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Found 5 results

  1. Alongside ArmaHosts.com we are currently developing a new roleplay server filled with fun features and constant roleplay action. We have perfectly adjusted rules to avoid them restricting roleplay and a staff team with thousands of hours in Arma roleplay. Server IP: ugs-eu-germany-3.armahosts.com Port: 2332 Discord: Join for updates and bug/playtests. Steam Group | Twitter Page | ArmaHosts NOTE: Server is currently in heavy development! Current Features: 250k Starting Money (50k at launch) Server Based on Malden Military Police Combat Medics MPD Checkpoints Custom Structures (bridges etc.) Custom Jail Robbable Gas Stations Custom Player Owned Businesses (contact staff for details) Constant Server Events Custom Resources and Drugs Custom Items and Equipment Auction House Combined Gang Funds Black Market Island Planned Features: (more soon) Shipwrecks Slot Machines Police Database Bounty Hunting Placeable Objects Random Airdrops Custom XP System Custom UI / Status Bar Capturable Gang Areas Custom Textures (all sides) Looking For: MPD General / Medic General Experienced Police and Combat Medics A Lot of Active Bug/Playtesters (help will be rewarded at launch!) Malden Life RP Discord
  2. Beta version is now online Some Scripts have been used from altisliferpg.com What We have to offer: 1. Custom Rebel skins 2. Custom Scripts 3. Abundance of Drug's (WIP) 4. Donator Bases (WIP) 5. Server Events every day 6. Custom Map 7. Whitelisted Rebel Faction 8. Underwater Weapons Reserve (WIP) Much more coming in the future TS3: Website: https://bsgnetwork.mistforums.com/ Server IP: Server is currently been moved until further notice Port: This server is hosted on a dedicated local machine not a PC Check out some of our work too.
  3. We are sorry to say but =RPG= Malden Life has been shut down, we are running =RPG= Altis Life instead! Click here to go to =RPG= Altis Life post Intro Hello everyone I wanna introduce myself as buttery, and today I wanna introduce RPGamers Malden Life server. The server has been up since the release of Malden and we plan to keep it with great players for as long as possible. Our main focus is role play, as many server strive for this but can not accomplish it because of the players. Our active players try their hardest to keep RP at its highest, and additions made to the server enhance RP to its fullest. If you are looking for a Malden Life server to start on give ares a go and see what you think of it. The server is constantly being worked on all the time. Everything people request gets thought about and most likely added. We aim for the best and are trying to achieve just that. From our well thought out police handbook keeping our MPD in check to the small things on the streets. Many things are yet to come in the future so stay tuned! Hope to see you there! We have a lot of features most you would have to come on the for server yourself to see, but we have a few things such as the following that I feel are great additions: • Persistent Player Saving • Cell Phones (Make phone calls to other players on server) • Court System • Lawyers • Malden Bank • ID System • Dynamic Market System • Irradiated Zone • Drugs/Resources Competing • Bridge • Rebel City • Carryall Skins • A Lot Of Custom Skins • A Lot Of Custom Sounds and the best of all • The Role Play Our Players Create! Suggestions are recommended as we will pay attention to what everyone asks and wants and talk through with other people that are highly liked and trusted Server Info: Website: www.rpgamerslife.com Teamspeak: rpgamers.teamspeak.network Server IP: Port: 2302 Sneak Peek (This video was made before malden release - very outdated) Lumber Jack Other Videos
  4. Destiny-Roleplay Destiny-Roleplay is a high quality server with good staff! The server is new and is constantly being supplied with top quality updates. Content includes a custom map, custom jobs/trades, advanced rebel, apex DLC vehicles, gang perks! With new things being added every day! Come and join us at Destiny-Roleplay now to fulfil all your roleplaying needs! Server info below. Game server IP: TeamSpeak IP: Website: http://www.destiny-roleplay.com/
  5. Destiny-Roleplay Community Malden life Village Life here on Malden is always disturbed by war between peacekeepers and rebels. Banks are one way to make money, feds are another.... Cartels rule the land and have a reputation for being aggressive... City life. City Skylines, a Birdseye view off the tranquillity and hidden war. Police Control the drug flows through the island and have checkpoints setup around the island to keep in at an all time low. Rebels have a home as well, somewhere to train, practice and purchase. Advanced rebels have special access to higher tear weaponry, armour and vehicles. Federal reserve, a base used to store money and keep secrets hidden. Website : https://destiny-roleplay.com Teamspeak : Server IP : Scripts : Level System Perk System Capture zones Intro Seat belts (coming soon) Custom Bank robbery system Donor Skins (coming soon) Gang Base (coming soon) Jail break (coming soon) Police Confiscation Warehouse Cartels Gang capture zones for exp/gang money. Inventory Panel on the website showing licences/vehicles/gear/money/white listing/gang panel Currently recruiting Staff, Police and Medics. If your interested in any of these feel free to speak to us in Teamspeak. We are bringing out updates daily and are very welcoming to any suggestions that you can give. Gang channels in Teamspeak are free as long as you have an established gang that is active and has more than 5 members.
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