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  1. Difficulty: Easy Source: Link All files are able to download in this post. Move - Create a new file in core\cop and name it: "fn_copShowLicense.sqf" /* Show cop license to target player */ private["_target","_message"]; _target = cursorTarget; if(playerSide != west) exitWith { hint "You are not police !"; }; if( isNull _target) then {_target = player;}; if( !(_target isKindOf "Man") ) then {_target = player;}; if( !(alive _target) ) exitWith { hint "He is sleeping"; }; _message = format["<img size='10' color='#FFFFFF' image='icons\cop.paa'/><br/><br/><t size='2.5'>%1</t><br/><t size='1'>Police of Altis</t>", name player]; [player, _message] remoteExecCall ["life_fnc_copLicenseShown",_target]; Move - Create a new file in core\cop and name it: "fn_copLicenseShown.sqf" /* File : fn_copShowLicense.sqf Create : Black Lagoon Edit : Deathblade */ private["_msg"]; _msg = _this select 1; hintSilent parseText _msg; In core open fn_setupActions.sqf and add this into case west: life_actions = life_actions + [player addAction["<t color='#1F80C9'>Show your badge</t>",life_fnc_copShowLicense,"",1,false,true,"",' playerSide == west && !isNull cursorTarget && cursorTarget isKindOf "Man" ']]; In root open functions.hpp and add this into class cop: class copLicenseShown {}; class copShowLicense {}; Search CfgRemoteExec.hpp and add this to Client only functions: F(life_fnc_copLicenseShown,CLIENT) F(life_fnc_copShowLicense,CLIENT) Finally add cop.paa to your icons folder. cop.paa fn_copLicenseShown.sqf fn_copShowLicense.sqf
  2. Alongside ArmaHosts.com we are currently developing a new roleplay server filled with fun features and constant roleplay action. We have perfectly adjusted rules to avoid them restricting roleplay and a staff team with thousands of hours in Arma roleplay. Server IP: ugs-eu-germany-3.armahosts.com Port: 2332 Discord: Join for updates and bug/playtests. Steam Group | Twitter Page | ArmaHosts NOTE: Server is currently in heavy development! Current Features: 250k Starting Money (50k at launch) Server Based on Malden Military Police Combat Medics MPD Checkpoints Custom Structures (bridges etc.) Custom Jail Robbable Gas Stations Custom Player Owned Businesses (contact staff for details) Constant Server Events Custom Resources and Drugs Custom Items and Equipment Auction House Combined Gang Funds Black Market Island Planned Features: (more soon) Shipwrecks Slot Machines Police Database Bounty Hunting Placeable Objects Random Airdrops Custom XP System Custom UI / Status Bar Capturable Gang Areas Custom Textures (all sides) Looking For: MPD General / Medic General Experienced Police and Combat Medics A Lot of Active Bug/Playtesters (help will be rewarded at launch!) Malden Life RP Discord
  3. ScottishGAMERZ Altis Life Server Details Server Ip: Teamspeak ip: scottishgamerz.teamspeak3.org Website: www.scottishgamerz.uk Features Altis Map Skills & XP - Maverick Custom Threat Script - Select the threat level to high or low depending on severity Panic Button for Police - Alerts cop you need assistance Zipties & Blind Foldes Suicide Vest - available in rebel stores Seat Belts for vehicles Ear Plugs Custom Skins Passport Feature Hand Signals Placeables for Police and Medics Robbable Gas stations Tazer realistic take down Tear Gas that blinds until clear of gas Police Radar - Speed detector We played a lot of Altis Life servers so we know exactly what it is like to play a server let alone run one, we aim for every player to earn loads of money and move up the career ladder in staff or police. Nothing is too expensive or too cheap, at the moment we have about 10 players after being live for 3 days this is pretty good but our future aim is to become a large friendly community, the server is being updated nearly every day to give everyone the best features and any suggestions are more than likely added.
  4. About The Community Paranoid Gaming is a small Community That is now developing Their Own Server, At the minute we are developing a Arma 3 Altis Life Server. On the server we have many new things like Meth, Wood Cutting, A Complete New Bank and Many more still coming. The server will be updated by its developing team daily for new and better content for all people to enjoy. We have 5 public cop Slots of if you would like to come on and try out being a cop before applying for it you can. We have a fully working Teamspeak, Website and Forums. The staff team are friendly, they will always be happy to take time out of what they are doing to help you. In-game there is many new and unique features we will be adding many more and better mini games like Paintball, Gun Game and Go-Karting. The Staff team are very active and they will never be rude to a Member of the community, The higher ranking staff might even do some events for people to do like Care Packages for Donator Or licenses. Services The teamspeak is not just for Arma 3, you can get your own rooms and there are many people playing different games. The Senior Management Team of the Communities are thinking about developing the community to different games like Rust, Ark, Minecraft and RoK, this means there will be plenty of people from around the world to play with on different games. The Teamspeak has around 200 Slots and the Arma 3 server has 30 Slots at this moment of time but if we cap out at 30 for 3 days in a row we will gladly upgrade the Hardware and the slots to about 70-75. The teamspeak will never go down unless something truly bad happens and the Developers can not fix it, The Arma 3 server will go down for 2 minutes That's mostly because the developers are adding new updates to make the FPS/ content better for you and the other members of the community, Staff Teams: We are looking for staff in-game We have infistar on the server, All 3 Website, Arma 3 and the Teamspeak all have anti DDoS protection. No ones personal information will ever be said or shown we have even made this personal information a High priority by only letting the Owner, Co-Owner and the Community Manager to be able to see it. Meet The Staff Owner: Connor Co-Owner: Jake Community Manager: Alfie Head Admins: Dec, Oskar, JackH Senior Admins: Chris, Jack Links Website: http://paranoidgamingarma3.enjin.com/ Arma 3 IP: Teamspeak IP: Written By Community Manager Alfie
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