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Found 7 results

  1. G'day lads, Here's another HUD I have made in my spare time Or Without Values: Inspiration: https://goo.gl/S5iorn -----=DISCLAIMER=----- I made this at a resolution of 3840x2160 (16:9) If it doesn't work at lower resolution I'm sorry. However, I don't see why it wouldn't work at lower resolutions as long as they are within the aspect ration of (16:9). ------------------------------ -=Tutorial=- description.ext: Under Class RscTitles {}; Add: #include "dialog\HUD.hpp" Find: #include "hud_stats
  2. Hey im releasing my Custom made Food and water UI for roleplay mostly there come no health bar whit it because i dont want people to see how much health they have left because that wouldt be releastic but here it is anyway :p HOPE YOU LIKE IT Picture: Download Infomation So first off its pretty Easy to download its mostly copy past for you First go into youre AltisLife\dialog\ and then open up hud_stats.hpp and replace it whit this code #define ST_CENTER 0x02 /* Author: DeVza This is a script created by DeVza for fg File: hud_stats.hpp */
  3. [4.4r4 Oly] Hey Im releasing my Y-Menu for you guys here is what you need to do [EASY Download] Okay so what you need to do is go into youre MissionFolder\Dialogs and then replace it whit the player_inv.sqf folder thats provided in the download link and after that please go in to youre MissionFile\Images Folder and drop the fanzerstuff folder in there wich is also in the download link hope you enjoy it PLEASEREAD: I will also soon be releasing a Recoded version of TFR im working on whit new 3d Model that match the design of the phone i made for it and will be recoding the audio s
  4. Hey im releasing a nice simpel clean looking hud that i made for my files because realy like it just to be simpel and clean not much to it here you go Picture Go to youre Dialog Folder and replace the file called hud_stats.hpp whit the one you can download right under this text hud_stats.hpp
  5. Where would i find the scripts for the Hud that has the civ medic and cop count?
  6. Author: David (Yes its custom, omg no way m8) Just something I have been slaving away on for the past 3 hours TUTORIAL -------------------------------Removing The Default HUD-------------------- Step 0.1: Go into your description.ext and comment out: #include "dialog\hud_stats.hpp" to make it: //#include "dialog\hud_stats.hpp" or /*#include "dialog\hud_stats.hpp"*/ step 0.3453: go into "core\functions\fn_hudSetup.sqf" and comment out #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" /* File: fn_hudS
  7. Yoyoyo, here I have a HUD for you which I have only recently made but will not continue to use. Before this goes away, I'd rather upload it for others. Legal information (copyright): This script+tutorial was provided by "HerrBackfisch". The copyright in the script may not be removed. Uploading the textures is also forbidden without permission. I forbid the distribution of this data and the tutorial I have written in other forums without my prior consent. Tutorial: 1. you download the attached file. 2. drag the file in the dialog folder into yourmission.altis/dialog and replace
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