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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, How can I add more hunting zones? If I copy and past the original area, it doesn't work... in the mission file I don't find any function that calls the "hunting_zone". Is it possible? I found only a few words in: "life_server \ init.sqf" and "life_server \ initHC.sqf" init.sqf : / * Initialize hunting zone (s) * / aiSpawn = ["hunting_zone", 30] spawn TON_fnc_huntingZone; initHC.sqf : aiSpawn = ["hunting_zone", 30] spawn TON_fnc_huntingZone; I admit that I also tried to modify a bit but it did not work according to the following example: aiSpawn = [["hunting_zone","hunting_zone_1","hunting_zone_2","hunting_zone_3","hunting_zone_4"], 30] spawn TON_fnc_huntingZone; I use Altis life 5.0.0 on my Local Dedicated Server (Windows) with extDB3 and life_hc I hope this section of the server is not wrong, in case you can tell me where to make this request? If so I apologize in advance.
  2. ANIMAL TRACKING DESCRIPTION It can help finding animals when you are hunting by informing you about nearby animals (sheep, goats, roosters and hens). It provides information about the type of animals, it's generic distance and generic direction. In order to keep it realistic like real hunting tracking, it does not provide compass bearings but directions relative to where you are facing (ahead, right, left, behind) actually dividing your relative orientation circle in quadrants. The distance information also simulates the way a hunters looks for animal traces so "very recent traces" means less than 50m away, "recent" means 50-100 meters and "old" means 100-200 meters. It works only when you are on foot (not on a vehicle). In order to use that, you have to purchase the introduced Virtual Item "Hunting Kit", available at the Market. It is tested in 4.4r3 and works without any problems. I hope, I did not forget anything. The script is written by me so there are no copyright issues. You may use it in your servers or modify it to serve your needs. Just don't sell it as is, since it is a free offer to the community. I hope you have some amusing time in the Hunting Grounds. INSTALLATION STEP 1. At your mission folder, go inside core\items, create a new file and name it fn_huntingKit.sqf. Then paste in it the following code: /* File: fn_huntingKit.sqf Author: Nikos (Ravenheart) Description: Hunting Kit helps to track animals. To be used at the Hunting Area. */ private["_foundAnimal","_foundDistance","_foundDirection"]; closeDialog 0; _check_animals = ["Hen_Random_F","Cock_Random_F","Goat_Random_F","Sheep_Random_F"]; //What animals to look for. _check_distance = 200; //How should the kit look. if (vehicle player != player) exitWith {hint "You cannot examine the ground from within a vehicle!"}; _track = [typeof (nearestObjects [player, _check_animals, _check_distance] select 0), getpos player distance getpos (nearestObjects [player, _check_animals, _check_distance] select 0), player getreldir (nearestObjects [player, _check_animals, _check_distance] select 0)]; _foundAnimal = "void"; if (_track select 0 == "Hen_Random_F") then {_foundAnimal = "Hen";}; if (_track select 0 == "Cock_Random_F") then {_foundAnimal = "Rooster";}; if (_track select 0 == "Goat_Random_F") then {_foundAnimal = "Goat";}; if (_track select 0 == "Sheep_Random_F") then {_foundAnimal = "Sheep";}; if (_track select 0 == "Rabbit_F") then {_foundAnimal = "Rabbit";}; _foundDistance = "Old"; if (_track select 1 <= 100) then {_foundDistance = "Recent";}; if (_track select 1 <= 50) then {_foundDistance = "Very Recent";}; _foundDirection = "Ahead"; if (_track select 2 >= 45 && _track select 2 < 135) then {_foundDirection = "to the Right";}; if (_track select 2 >= 135 && _track select 2 < 225) then {_foundDirection = "Behind";}; if (_track select 2 >= 225 && _track select 2 < 315) then {_foundDirection = "to the Left";}; if (_foundAnimal == "void") then { hint "No traces of animals found"; } else { hint format ["There are %1 traces of a %2 leading %3.",_foundDistance,_foundAnimal,_foundDirection]; }; STEP 2. Open core\pmenu\fn_useItem.sqf, find switch (true) do { and right below that paste the following code, so you have a new "case" statement: case (_item isEqualTo "huntingKit"): { [] spawn life_fnc_huntingKit; }; STEP 3. Open Config_vItems.hpp, find class market { name = "STR_Shops_Market"; side = "civ"; license = ""; level[] = { "", "", -1, "" }; items[] = { "waterBottle", "rabbit", "apple", "redgull", "tbacon", "pickaxe", "toolkit", "fuelFull", "peach", "storagesmall", "storagebig", "rabbit_raw", "hen_raw", "rooster_raw", "sheep_raw" }; }; and add the Hunting Kit item in the items[] line so it looks similar to the following (I have added it before the pickaxe: class market { name = "STR_Shops_Market"; side = "civ"; license = ""; level[] = { "", "", -1, "" }; items[] = { "waterBottle", "rabbit", "apple", "redgull", "tbacon", "huntingKit", "pickaxe", "toolkit", "fuelFull", "peach", "storagesmall", "storagebig", "rabbit_raw", "hen_raw", "rooster_raw", "sheep_raw" }; }; STEP 4. In the same file, find: class pickaxe { variable = "pickaxe"; displayName = "STR_Item_Pickaxe"; weight = 2; buyPrice = 750; sellPrice = 350; illegal = false; edible = -1; icon = "icons\ico_pickaxe.paa"; }; ..and right after, add this: class huntingKit { variable = "huntingKit"; displayName = "STR_Item_huntingKit"; weight = 2; buyPrice = 800; sellPrice = 300; illegal = false; edible = -1; icon = "icons\ico_huntingKit.paa"; }; STEP 5. In your Mission folder, open Functions.hpp, inside the Class Items block add this as a new line: class huntingKit {}; STEP 6. In your Mission folder, open stringtable.xml, find: <Key ID="STR_Item_Pickaxe"> <Original>Pickaxe</Original> <Czech>Krumpáč</Czech> <Spanish>Pico</Spanish> <Russian></Russian> <German>Spitzhacke</German> <French>Pioche</French> <Italian>Piccone</Italian> <Portuguese>Picareta</Portuguese> <Polish>Kilof</Polish> </Key> ..and right after that add this: <Key ID="STR_Item_huntingKit"> <Original>Hunting Kit</Original> </Key> STEP 7. In your Mission folder, open Config_Master.hpp, find: saved_virtualItems[] = { "pickaxe","fuelEmpty","fuelFull","spikeStrip","lockpick","boltcutter","blastingcharge","defuseKit","storageSmall","storageBig","redgull","coffee","waterBottle","apple","peach","tbacon","donuts","rabbit","salema","ornate","mackerel","tuna","mullet","catshark","turtle_soup","hen","rooster","sheep","goat","defibrillator","toolkit" }; //Array of virtual items that can be saved on your player. ..and add the Hunting Kit so it look similar to this: saved_virtualItems[] = { "pickaxe","huntingKit","fuelEmpty","fuelFull","spikeStrip","lockpick","boltcutter","blastingcharge","defuseKit","storageSmall","storageBig","redgull","coffee","waterBottle","apple","peach","tbacon","donuts","rabbit","salema","ornate","mackerel","tuna","mullet","catshark","turtle_soup","hen","rooster","sheep","goat","defibrillator","toolkit" }; //Array of virtual items that can be saved on your player. STEP 8. Finally, in your Mission folder, open the icons folder and put the ico_huntingKit.paa file: ico_huntingKit.paa
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