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Found 5 results

  1. SmoKer

    Need help with Dev

    Hello I Want to learn the gui dev I Mean i want to make a paa images for the menus, like interaction menu i wanna make a new one with paa image weapon shop , clothing shop ...etc Is there someone can learn me? I Searched for videos but its all without image
  2. Developer For Hire | SQF - SQL | Terrain Development Hello, Iv been in the ArmA 3 scene for an extremely long time and iv learned a ton, recently i have almost 0 projects to work on. I was hoping to start filling up my time with some fun stuff to do. If anyone out there needs help with scripting 1 on 1 or any community wants to bring me on to help do some development ADD me and let me know! Here is some stuff i know and some communities iv been apart of for the past 4 and half years. Development Skills - SQF - SQS - C# - C - C++ - LUA - Map Developement - Unreal Engine 4 Map Developer - Custom Dedicated/Server Setup's Former Communities - Oasis Gaming [ Project Lead - Developer ] - Falcon Gaming [ Admin ] - Dead Zone Gaming [ Founder - Lead Dev ] - DB Exile Mod [ Admin - Lead Dev ] - Contract Coders [ Senior Staff - Dev ] - EXP Gaming Community [ Founder - Lead Dev ] - TGN Gaming Community [ Founder - Lead Dev ] - PsiSyn Network [ Developer - Scripting ] - Innovation Network [ Lead Developer ] - HardCore RP [ Head - Developer - Programming - Mod Development ] - Virtue Exile Community [ Lead Developer - Programming - Mod Development - Web Development ] GitHub My GitHub Profile ( All of my recent code is private ) Discord / Steam Wanna add me on discord instead? Here you go! 6IX [DEV] #7771 Wanna add me on steam? Here you go! http://steamcommunity.com/id/Metalman10/ Hope to hear back soon!
  3. Hey, my community needs a developer for a lakeside server mostly just implementing pre-made scripts and stuff and some GUI things if you know how. Also if you know how to make GUI like pictured here: Would be amazing. I wouldn't be able to pay you so it would be kinda volunteer work but I hope someone can still help as I'm currently the only one working on the scripts side of my server! Thank You, TeamSpeak IP:
  4. Yarpii™

    Hello Everyone :)

    Hi guys, I'm yarpii developer of fear gaming and wanted to say hi to everyone out here. and wanted to say this community is way better then exile....
  5. Looking for a developer that is wanting to be apart of an Altis Life community. Like the title states...we are a new community, Looking for a developer(s) that can do particularly easy tasks such as; - Creating custom shops - Mission / Map editing - Custom bases, spawn points, etc - Custom player and vehicle skins - and so on... If you are interested in being part of our community comment on the thread and include your steam information.