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  1. By: CubeX Designs *FOR VERSION 5.0* Difficulty: Medium 1. Preview 2. Installation 3. FAQ 1| Preview: 2| Installation: 1: Go to your description.ext and find this line: #include "config\Config_Master.hpp" Below that line add this code: #include "CBX\CBXDialogHandler.hpp" 2: Go to your CfgRemoteExec.hpp and find this line: jip = 0; Below that line add this code: #include "CBX\CBXCfgRemoteExec.hpp" 3: Copy all of the files from core\pmenu in our zip file and replace them with the ones in yourmiss
  2. Introduction We founded on January 27th 2020, we are a roleplay community with serious devs, a well constructed base of staff and admins, and a very strict well put together rule set. Our aim is too get a consistent player base and to prosper as a server as the work we have put into it so far is quite mesmerizing for a vanilla Altis life server Main Features LSD Fields Uranium Ability to rob gas stations Ability to rob our bank Custom market prices Custom vehicle skins Enhanced police station Oil rig Custom rebel stores
  3. MKStudioslife.com | AU Life [AU] This server was originally released using the Altis Map. It has been rebranded and the Altis experience has been ported to the Australia map. The Altis map is approx 270klm2 - The Australia map is approx 1200klm2 The server is in Open BETA to iron out bugs and to gain players feedback. Discord (Community hub) - https://discord.gg/HnXGG6v Teamspeak (Support desk / Police and Medic channels) - Webpage https://mkstudioslife.com/ Steam Community - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/MkStudios_AULife
  4. ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Difficulty: Hard Published By: Snipes Murphy Version: 4.x Credit: DiabolicaTrix ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ All files are available here: https://github.com/DiabolicaTrix/Life-Banking-System/releases Navigate to the core folder, and drag the banking folder directly into it (these are single files, no file
  5. Embassy Pack Hello everyone here in Altis Life RPG. I am here today to give to you all a gift! I am a Rep for GGreenaming Nation, we just recently started full production of new textures for all facets of Arma 3. With our Arrival we would like to give to the Altis Life RPG Community and its guests the free "Embassy Pack" texture pack. This free texture pack does not come with the PSD file needed in order to professionally edit. If you want the PSD then message me on Discord and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to reply to this thread. Thank you all and have a
  6. Hello, Tropic Roleplay is a server in early stages, currently standing at around 80 members our primary goal is to give the player an enjoyable roleplay experience. We operate under the map 'New Shoreham' and we offer a free, a lot more custom version of ArmA 3 Project Life. We have a variety of custom features that are described below: We have a custom, modified framework. We have a custom map, built and designed for our community only. All the vehicles we use, we have permission from its original owner. Custom Anti-Yeet (Anti-Hack) built only for our platform.
  7. YES! Our map is actually New York State and is not click bait as you can see in the photos! We feature a fully custom made New York State Map (still in the works). We currently have 4 Major Cities and roughly 4 towns.. The map is roughly 20km x 20km so plenty of room to fly and explore but still see other players regularly. Our map is still growing and we are looking to build a great community. I am the owner of ICE Gaming Adirondack Life. It is called Adirondack to stand out from the click-bait "New York" servers. The Adirondacks a large national park on the northern side of New York St
  8. Title: [UK][TLG] Three Lions Gaming | 30+ Unique features Server IP: Slots: 100 Website: http://www.three-lions-gaming.co.uk/ Factions: Altis Armed Forces Altis Police Department Altis Rebel Alliance Civilian Emergency Medical Services Careers: Bounty Hunter Hitman Journalist Mayor Military Police (AAF) Port Authority Service Worker Rebel Militia (ARA) S.A.F. (AAF) Task Force Operative (APD) Terrorist (ARA) UAV Operator (AAF) Most Unique Features: ATM & Bank Systems: The SUATMM Bank based in Kavala can be robbed by regular civilia
  9. Difficulty: Medium Credit To: Snipes Murphy Screenshot: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/93853995681305698/2BA8798D6748A599ECC098F6BFE68C7FF53CCFD6/ Versions Tested: Comment for Verification and adding to post 4.4r3 - Snipes Murphy dialog/truck.hpp: that done we go to our functions.hpp / functions.h in the root directory nad add unter class vehicle the following: class vehTakeAllItem {}; class vehStoreAllItem {}; next of we go in the directory core/vehicle and create 2 new sqf files the first one: fn_vehStoreAllItem.sqf:
  10. Our Teamspeak Server: ts3rgc.com We currently have an Amazing Staff Team, Dedicated to keeping the server sociable and they will help you with any issues you may find. Our server has many custom scripts and we have many custom buildings and locations. if you would be Interested please downloads our mods with ArmaA3Sync The Repo for this is: Feel free to join the Teamspeak: ts3rgc.com Our Server Details are: The server resets are at: 4AM GMT 8AM GMT 12PM GMT 4PM GMT 8PM GMT
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