our server such as PubG, Rocket League, Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, Rainbox Six Siege, If you enjoy your time I encourage you to fill out an introduction on our website to introduce yourself https://recklessnetwork.com/forum/4-introductions/
  8. Hello I have been trying to update my server to the dev branch. I tried using app_update 233780 -beta development but it only updated the server to the latest stable version
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