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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there, I'm looking for 1 - 2 devs to join our team of devs. We currently have three very experienced developers, but they are not always available and I would like to get a server up by June. I would like to create an Altis Life server that can compete on the level of Asylum and Olympus. There will be no modding, just base Altis Life. We are very dedicated and I'm paying fairly well. Prices can always be negotiated, but for now I'm paying per feature that is created. I want to keep this post short so message me on discord if you have any questions or if you are interested. Albo#6289 or http://discord.gg/BGar8wa
  2. Hello! We're a pretty new Altis Life server hoping to grow and expand our community. Obviously you first need players, and for that an appealing and active server. We have a basic outline of what we want the server to look like. I've been doing all the developing work thus far but we're reaching a point where if we want to go any further, we need an experienced developer on our staff as I am definitely not one. This is most certainly a bit of a reach but if any developers are interested in joining a community with active staff members who are eager to get the ball rolling we'd love to have you. Obviously it would be unreasonable to request this for free so we're offering 30% of any donations we receive. If we begin to grow then we can talk about increasing that amount, but for now we need as much funding as possible. Again, likely a bit of a reach but if you're interested join us at: discord.io/F Thanks!
  3. Hello there, Thank you for taking the time to read by this post as you may well know that I require some staff for my newly created Altis Life Server V4.4r4. Particular staff I am looking for are experienced Developers and people who can manage an important role within server management. This is because I am incredibly inexperienced within the development of a server and scripting. The Server that I host is called VanquishRP - yes the name can be changed via vote of staff if you so wish to join The server is a small 40 slot server and is hosted via Host Havoc. Please if you have any questions or wish to inquire, contact me via this forum where we can discuss matters live. Thank you - CalebA
  4. Hi my friend and I are looking to hire some developers to setup and run an Malden life server. Please contact me if your interested @ skype: nbw.bretzky or discord https://discord.gg/Nz9ErtM
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