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Found 6 results

  1. Developer For Hire | SQF - SQL | Terrain Development Hello, Iv been in the ArmA 3 scene for an extremely long time and iv learned a ton, recently i have almost 0 projects to work on. I was hoping to start filling up my time with some fun stuff to do. If anyone out there needs help with scripting 1 on 1 or any community wants to bring me on to help do some development ADD me and let me know! Here is some stuff i know and some communities iv been apart of for the past 4 and half years. Development Skills - SQF - SQS - C# - C - C++ - LUA - Map Developement - Unreal Engine 4 Map Developer - Custom Dedicated/Server Setup's Former Communities - Oasis Gaming [ Project Lead - Developer ] - Falcon Gaming [ Admin ] - Dead Zone Gaming [ Founder - Lead Dev ] - DB Exile Mod [ Admin - Lead Dev ] - Contract Coders [ Senior Staff - Dev ] - EXP Gaming Community [ Founder - Lead Dev ] - TGN Gaming Community [ Founder - Lead Dev ] - PsiSyn Network [ Developer - Scripting ] - Innovation Network [ Lead Developer ] - HardCore RP [ Head - Developer - Programming - Mod Development ] - Virtue Exile Community [ Lead Developer - Programming - Mod Development - Web Development ] GitHub My GitHub Profile ( All of my recent code is private ) Discord / Steam Wanna add me on discord instead? Here you go! 6IX [DEV] #7771 Wanna add me on steam? Here you go! http://steamcommunity.com/id/Metalman10/ Hope to hear back soon!
  2. Hello! We're a pretty new Altis Life server hoping to grow and expand our community. Obviously you first need players, and for that an appealing and active server. We have a basic outline of what we want the server to look like. I've been doing all the developing work thus far but we're reaching a point where if we want to go any further, we need an experienced developer on our staff as I am definitely not one. This is most certainly a bit of a reach but if any developers are interested in joining a community with active staff members who are eager to get the ball rolling we'd love to have you. Obviously it would be unreasonable to request this for free so we're offering 30% of any donations we receive. If we begin to grow then we can talk about increasing that amount, but for now we need as much funding as possible. Again, likely a bit of a reach but if you're interested join us at: discord.io/F Thanks!
  3. Hello I Want to learn the gui dev I Mean i want to make a paa images for the menus, like interaction menu i wanna make a new one with paa image weapon shop , clothing shop ...etc Is there someone can learn me? I Searched for videos but its all without image
  4. Hey, my community needs a developer for a lakeside server mostly just implementing pre-made scripts and stuff and some GUI things if you know how. Also if you know how to make GUI like pictured here: Would be amazing. I wouldn't be able to pay you so it would be kinda volunteer work but I hope someone can still help as I'm currently the only one working on the scripts side of my server! Thank You, TeamSpeak IP:
  5. Hi guys, I'm yarpii developer of fear gaming and wanted to say hi to everyone out here. and wanted to say this community is way better then exile....
  6. Looking for a developer that is wanting to be apart of an Altis Life community. Like the title states...we are a new community, Looking for a developer(s) that can do particularly easy tasks such as; - Creating custom shops - Mission / Map editing - Custom bases, spawn points, etc - Custom player and vehicle skins - and so on... If you are interested in being part of our community comment on the thread and include your steam information.
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