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  1. HardLife abre sus puertas de nuevo, con ganas de recibir gente aqui esta la información: Team Speak 3 Server: hardlife.ts3dns.live - Es posible que la ip del servidor cambie y no estática para evitar riesgos, en todo caso podrás ver la ip del servidor accediendo al TS3. - El servidor cuenta con muchísimos cambios respecto a altis life 5.0 base, más de 50 scripts nuevos, nuevos sistemas y demás que facilitan la jugabilidad. - Se busca staff, concrétamente especializado o con experiencia, policía, y ems - Si alguna persona esta interesada en hacer un altis life y posee maquina pero no conocimientos, contacte conmigo y vemos la posibilidad de una unión. Contacto: Correo: [email protected] Whatsapp: +1 845 210 6815 (El número es de EEUU, el sevidor es de España, pero aporto este numero el cual utilizo para 4Quality, una "empresa" de venta de scripts en SQF, el lenguaje de programación principal de Arma 3) Muchisimas gracias por su atención, hasta pronto.
  2. For noobs. Here are the codes you need to add custom textures for cop uniform skins, medic uniform skins, medic backpack skins, cop backpack skins, medic backpack skins allocated to certain ranks, cop backpack skins allocated to certain ranks etc. File: fn_playerSkins.sqf COP: For adding custom backpack textures: if ((backpack player) == "insertClassnameHere") then { (unitbackpack player) setObjectTextureGlobal [0,"textures\*insertDirectoryHere.jpg"]; }; For adding custom uniform skins assigned to certain ranks: if ((FETCH_CONST(life_coplevel) >= 3) && ((uniform player) == "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam")) then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\clothing\cop\cop_uniform_sarg.jpg"]; }; *NOTE* the "3" in >= 3 refers to the cop level. and the >= basically means "greater than or equal too". You can change it accordingly to what you want. <= will mean less than or equal too. So "if life_coplevel is less than or equal to 3, than all cop levels below level 3 including level 3 will equip THAT specified skin when they buy the clothing, which in this case is U_B_CombatUniform_mcam. MEDIC: For medics it is literally the same, just changing life_coplevel to life_mediclevel. It should look something like this. if ((FETCH_CONST(life_mediclevel) >= 3) && ((uniform player) == "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam")) then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\clothing\med\par.jpg"]; }; Hopefully you get the idea. For reference, below I will include an example of what your file should look like. case west: { if(uniform player == "U_Rangemaster") then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\cop_uniform.jpg"]; }; if ((FETCH_CONST(life_coplevel) >= 3) && ((uniform player) == "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam")) then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\clothing\cop\cop_uniform_sarg.jpg"]; }; if ((FETCH_CONST(life_coplevel) >= 7) && ((uniform player) == "U_O_OfficerUniform_ocamo")) then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\clothing\cop\coastguard.jpg"]; }; if ((backpack player) == "B_Bergen_blk") then { (unitbackpack player) setObjectTextureGlobal [0,"textures\clothing\cop\cop_bergen.jpg"]; }; }; case independent: { if(uniform player == "U_Rangemaster") then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\clothing\med\medic_uniform.jpg"]; }; if ((FETCH_CONST(life_mediclevel) >= 1) && ((uniform player) == "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam")) then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\clothing\med\emt.jpg"]; }; if ((FETCH_CONST(life_mediclevel) >= 2) && ((uniform player) == "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam")) then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\clothing\med\aemt.jpg"]; }; if ((FETCH_CONST(life_mediclevel) >= 3) && ((uniform player) == "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam")) then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\clothing\med\par.jpg"]; }; if ((FETCH_CONST(life_mediclevel) >= 4) && ((uniform player) == "U_Rangemaster")) then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\clothing\med\lieutenant.jpg"]; }; if ((FETCH_CONST(life_mediclevel) >= 5) && ((uniform player) == "U_Rangemaster")) then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\clothing\med\captain.jpg"]; }; if ((backpack player) == "B_Kitbag_mcamo") then { (unitbackpack player) setObjectTextureGlobal [0,"textures\clothing\med\medic_backpack.jpg"]; }; }; *WARNING* Make sure you order your skin ranks as shown above ! They must be in ascending order otherwise the game will just load the one after the next, which may not be the skin you want for that rank.
  3. XfinityGaming is an Arma 3 Community looking to bring back the Takistan Life that we all know and love with a few modern twists. Our member count currently is quite small but we are hoping to increase that over the coming months. Our current aim is to create a Takistan Life Server for Arma 3. We are currently looking for NATO, TSF and EMS Command as well as Staff and Developer positions. Where to contact us: Website - https://www.xfinitygaming.co.uk/ Discord - https://discord.gg/bjZmrqW Steam Group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/XGCommunity Kind Regards, John O'Connor Founder - XfinityGaming
  4. Bonjour, Aujourd’hui, nous vous présentons un projet de serveur Role-Play Arma III, Alivia ! Contenu de la présentation : Le serveur Notre équipe Nos objectifs Comment suivre ce projet ? Le serveur Alivia, serveur Role-Play Arma III, est un projet en cours de développement qui vous fera découvrir une communauté et un serveur extraordinaire. Pour débuter, le serveur se déroulera sur Malden, une île grecque. Elle vous présentera des métiers comme la Gendarmerie ou les Marins-Pompiers de Malden, mais aussi, bien évidemment, la DIR, les taxis ou la sécurité. Ensuite, elle se développera et chaque partie du développement sera communiquée à la communauté ! Notre équipe Nous avons une équipe ayant des grades simples et efficaces. Les voici: Fondateur : Alex, Alvaro et Zépekenio -> Il a fondé le serveur et s’occupe dans l’administration du serveur en détail. Gérant-Staff : X -> Il s’occupe du staff et gères qu’il n’aient aucun problème entre la communauté et son équipe. Administrateur : Bob Rojas -> Il s’occupe des lourdes plainte et administre sur le serveur. Community Manager : Zachary Bousquet -> Il s’occupe de la communauté. il veille qu’un joueur puis toujours parler et partager ses idées. Il est à l’écoute de tout le monde. Modérateur: Alex Robinson -> Il s’occupe des plaintes légères et veille que les gens n’aient pas à se plaindre Support : X -> Il accueil les nouveaux arrivant sur le serveur en fessant une présentation. Nos Objectifs Nos objectifs sont simples ! Nous souhaitons tout simplement avoir communauté et un serveur ayant du Role-Play correct, mais pas trop stricte. Comment suivre ce projet ? Il est facile de nous rejoindre, nous avons un Discord, un Teamspeak et vous pouvez nous suivre sur Twitter et Facebook. Teamspeak : Alivia.verygames.net:50708 Discord : https://discord.gg/9MzaHnc Twitter et Facebook Cordialement, L’équipe d’administration de ProjetAlivia !
  5. Background Information We here at CLRP are looking to give you the best roleplaying experience that anyone can offer. We started developing CLRP back in June and have been working hard ever sense to get the best content and to make sure players have stuff to do around the map. We have now decided that the server is ready for a launch. We are testing the last stuff on the dedi box to make sure everything runs smooth at the release. We are a Whitelisted community where you have to apply to join. You make an application and when that gets accepted you will have an interview where we can make sure that you are fit for the server and that you understand all of the rules. Application can be made here https://www.classicliferp.com/forum/40-whitelisting-application/ after you have signed up for the website.WebsiteThe current website can be found here: www.classicliferp.com please note that the website is still in development and has progressed a lot since the few days we have been working on it and will proceed to be developed further.TeamspeakWe currently have a teamspeak server which is the main priority at this current time. You can connect using the following ip: vs25.tserverhq.com:6013 Join if you have any questions or feel free to just hang around. Game ServerThe major thing that every community needs. We have a very powerful server that is running 24/7 for maximum up time so we try to have as few issues as possible.Staff 18+Current Application Status - OpenAs of being a new community, we are currently looking for a dedicated and mature staff team to help and ensure the community is running smoothly at all times.Open Positions:AdminModeratorTrial StaffPD Applications are Open Our PD apps are currently open and anyone above the age of 18 can apply. -Lakeside Patrol-Department Of Corrections-EMS Applications are Open Our EMS apps are currently open and anyone who is whitelisted can apply.DevelopmentDue to the community as a whole being in high development we are always looking to take on as many developers as possible.Positions:Game Server DeveloperObject BuilderTerrain DevelopmentKind regards,Hanks Kingston Community Founder
  6. Kontaktdaten:TS3: http://project-reality.net/board/Hier einige Bilder unserer Insel, jedoch einfach mal anschauen
  7. So I was wondering if anyone has any malden server files that they would be able to give / find for me as I've looked around and can't find shit. Reason for this is as I wanted to change from boring Altis to Malden which I think would be quite fun and unique to do. Any ideas?
  8. Introduction Britannia Gaming was established on the 1st January 2017. We have a dedicated Management and Support Team which which functions 24/7 to ensure the community operates efficiently and smoothly. We have a Development Team who are dedicated to bringing new features to the server to improve your experience and enjoyable for everyone. Our Support Team are here to assist with any problems or questions you may have. We consider ourselves a mature community and expect our members to behave in mature manner and to provide a outstanding roleplay experience. We have revamped the group in order to grow not only as a community but as a united group, we are a UK based community looking to extend to other players within the Arma community. Unlike other communities, you will not be removed for inactivity. On vacation? Brilliant, share your stories about skiing or any other adventures you’ve got to share. We are aware that everyone cannot always be online. On goal is to provide an environment for people to play on a variety. After months of development, we are pleased to announce we are soon to release our new Altis UK Life server and we are now looking for new members to join the Police and NHS. If you consider yourself to be mature, we are also looking for new people to join the Support Team. To assist new players to Altis Life we have created a “Quick Introduction Guide” to help the new players get started, We are a very dedicated community to make sure everyone who plays on our server will enjoy it and decide to stay with us Features Britannia Life is a project and server to being a different concept to altis life roleplay, that doesn’t involve mods and is simple but enjoyable. Unlike other communities who claim to be different, we have our very own government and court system including other features. Below are some of the in-game features: - Experience system (Coming Soon) - Government (Weekly elections, change laws, taxes etc) - Casino (Blackjack and slots) - Balanced Economy - Lottery Tickets - Drug Cartel - Bounty Hunters - Taxi and Bus system - Threat level system - Custom Police & NHS Textures (Uniforms and Vehicles) - Side missions for police and civilians Once you join and become a member, you can join the ranks of the police where you can fight crime as a normal officer or go up the ranks and become a firearms officer, if you dont like police we also have a NHS system where you can join the ranks of the medics and go from a first aider earning normal salary on the server to the chief medical officer giving you more money and being in charge of the health service Britannia Life offers civilians a variety of activities to take their roleplay experience to the next level. There are many ways of making your fortune, either legally or illegally. As a citizen of Altis you can be voted in to become the next Prime Minister of Altis. Become a vigilante by becoming a bounty hunter to catch harden criminals by clearing up the streets to make them a safer place to live. What path will you take? Your actions will determinate your own fate..... Details Teamspeak: Website: http://britanniagaming.co.uk -Community Manager Diablo
  9. Hallo, wir sind ein kleines Team, welches einen neuen Altis Life Server erstellen möchte. Wir haben viele Ideen, die wir realisieren möchten. Wir haben einen ganz genauen Plan von dem, wie unser Server aussehen und was dort genau möglich sein soll. Leider kann jedoch niemand von uns wirklich scripten oder mappen, obgleich wir ein genaues Bild des Servers vor unseren Augen haben. Wir wollen den zukünftigen Spielern ein einmaliges, auf wirklichem Rollenspiel basierendes Erlebnis, u.a. durch eine Vielzahl an Jobmöglichkeiten und einem äußerst realistischem Preissystem, bieten. Für ein handfestes Regelwerk, einen Teamspeakchannel, Homepage bzw. Forum und detailierter Vorstellung vom Server ist, bzw. wird unsererseits bereits gesorgt. Wir suchen nun einen Mapper, Modder und Scripter. Wobei der Modder weniger wichtig ist als der Mapper und der Scripter. Der Mapper bzw. Scripter sollten auch gewillt sein ihr Wissen an uns weiter zu geben. Vielleicht fühlen Sie sich gerade angesprochen und möchten bei der Entstehung eines einizgartigem Servers helfen. Dann kontaktieren sie mich gerne einmal per Nachricht. Alles weitere kann dann telefonisch, per E-Mail oder TS/Skype besprochen werden. Ebenso möchten wir natürlich wissen, wie Sie sich die Arbeit mit uns vorstellen.
  10. BTW I know most of you may find this useless as you may already know how to do it, but there are newbies who don't, I am sure all of you were new once. The reason why I made this tutorial was that someone requested it.
  11. How to add custom spawn points: Difficulty: EASY For adding spawn points that require a certain license: Step 1: Open your mission file in the editor, and create a new marker and place it where you want the player to spawn. There CANNOT be any spaces in the name, if you wish to use a space use _ as a replacement. So one e.g. could be gang_spawn_1 or just gang_spawn.. It really doesn't matter, just make sure the marker name doesn't already exist. Step 1: Open up Config_SpawnPoints.hpp and find which side (cop,civ,med) you want to add the spawn to. The process is the exact same for every side. (For this example I will be adding a civilian spawn). Step 2: Make a new class, it is easier to just copy and paste the above class and then adjust it. New class CAN look like this: class Gang { //"Gang" can be anything you want! displayName = "Gang Spawn"; //this is the display name that will appear on the spawn selection menu! spawnMarker = "gang_spawn_3"; //this needs to be the exact same name as the spawn marker you named in the editor! icon = "textures\spawnicons\spawnciv.paa"; //This is the icon that will appear next to the display name, if any. [64x64] licenses[] = { { "gang", true } }; //"gang" is the license required to be able to spawn at the new spawn. We will add the license in the next step! level[] = { "", "", -1 }; //leave this alone }; Now for the license: Open up Config_Licenses and again, find which side you want to add the license to. Copy the above class and then adjust it like this: class Gang { //must be the same class as the class name in Config_SpawnPoints.hpp variable = "gang"; //must also be the same as the variable in "Config_Spawnpoints.hpp displayName = "STR_License_Gang"; //just change the last word (Gang) to whatever you want price = 75000; //The price for buying the license! Does not matter if you don't want people to be able to buy it, and only want to manually add it through the database. illegal = true; //is the license illegal? side = "civ"; //which side is this license for? *IMPORTANT* }; For adding spawn points that do NOT require a license: Literally just do the exact same process, but do not touch Config_Licenses! And make sure you get rid of the License name in : licenses[] = { { "gang", true } }; So it should look like this if you do not want a license to be required: licenses[] = { { "", true } };
  12. Hey guys.....hope some of u can help me. I added the new Laws of War ambulance to my EMS vehicles config but if the want EMS want to buy it in game so they have it to spawn it does not spawn. I did add it the right way in the configs. I keep hearing other ppl say you must add LOW to your mission.sqm also? Is this true? Any help please.
  13. Bonjour à toutes et tous, L’équipe ExploraLife est heureuse de vous présenter l’aboutissement de son projet ! En effet, nous sommes une équipe constituée de joueurs Arma 3 souhaitant réunir une communauté sympathique passionnée par le RolePlay afin de partager ensemble de bons moments dans la bonne humeur. Qu’est ce que ExploraLife ? ExploraLife, c’est un serveur ayant pour but principal de vous divertir ! Sachez donc que le serveur évoluera en fonction de vos idées, nous sommes bien entendu ouvert à toute proposition d’ajout. Nous ne souhaitons en aucun cas être sévère sur le RolePlay, mais nous sommes plutôt orientés vers l’ajout de fonctionnalités poussées afin de constituer un expérience de jeu inédite. Nous avons donc mis en place un ensemble de règles fondamentales et simples afin de vous laisser le plus de liberté lors de vos actions. Afin de vous renseigner au mieux sur les caractéristiques de notre serveur, voici quelques informations indispensables : Adresse IP du Teamspeak : ts.exploralife.fr Lien du Forum : http://forum.exploralife.fr/ Le serveur ouvre ses portes le Vendredi 09 Juin 2017 à 20H00. Nos projets futurs Étant encore en phase de développement, le serveur ne comporte pas encore toutes les fonctionnalités souhaitées. À terme, nous souhaitons ajouter plusieurs fonctionnalités très poussées afin de mettre en avant votre expérience de jeu comme : Une évolution plus poussée de notre système d’entreprises et de familles rebelles. Un système juridique avancé (Gouvernement, Mandat, Juge, …). Développement d’un système de construction d’établis, laboratoires, … Fonctionnalités actuellement disponibles sur le serveur Numéro de téléphone personnel pour chaque joueur permettant ainsi de le partager et d’être contacté par d’autres personnes. Sauvegarde des messages reçus. Système de plaque d’immatriculation par véhicule avec possibilité pour la Gendarmerie de rechercher le propriétaire de celui-ci. Système de Tuning de véhicule (Couleurs, LEDs, Accessoires, …). GUI (Menus) personnalisés afin d’augmenter l'immersion dans le jeu. Ville submergée, zone irradiée et fouille d’épaves. Bourse dynamique permettant de diversifier vos ventes. Système d’expérience et de niveau afin de suivre votre progression et votre avancé sur le serveur. Radars fixes routiers. Sauvegarde des positions des joueurs afin d’assurer la continuité de vos actions. Clignotants sur tous les véhicules terrestres. Jeux tel que le BlackJack afin de miser vos récentes économies. Système bancaire vous permettant de payer par carte dans les magasins. Entreprises personnalisées par les joueurs tel que “Armex” Un mapping poussé réalisé par nos éditeurs afin de vous plonger dans vos actions RolePlay. Notre GamePlay Nous souhaitons mettre un point d’honneur à l’interactivité entre les joueurs. Ainsi, nous souhaitons créer des liens entre chaque faction afin de favoriser les échanges. En effet, par exemple, les Rebelles n’ont pas la possibilité de revendre la drogue, ils doivent absolument “embaucher” plusieurs civils pour revendre une partie de leurs marchandises. Le maintien de l’équilibre entre les factions est également l’une de nos priorités, les gendarmes, rebelles et civils auront ainsi chacun leur avantages et désavantages. Toute l’équipe ExploraLife, vous remercie d’avoir pris le temps de lire notre présentation et vous invite à nous rejoindre sur notre Teamspeak (ts.exploralife.fr) afin d’échanger nos idées et propositions ou d’en savoir plus sur notre serveur. Bonne continuation à vous, L’équipe ExploraLife.
  14. Life Community welcoming EVERYONE - Good roleplay, no favoritism, good staff! Liberty Roleplay - ARMA III LIFE Who are we? We are a life community that believes in no favoritism, good ol' fashion roleplay, and quality staff. We try to give everyone as many opportunities as possible and ENCOURAGE starting companies on the server (next 3 accepted get money grants to use for company vehicles, HQ, uniforms, etc.). Map and Extras We are currently on the beautiful Elaine County, a remade version of the classic arma 2 Emita City map, with additions such as islands, updated buildings, nice forests and an ocean, along with several things to do in-game. Opportunities Emergency Services: Elaine County Sheriff's Office - Complete with several ranks and organized divisions and corrections management Emergency Medical Services - Good long term career for pay Government: Department of Justice - Offering more than most, get your own DOJ vehicle, be a legal representative or protect it all as a bailiff (court security) Companies: Start your own company FREE - Next 3 companies get a grant for vehicles, clothing, etc. for YOUR OWN company STERRCO Security - Security Company with nice uniforms and vehicles Elaine City Services - Help the city function and earn cash while doing it, work doing public transportation, or become a traffic unit Staff & Development: Disciplinary and Support staff - Ranks from Trial staff to Executive administrator, help build the community one step at a time (management is debatable by senior management) Development staff - Help build the servers and become known (MAYBE) Media staff - Help advertise and promtoe the community, be the one that makes a difference in our population Features Custom framework and modpack with easy download!: Thanks to our lead developer metalman10 Red the Dev's cars!: Custom vehicles for emergency services and other purposes such as civ, company, etc. Custom skins (WIP): Sheriff skins are nearly complete for all our used vehicles, coming soon will be company skins, EMS, and DOJ! IMPORTANT -Server release will be Wednesday, 9/20/17 sometime in the evening EST -A few things may be WIP, meaning if you have ideas, suggestions, offer help etc. it would be greatly appreciated and accepted! SERVER INFO AND JOINING Website: libertyrp.hollowsdivide.com (may be down for mainenance at the moment) Teamspeak: ts3.libertyrp.org EXTRAS: I try my best to welcome EVERYONE and hope you the best, my office is usually open so if you need anything or just want to hang feel free to drop in!
  15. TS: Sayılı Günler Kaldı!!! 2015'te Kapanmış Olan RP sunucusu Asi Life tam gaz geri dönüyor!! Yeni Asi Life Hardcore RP sunucusu yakında sizinle!! -Gerçek Emniyet Müdürlüğü Rütbeleri( EGM, 1. Sınıf Em, 2. Sınıf Em vb. ) -Gerçek Sağlık Bakanlığı Rütbeleri -Güvenli Bölge YOK! ( RDM yasak ) ( Sadece merkez hariç ) Polisler artık araç çekemiyecek. Siviller araçlarını otoparka park edicekler. ( Olağanüstü durumlar hariç Mağaza kapısı önünde AFK araç vb. ) Otopark harici park edilirse ceza kesilecek otoparkta saat başı ücret alınacak. ( Oyun saati ) - Belediye Başkanlığı binası açılacak - Ehliyet kurssuz alınmayacak ( Kavala Sürücü Kursu ) -Polislere birim gelicek( Trafik, çevik kuvvet, tem, asayiş vb. ) ( Belediye Başkanına süikast düzenlenebilir, konvoy sırasında vb yerlerde rol vererek başkanı öldürebilir kaçırabilirsiniz. ) -Mesajla rol bitti! -Kavala yarışçılarını seçiyor tv programında yarışlar düzenlenicek ödül verilecektir. NOT: ESKİ ASİ LİFE OYUNCULARI ALDIKLARI BAĞIŞÇI VE VİPLERİ ÜCRETSİZ YAZILACAK KALDIĞI SÜREDEN DEVAM EDECEKTİR. Ve daha fazla özellik Asi Life Hardcore RP sunucularamızda. Yakında sizlerleyiz.
  16. Hello to everyone, sorry for my bad English. I have a problem with ACE 3. I put the addon on my server and set it up with modules in eden editor. When a player dies, the HUD standard of altis life appears, but also the spectator mode. How do I decide that when a player dies a ACE 3 intervenes instead of the classic revive system of altislife? I have the Altis Life 4.4r4. Thanks in advance for your answers
  17. Bonjour, Bonsoir Je vais vous présenter mon serveur Arma 3 qui ouvrira le mercredi 2 Août à 12 heures. (22764 Ko pour ceux que cela intéresserait). En arrivant vous disposerait d’une offre de bienvenue de 1 000 000€ ainsi que d’un tirage de loterie afin de gagner camion/argent/… (Loterie disponible sur le TS) Cette présentation va être composé de 6 parties qui sont les suivantes. Sommaire 1.Présentation du Background du serveur 2.Présentation du Staff 3.Présentation de nos Scripts 4.Présentation de nos ressources 5.Screenshots du Serveur 6.Nous rejoindre 1.Présentation du Background du serveur SpaceLife est un serveur Role Play non moddé, ou divers farms sont présent. Que vous aimez jouer rebelle, gendarme, civil, ou médecin des scripts ont été conçus par nous (Et autres developpeurs) et pour vous. La liberté, le choix, ainsi que la multitudes des choses à faire sur un serveur non-moddé n’a désormais plus de limites. L’histoire de SpaceLife est moderne. Aucune dictature n’est présente sur l’île. L’histoire de SpaceLife se déroule en 2020 ou une guerre la crise économique poussera les gentils civils à se diriger vers le trafique illégal. 2.Présentation du Staff Administrateur : Nicolas, Maxence, Tom, Elpacho Modérateur : Marcel, Parker, Luiss Développeur : Nicolas Graphiste : Luiss, Nicolas Mappeur: Elpacho, Alkers 3.Présentation des Scripts présents sur le serveur Script: Jacky-Tuning Utilité: La personnalisation de véhicule n’a désormais plus de limites, qu’il s’agisse de rajoutter des néons, de changer la couleur, ou de la nitro, votre voiture sera à votre image comme vous l’imaginez dans vos rêves les plus profonds (Ou dans vos délires les plus bizards). Script: Epave Utilité: Partez à la recherche d’épaves au plus profond des océans d’altis, découvre… La face submergé de la carte… Trouvez des trésors et enrichissez vous. Ou trouvez du vieux bacon de matelos qui a pris l’eau. Script: Purge Utilité: Soif de sang ? Ou simplement envie de s’amuser sans penser aux règles ? Participez à une purge qui sera présente chaque semaine àfin de nourir votre soif de sang. Ou faites vous spawn kill. Script: Assistant GPS Utilité: Vous en avez marre de rechercher un farm durant des heures sur la map ? Utilisé votre assistant GPS qui vous dira où tout se trouve! D’autres scripts sont présents sur le serveur, convoi d’or, fin du monde au moment du restart serveur, safezone, saisir objet pour la gendarmerie, … 4.Présentation de nos ressources Nous avons actuellement 16 ressources différentes sur le serveur, dont 10 légales et 6 illégales. Pommes: Min: 10 Max: 50 Pèches: Min: 30 Max: 100 Pétrole: Min: 19500 Max: 2640 Bronze: Min: 1050 Max: 2150 Fer: Min: 1350 Max: 2050 Sel: Min: 1460 Max: 2360 Verre: Min: 1450 Max: 2350 Diamant: Min: 1530 Max: 4600 Ciment: Min: 990 Max: 1950 Planches: Min: 1000 Max: 2000 - Coupez du bois dans la foret, traitez le en planches, puis revendez le au marché. Argent Sale: Min: 15000 Max: 17500 - Déchets puis, traitement des déchets puis, Argent de trafique puis, Blanchiement d’argent. Heroine: Min: 5300 Max: 8600 Shit: Min: 5600 Max: 8900 Cocaine: Min: 5700 Max: 9000 Space Cake: Min: 7500 Max: 8800 - Récupérez du blé après avoir fait du shit et fabriquez un bon gateau Krokodil: Min: 22500 Max: 27500 - Traitez chaque drogue (Shit, Cocaine, Heroine), puis faites un bon gros mélange… Nous disposons aussi de farms cachés, secrets, ou vous devrez enquetter sur le site, et le serveur pour connaitre tout les lieux de ce farm (scripts coté serveur donc non visible sur la map PBO + ObfuSQF), donc normalement aucune possibilté pour une personne lambda de récupérer la map et d’aller voir dans l’éditeur les points. 5.Screenshots du Serveur Gallerie des screens disponible sur imgur http://imgur.com/a/KVnP1 (Pour la clartée du poste) 6.Nous rejoindre Site Web : https://forum.sclife.space/index.php TeamSpeak 3 : ts.sclife.space
  18. Checkpoint Alarm Hello everyone, this is my first time making a script and releasing it to the public. This tutorial will help you set up a working checkpoint alarm that will use a sign and four speakers. All sound files will be provided. If you use this, I request that you do not remove my name but add your name under if edited *Change Log* Works server sided now. - Date unknown Fix for 4.4+. - 07/03/2017 Spam prevention. - 08/03/2017 Limited to a specific rank (read script comments) - Re-working 1. Head into the mission file and go into the directory 'core/cop'. Now create 2 new .sqf files. 1 called 'fn_checkpointLockdown'. Paste code below into the file. /* File: fn_checkpointLockdown.sqf Author: DubStepMad Made for: www.ritalitygaming.com Description: Engage checkpoint lockdown! */ sleep 4; if (Checkpoint2 getVariable "spam_protection") exitwith{}; /*stops the sound from being spammed*/ Checkpoint2 setVariable ["spam_protection", true, true]; /*needs to be after the check otherwise this would not work*/ Checkpoint1 setVariable ["checkpoint_alarm", true, true]; if (playerSide isEqualTo west) then { hint parseText format["<t size='2' color='#FF0000'>Checkpoint Zulu is under Attack!!</t>"] }; /*will only hint to the west fraction (Cops)*/ while {Checkpoint1 getVariable "checkpoint_alarm"} do { [Checkpoint1 say3D "checkpointalarm",5000]; [Checkpoint2 say3D "checkpointalarm",5000]; [Checkpoint3 say3D "checkpointalarm",5000]; [Checkpoint4 say3D "checkpointalarm",5000]; [Checkpoint5 say3D "checkpointalarm",5000]; sleep 20; [Checkpoint1 say3D "AirRaidSirenAlert",5000]; [Checkpoint2 say3D "AirRaidSirenAlert",5000]; [Checkpoint3 say3D "AirRaidSirenAlert",5000]; [Checkpoint4 say3D "AirRaidSirenAlert",5000]; [Checkpoint5 say3D "AirRaidSirenAlert",5000]; }; 2. Create another file called 'fn_checkpointLockdownStop'. Paste code below into the file. /* File: fn_checkpointLockdownStop.sqf Author: DubStepMad Made for: www.ritalitygaming.com Description: Disengage checkpoint lockdown! */ if (Checkpoint1 getVariable "checkpoint_alarm") exitWith { sleep 4; Checkpoint1 setVariable ["checkpoint_alarm", false, true]; Checkpoint2 setVariable ["spam_protection", false, true]; /*Allows the checkpoint alarm to be used again*/ if (playerSide isEqualTo west) then {hint parseText format["<t size='2' color='#22e600'>Checkpoint Zulu alarm has been turned off!</t>"]}; }; 3. Now go into your chosen editor and place down 4 speakers giving each one a separate variable name. Checkpoint1 Checkpoint2 Checkpoint3 Checkpoint4 If you wish to add more checkpoints then edit the 'fn_checkpointLockdown.sqf' to your needs. 4. Now place down an object that you wish a player to interact with, give the object the variable name 'cp_alarm_sign' and place the following code in the 'Init' of the object. if !(playerSide isEqualTo west) exitWith {}; this addAction ["Sound Alarm", "[] remoteExec ['life_fnc_checkpointLockdown', 0]"]; this addAction ["Stop Alarm", "[] remoteExec ['life_fnc_checkpointLockdownStop', 0]"]; 5. Now find your Functions.hpp, open it and locate 'class Cop', at the end of the code insert the following. class checkpointLockdown {}; class checkpointLockdownStop {}; Should look like this below. class Cop { file = "core\cop"; class bountyReceive {}; class containerInvSearch {}; class copInteractionMenu {}; class copLights {}; class copLoadout {}; class copMarkers {}; class copSearch {}; class copSiren {}; class doorAnimate {}; class fedCamDisplay {}; class licenseCheck {}; class licensesRead {}; class questionDealer {}; class radar {}; class repairDoor {}; class restrain {}; class searchClient {}; class seizeClient {}; class sirenLights {}; class spikeStripEffect {}; class ticketGive {}; class ticketPaid {}; class ticketPay {}; class ticketPrompt {}; class vehInvSearch {}; class wantedGrab {}; class checkpointLockdown {}; class checkpointLockdownStop {}; }; 6. Now locate your description.ext and insert the following code under the 'class CfgSounds'. class checkpointalarm { name = "checkpointalarm"; sound[] = {"sounds\checkpointalarm.ogg", 1.0, 1}; titles[] = {}; }; class AirRaidSirenAlert { name = "AirRaidSirenAlert"; sound[] = {"sounds\AirRaidSirenAlert.ogg",1.0,1}; titles[] = {}; }; 7. This is for 4.4+ only, otherwise skip this (If you are using battleye then it will have to be configured to allow RemoteExec calls). Add these to your CfgRemoteExec : F(life_fnc_checkpointlockdown,CLIENT) F(life_fnc_checkpointLockdownStop,CLIENT) 8. Download the provided .ogg sound files and move them to your 'sounds' folder located in your root directory. You are now all done! AirRaidSirenAlert.ogg checkpointalarm.ogg
  19. Hallo und herzlich willkommen bei der Panthera Community. Du suchst einen Ort an dem du dich beim zocken wohl fühlst? Dann bist du hier genau richtig, denn wir bieten einen Altis Life Server vom alten Schlag. Was das heißt? Wir vertreten das Motto "Back to the roots" und möchten damit das alte Altis Life zurück holen. Wenig Startgeld führt dazu, dass man sich alles erarbeiten muss und nicht direkt ins High End Spiel geht. Angepasste Preise, welche nach Dauer der Route und Umkosten berechnet wurden, tragen zu einem ausgeglichenem Spiel bei. Auch die Skins sind bei uns sehr wichtig und in Full HD Qualität zu betrachten, um dem Spieler ein breit gefächertes Skinarsenal zu bieten. Viele verschiedene Farmitems, welche auf keinem anderen Server zu finden sind, zeichnen unseren einzigartigen Spielspaß aus und tragen viel zur Belustigung bei. Als Beispiel gibt es bei uns Pfandflaschen zu sammeln, CPU Kerne aus verarbeitetem Almetall herzustellen uvm. Eine übersichtliche Website, sowie ein lagfreier Teamspeak und ein Gameserver mit atemberaubender Performance sind nur wenige unserer Spezialitäten. Wir würden uns über Feedback sehr freuen und laden herzlich in unserem Teamspeak für mehr Infos ein. Website: http://www.pantheracommunity.de Teamspeak: ts.pantheracommunity.de Gameserver: Port: 2302
  20. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27950 any one know how set up a trigger or somthing for this to work i know jets dlc has one but i want this one and my server has lots of modded planes. cant use the module on map and synchronize because the planes ovbs spawn and am not sure where to put this 2) Advanced (for missionmakers)In any script put these lines in it for add sonic boom to specific aircraft:null = [_any_air] execvm "sonicboom\scripts\sonicboom.sqf"; - for sonic boomnull = [_any_air] execvm "sonicboom\scripts\smoke.sqf"; - for smoke behind engine (optional)Replace _any_air with your aircraft name.
  21. ALTIS-GAMELAND in Zusammenarbeit von TEAM HEIDELBERG WILLKOMMEN Sie wollen dem Alltag entfliehen? Dann besuchen Sie Tanoa ! Genießen Sie dass tropische Klima an einer unserer Azurblauen Lagunen. Nehmen Sie sich Zeit und erkunden die Insel mit einem Offroad, oder machen Sie einen wilde Quadtour durch den einzigen inaktiven Vulkan von Tanoa mit seinem zerklüfteten ausläufern. Für das leibliche Wohl sorgt eine Vielzahl von Geschäften und sollten diese Ihnen nicht liegen, so ist es kein Problem denn auf Tanoa gedeiht eine Vielfalt von Früchten welche nur auf Sie warten. GEWINNE MIT DEINEM TEAM Sie können sich bei uns auf der Insel in verschiedenen Gruppen einfinden, um zusammen mit Ihrer Gruppe zu einer Erkundung von der Insel auszufahren. Desweiteren gibt es auf unserer Insel mehrere Events, an diese Sie gerne eingeladen sind alleine oder als Team das Event zu gewinnen. MERKMALE Was ist besonders an unserer Insel ? Auf unserer Insel finden Sie nicht nur eine schöne Gestalltene Flore, sondern wir arbeiten daran die Waage zwichen allen Gruppen abzugleichen. Gerne können Sie sich auch ein Boot mieten, um raus auf dass Meer zu Fahren und Ihrere Angelkünste zu perfektionieren. Mit 183 Quadratkilometern Fläche gild die Inselgruppe Tanoa bereits jetzt als eines der schönsten Feriendomizile der Welt. Besuchen Sie Tanoa Sie haben es sich verdient... UNSERE ANIMATEURE SHOOTER "Gamemaster, Servereigentümer, Projektleitung Design" MUDDIII "Gamemaster, Designer, Skripter" ROUMBLE "Skripter, Root Admin" ANDY "Abteilungsleitung Social, Forum" JONZEN "Abteilungsleitung Forum, Designer" BELLU "Abteilungsleitung Werbung" ZUKUNFTSPLANUNG Wir arbeiten gerade mit dem Skripter-Team von RFC zusammen an einem neuen Modserver. Auf diesem Modserver streben wir alle die Dinge an die Ihr als Spieler gerne auf einem Server wollt. Daher haben wir engen Umgang mit unseren Spielern... Denn nur Ihr als Spieler könnt es schaffen uns die Ideen zu bringen, die wir dann für euch umsetzen. WELCHE ANVORDERUNGEN BENÖTIGT IHR FÜR DEN MODSERVER 100 Spielstunden auf unserem Tanoa Server 5 Belobigungen über euer RP Verhalten von einem Admin WIR SUCHEN NOCH NACH UI-Designer/in Dialog-Designer/in Map-Designer/in Skripter/in Online-Redakteur/in Server IP: TeamSpeak IP: Web: www.altis-gameland.de Mail: [email protected] MELDEN SIE SICH NOCH HEUTE AN.... EUER ALTIS-GAMELAND TEAM
  22. Was ist TLP? TLP ist eine Life Community, die am 26. September 2016 ins Leben gerufen wurde. Entstanden ist die Community durch die Idee der Projektleiter, welche anfangs nur aus Spaß daran gedacht haben. In den Monaten haben wir viele Berg und Talfahrten überstanden und sind nun an dem Punkt angekommen, wo wir nun nach neuen motivierten Mitspielern die auch sehr viel Wert auf Roleplay legen, wie wir. Aktuell besteht unsere kleine Community aus ca 10. aktiven Leuten. Insgesamt haben wir ca. 100 Registrierte Mitglieder im Forum. Was haben wir denn zu bieten? Unsere Community: ► Unsere Serverleitung ist 18+ ► Wir verwenden ausschließlich Dedicated Root Server ► Ein eigenes Webinterface (Das TLP-Panel [WIP] ) ► Eine kleine freundliche Community ► Einen schnellen Support Server: ► Eine schöne Lakeside Map ► Ein nahezu realistisches Geldsystem ► Ein dynamisches Marktsystem ► Ein Crafting System für Waffen und Fahrzeuge [WIP] ► Viele neue und schöne Fahrzeuge/Flugzeuge/Boote ► Viele neue Kleidungen, Rucksäcke, Hüte, Westen und noch vieles mehr. ► Ein umfangreiches Farming System mit umfangreichen Verarbeitungungs Möglichkeiten ► Ein Bank/Tankstellen/ATM Raub System ► Ein funktionierendes Housing System ► Ein schönes HUD und neue Menüs (Shops, Z-Menü, Garagen usw..) ► Ein Abschlepp System ► Ein GPS System + Info Menü mit Tipps und Tricks für Anfänger [WIP] ► Ein Visum System [Mehr dazu weiter unten] ► Ein ausgeklügeltes Firmen & Familien System Was ist das Visum System? Das Visum System ist ein System, dass es dir ermöglicht, ohne groß eine Whitelistung durchführen zu müssen, den Server zu testen. Das Visum kann nach einer Woche durch die Staatsbürgerschaft ersetz werden. Das Visum kann genutzt werden, um sich den Server anzuschauen, und herauszufinden, ob der Server zu einem passt. Mit dem Visum kann man verschiedene Dinge ausprobieren, wie z.b. Farmmöglichkeiten [Saft, Wein, Moonshine, usw.] Wie bekomme ich ein Visum? Schritt 1. Registriere dich in unserm Forum . Schritt 2. Hinterlege deine Teamspeak 3 ID im Forum [Solltest du nicht wissen, wie es geht, findest du ein Tutorial in unserm Forum oder ein Supporter hilft dir dabei] Schritt 3. Verbinde auf den Teamspeak 3 Server [ ts.thelakesideproject.de] Schritt 4. Geh in die Support Wartehalle [ Visum ] Schritt 5. Lass dir von einem Supporter helfen die Mods zu downloaden und das TaskForceRadio Plugin zu installieren. Sobald du diese 5 Schritte hinter dir hast, steht dir nichts mehr im Weg und du kannst nun auf dem Server spielen. Was haben wir für Server? Dedicated Root Server 1 [Game-Server]: Intel Core i7-3770 4x 3,4 GHz + 4x 3,4 GHz [HT] 2x HDD 3,0 TB SATA (Hardware RAID Controller Raid 1) 4x RAM 8192 MB DDR3 Windows Server 2012 R2 64 Bit Dedicated Root Server 2 [Forum]: Intel Atom S1260 (2 x 2,0 GHz) RAM 8192 MB DDR3 2x 500 GB HDD (Software Raid 1) Debian 8 Cloudflare Protection Hier ein paar Eindrücke von unserm Server Wie erreiche ich euch? Teamspeak 3 : ts.TheLakesideProject.de Webseite: Klick mich! Forum: Klick mich! E-Mail: [email protected] Verbesserungsvorschläge oder Konstruktive Kritik nehmen wir gerne entgegen! #MakeArmaNotWar
  23. Hi People, I bought a server (physical) for to build an Arma Life server. I've got some technical background and it was no problem to setup the Arma Life MOD (https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/releases / v4.4r4) with extDB2. Server is currenly running on win 2012 r2, it's a HP Proliant ML310e running with a Xeon e2-1240, 16GB ram, and SSD's in raid connected trough a very stable 500/500 mbit internet connection. It's up & running but as far as mission editing goes and making some nice custom updates I've found out I'm quite a noob. So i'm looking for someone who: Allready has a succesfull server and want to expand to a second one Someone wanting to start a server and wants free hosting. You can use the hardware for free, there is no datalimit on traffic, there is enough processing power to also run teamspeak on it, i've got a domain (armalife.nl) but i'm open to any suggestions. As long as the main langauge is English (no russian, france, deutsch etc). Requeriments you are skilled in Arma 3 server, mission editing, customization etc. A website can be hosted ore on the same server or on one of my Centos Servers (all running NGINX/MariaDB). If you have any interest to build up this server with your knowledge and maybe some input from my side with no charges what so ever please send me a message. You can send me one by email mrmartijn at gmail dot com. Or just respond here. Kind regards, MrMartijn
  24. ZART SERVERS - TANOA LIFE Click here to view our website Welcome! Server launch is coming in a few days. As you will have been made aware it is on the 12th May at 5PM UK time. At this time you will be able to join the server and play. These are early days and new content will be added as we go along. The developers here at ZART are passionate about building a community of Arma players who enjoy roleplaying. That's why your opinion matters and therefore we need your opinion on the server and its features. We are wanting to build this server around what the community wants and therefore it will be to the standard which everyone will enjoy. NEW TS IP: Server launch event details at the bottom! (You dont want to miss out!) So, what features will the server have on launch? - Customised Police Force, SWAT & NATO - Police box system: - When an item is seized by the police they have to take it to the police station for storage. This will then be transfered to the NATO base for later storage in a more secure storage. At any point, anyone can steal these items from the Police Station, in transit or the NATO base. - Customised Rebels - Insurgent (Higher Rebel Tier) - Syndikat (Elite Rebel Tier) -Black Market - Any player can buy any item basically from here. It will be very expensive compared to rebel shops etc. - Gas station robberies - Local Bank Branch Robberies - Hard Oil Run! - A whole focus on roleplay - A Focus on Planes and Boats - When transfering illegals when doing runs you will have to use a boat or a plane. This makes it a whole lot harder to complete the run but it is more rewarding. By not using helicopters as much it encourages roleplay and you will be on the ground most of the time. Server Launch Event On the first day of launch between the times of 5pm to 7pm there will be a mining event at the cement and copper mine. This will give you an oppurtunity to start off on the server quickly and safely. Police will be escorting trucks and giving out small truck boxers to help the new civillians arriving on the island. Most of all guys, have fun on the server. At the end of the day it is for roleplay but you need to have fun at the same time. Please read the rules and from there you can let your roleplay expand to anywhere. On behalf of all the staff, thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope we can provide a fun server for everyone to play on.
  25. Hello ! I did this tutorial : It work actually, but the market option is not displayed on the Y menu. (4.4r4) I have no errors in my rpt Someone know why ? Thanks for helping guys !
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