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Found 3 results

  1. Hello guys i recently started up an altis life server and could use a little help on the devolpment side, i am just a beginner, so i am still learning.I am willing to pay you for your help, but understand I must need proof of your skills. Perferred Development Skills - SQF - SQS - Map Developement - Custom Dedicated/Server Setup's What i wish to add to my server - Custom map- Quest line- Quest level system and perks.- Custom drugs/useable drugs - More veihcles and weapons in shop also Price adjustment.- setting up pvp/kos Island -Much more Contact me! Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Cuckboii/Discord: .......#0050
  2. Hi there, I'm looking for 1 - 2 devs to join our team of devs. We currently have three very experienced developers, but they are not always available and I would like to get a server up by June. I would like to create an Altis Life server that can compete on the level of Asylum and Olympus. There will be no modding, just base Altis Life. We are very dedicated and I'm paying fairly well. Prices can always be negotiated, but for now I'm paying per feature that is created. I want to keep this post short so message me on discord if you have any questions or if you are interested. Albo#6289 or http://discord.gg/BGar8wa
  3. Im looking for a Community Manager, Project Lead, and Head Admin! I would like one of you help pay like half of the server or somthing. Ill talk to you about this more once you join the teamspeak! *Head Administrator* The Head Administrator is the successor rank of Senior Admin. This rank is issued by specific members of the Senior Management Team (Owner +). Head Admins are high supervisors in the staff team tasked with assisting Senior Admins oversee the smooth process of daily tasks. They however are now also tasked with writing a bi-monthly review on each and every Senior Admin. Head Admins are the top supervisor in the SLT and are to make sure that any requests for the Senior Management Team are first whitelisted through them. In other words if someone requests SMT the Senior Admin or Head Admin are supposed to respond to that request and offer assistance as well as ask what their question, comment or concern ties in with. Is this question, comment or concern solvable by someone at highest from the Senior Leadership Team instead of having a member of Senior Management to arrive. *Tech Lead* The Tech Lead is no successor rank of any other rank in the staff team. This rank is appointed by the Community Owner or higher. Tech Lead is tasked with taking advice, suggestions and requests from members of the community about the gaming and teamspeak servers. The Tech Lead tasks himself with improving the overall quality of the servers whether that is finding new scripts that improve role-play and entertain players or remove unnecessary entities from the server that may cause discomfort or a poor gaming environment. *Community Manager* The Community Manager is no successor rank of any other rank in the staff team. This rank is appointed by the Community Owner or Higher. The Manager is tasked with reviewing the overall performance and quality that the server has to offer. The Manager will make certain that everything that needs to work is operational and without any problems. They will work closely with the Project Lead to ensure that all things mentioned above for both ranks are operational and necessary. The Community Manager reports any issues posed by the servers as well as the community and its members. The Manager will review these issues and give advice and a suggestion to the Owner on how to resolve the issue at hand. Our Server Folder: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6JWKLeih4SLRkhGYWFyY3FSY1U Teamspeak IP: toxxicroleplay.on.vg I currently dont have a server yet due to not having a small starting player base. I would like to get a small staff team before I start up the server.
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