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  1. CubeX

    Custom NEW Phone Menu

    By: CubeX Designs *FOR VERSION 5.0* Difficulty: Medium 1. Preview 2. Installation 3. FAQ 1| Preview: 2| Installation: 1: Go to your description.ext and find this line: #include "config\Config_Master.hpp" Below that line add this code: #include "CBX\CBXDialogHandler.hpp" 2: Go to your CfgRemoteExec.hpp and find this line: jip = 0; Below that line add this code: #include "CBX\CBXCfgRemoteExec.hpp" 3: Copy all of the files from core\pmenu in our zip file and replace them with the ones in yourmission\core\pmenu. 4: Copy the folder CBX to your mission root folder. 5: Copy the folder @CBX to your arma 3 server root folder. 6. Go to your life_server.pbo and edit the file functions.sqf. Between the function :"TON_fnc_cell_emsrequest" to the function "TON_fnc_cell_adminmsgall" replace the content with this : TON_fnc_cell_emsrequest = compileFinal " private [""_msg"",""_to""]; ctrlShow[2404,false]; _msg = ctrlText 2400; _length = count (toArray(_msg)); if (_length > 400) exitWith {hint localize ""STR_CELLMSG_LIMITEXCEEDED"";ctrlShow[2404,true];}; _to = ""EMS Units""; if (_msg isEqualTo """") exitWith {hint localize ""STR_CELLMSG_EnterMSG"";ctrlShow[2404,true];}; [_msg,name player,5,mapGridPosition player,player] remoteExecCall [""TON_fnc_clientMessage"",independent]; [] call life_fnc_cellphone; hint format [localize ""STR_CELLMSG_ToEMS"",_to,_msg]; ctrlShow[2404,true]; "; //To One Person TON_fnc_cell_textmsg = compileFinal " private [""_msg"",""_to""]; ctrlShow[2401,false]; _msg = ctrlText 2400; _length = count (toArray(_msg)); if (_length > 400) exitWith {hint localize ""STR_CELLMSG_LIMITEXCEEDED"";ctrlShow[2401,true];}; if (lbCurSel 2100 isEqualTo -1) exitWith {hint localize ""STR_CELLMSG_SelectPerson""; ctrlShow[2401,true];}; _to = call compile format [""%1"",(lbData[2100,(lbCurSel 2100)])]; if (isNull _to) exitWith {ctrlShow[2401,true];}; if (isNil ""_to"") exitWith {ctrlShow[2401,true];}; if (_msg isEqualTo """") exitWith {hint localize ""STR_CELLMSG_EnterMSG"";ctrlShow[2401,true];}; [_msg,name player,0] remoteExecCall [""TON_fnc_clientMessage"",_to]; [] call life_fnc_cellphone; hint format [localize ""STR_CELLMSG_ToPerson"",name _to,_msg]; ctrlShow[2401,true]; "; //To All Cops TON_fnc_cell_textcop = compileFinal " private [""_msg"",""_to""]; ctrlShow[2402,false]; _msg = ctrlText 2400; _to = ""The Police""; if (_msg isEqualTo """") exitWith {hint localize ""STR_CELLMSG_EnterMSG"";ctrlShow[2402,true];}; _length = count (toArray(_msg)); if (_length > 400) exitWith {hint localize ""STR_CELLMSG_LIMITEXCEEDED"";ctrlShow[2402,true];}; [_msg,name player,1,mapGridPosition player,player] remoteExecCall [""TON_fnc_clientMessage"",-2]; [] call life_fnc_cellphone; hint format [localize ""STR_CELLMSG_ToPerson"",_to,_msg]; ctrlShow[2402,true]; "; //To All Admins TON_fnc_cell_textadmin = compileFinal " private [""_msg"",""_to"",""_from""]; ctrlShow[2403,false]; _msg = ctrlText 2400; _to = ""The Admins""; if (_msg isEqualTo """") exitWith {hint localize ""STR_CELLMSG_EnterMSG"";ctrlShow[2403,true];}; _length = count (toArray(_msg)); if (_length > 400) exitWith {hint localize ""STR_CELLMSG_LIMITEXCEEDED"";ctrlShow[2403,true];}; [_msg,name player,2,mapGridPosition player,player] remoteExecCall [""TON_fnc_clientMessage"",-2]; [] call life_fnc_cellphone; hint format [localize ""STR_CELLMSG_ToPerson"",_to,_msg]; ctrlShow[2403,true]; "; //Admin To One Person TON_fnc_cell_adminmsg = compileFinal " if (isServer) exitWith {}; if ((call life_adminlevel) < 1) exitWith {hint localize ""STR_CELLMSG_NoAdmin"";}; private [""_msg"",""_to""]; ctrlShow[2407,false]; _msg = ctrlText 2400; _to = call compile format [""%1"",(lbData[2100,(lbCurSel 2100)])]; if (isNull _to) exitWith {ctrlShow[2407,true];}; if (isNil ""_to"") exitWith {ctrlShow[2407,true];}; if (_msg isEqualTo """") exitWith {hint localize ""STR_CELLMSG_EnterMSG"";ctrlShow[2407,true];}; [_msg,name player,3] remoteExecCall [""TON_fnc_clientMessage"",_to]; [] call life_fnc_cellphone; hint format [localize ""STR_CELLMSG_AdminToPerson"",name _to,_msg]; ctrlShow[2407,true]; "; TON_fnc_cell_adminmsgall = compileFinal " if (isServer) exitWith {}; if ((call life_adminlevel) < 1) exitWith {hint localize ""STR_CELLMSG_NoAdmin"";}; private [""_msg"",""_from""]; ctrlShow[2406,false]; _msg = ctrlText 2400; if (_msg isEqualTo """") exitWith {hint localize ""STR_CELLMSG_EnterMSG"";ctrlShow[2406,true];}; [_msg,name player,4] remoteExecCall [""TON_fnc_clientMessage"",-2]; [] call life_fnc_cellphone; hint format [localize ""STR_CELLMSG_AdminToAll"",_msg]; ctrlShow[2406,true]; "; 7: Go to core\functions\fn_keyHandler.sqf and find this line: case 21: { Below that you will see this line: [] call life_fnc_p_openMenu; Replace this line with this line: [] spawn CBX_fnc_openPhone; 8: To make it work you have to set it as a mod in your server startup parameters. Like that : “[email protected];@life_server;heli;jets;kart;mark;@CBX” FINAL: DOWNLOAD ZIP (CLICK) PHONE WALLPAPER PSD FILE ICONS PSD FILE (CLICK) Credit: Coded By Beast, Designed By CubeX For AltisLifeRPG 3| FAQ: Q: Who made this amazing thing? xD. A: CubeX Designs. Q: Is It Free?. A: Like Dhaa?!. Q: Can I change stuff and edit the PSD file?. A: Yes! you can change everything you want In the PSD file. Q: Why the wallpaper psd file size is so big?. A: because the Images size I used is 4K and the size I created the wallpaper is 2048x2048 sorry xD. Q: Will you add more screens (menus) to the phone? (like admin menu and wanted). A: Maybe but we do not guarantee anything. Please Let Us Know If You Have Any Problems With The Phone, We Will Update It For Fixes. Icons made by: Gregor Cresnar Freepik Plainicon Yannick Egor Rumyantsev from www.flaticon.com p.s- please do not share this post in other forums without my permission. thanks
  2. Introduction We founded on January 27th 2020, we are a roleplay community with serious devs, a well constructed base of staff and admins, and a very strict well put together rule set. Our aim is too get a consistent player base and to prosper as a server as the work we have put into it so far is quite mesmerizing for a vanilla Altis life server Main Features LSD Fields Uranium Ability to rob gas stations Ability to rob our bank Custom market prices Custom vehicle skins Enhanced police station Oil rig Custom rebel stores Custom Phone Tobacco Very in depth rebel and many more Server Information IP to server: Port: 2302 Discord: https://discord.gg/zXqAhR4 PM me: L. Wilson#6506
  3. Anybody around here that know how to get custom texture on flags? I have tried using: this SetFlagTexture "images\norhaven_flag.jpg" but my server can't find that file when logging on. The file is placed in altis.life.altis\images\norhaven_flag.jpg I know about the file sizes, but is there anything wrong with my init command? Can I use any flag, or does it have to be an empty flagpole?
  4. MKStudioslife.com | AU Life [AU] This server was originally released using the Altis Map. It has been rebranded and the Altis experience has been ported to the Australia map. The Altis map is approx 270klm2 - The Australia map is approx 1200klm2 The server is in Open BETA to iron out bugs and to gain players feedback. Discord (Community hub) - https://discord.gg/HnXGG6v Teamspeak (Support desk / Police and Medic channels) - Webpage https://mkstudioslife.com/ Steam Community - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/MkStudios_AULife Mods used D3 Cars pack - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1641826228 CBA_A3 - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=450814997 Australia 5.0.9 - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1182728989 JSRS Sound Mod - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=861133494 CUP Weapons - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=497660133 Iphone X - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1993899710 Complementary Police Weapons - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=951195196 KL1X Police Uniforms - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2047269249 Growing system - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2067555509 TFR (Task Force Radio) - http://radio.task-force.ru/en/ Designed and implemented by a team that have Bachelor Degrees in - Game development / Design and Programming. by MK Studios Australia MK Studios Tutorials Refuelling Tow Ropes Heroin Gathering Growing Illegal crops In game Features 1. Custom HUD - includes Player count / Bank and cash balances. 2. All main Cities centralised and Cleaned up. 3. Fortnightly events. 4. Police Divisions - General Duties / Police air / S.R.U. (Special Response Unit) 5. Medic Divisions - General medic / Combat medic 6. Custom runs and processing including - Plutonium (The mining area has radiation damage in which you need special gear to avoid) 7. Custom GPS system for Air Vehicles. 8. Detailed Crafting system. 9. Weapon drops. (These included exclusive weapons, scopes and backpacks) 10. Dynamic market system - Randomly adjusts the prices of various items. 11. 3 x Gang capture points - Where, if players can hold the area they earn Various amounts of cash per 10 mins. 12. Custom anti dupe trunk feature - randomly chooses an opening time between 1 - 3 seconds. 13. Anti VDM system - players that are hit are not killed - player that is driving is announced through global chat 14. Store all / Take all / Sell all buttons 15. Robbing select 7/11 and City Banks around various cities. 16. Civilians can show a Physical ID card to Police and Medics. 17. Customised pay check system according to rank of Police / Medic 18. Customised Medic and Police Vehicle skins. 19. Shipwrecks containing millions of dollars worth of random illegal items. 20. Custom Taxi Service. 21. Peer to Peer trading (Trade all Physical and Virtual items - Including Vehicles and Houses) 22. Voice Guided GPS system (Ground Vehicles) - Uses it with the Taxi Driver service automatically 23. Taxi Driver and Tow truck Driver Jobs 24. Proficiency / XP system 25. Setup and run private Companies 26. CPR kits for Civilians and Police to revive each other. 27. Growing system - Grow your own Weed and Cocaine 28. Police Dispatch system - in any police vehicle 29. Ability to use drugs - Weed, Cocaine, Heroin and Meth with FX and audio 30. Player Killed Notification system - Name of player / Distance away / Weapon and image and many more.... Features working on 1. A second bank 2. New Police division - Detectives 3, Donor perks (access to exclusive weapons / clothing etc) 4. Gang system - (skins / spawn areas - locations) 5. Monthly releases of new Vehicles and Weapons Looking to create a single mod pack for ease of use. and more. In game images Market System GPS - AIR vehicles System Sydney AU Super Max Prison Capture Point 1 Crafting System Custom Vehicles - Police (made for the server) Custom Police Uniforms (made for the server) Custom Police Hummingbird skin (made for the server) Police Dispatch system Taxi Service Ship Wreck (Illegal items loot) Peer to Peer Trading Voice Guided GPS system - Ground Vehicles Iphone X (Y Menu) with custom phone numbers and animations XP System Private Company System Growing system Player Killed Notification system Usable Drugs with FX and audio Weed Heroin Cocaine Meth Custom ingame Declaration system Map Marker Finder System Australian Map Contact [email protected]
  5. ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Difficulty: Hard Published By: Snipes Murphy Version: 4.x Credit: DiabolicaTrix ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ All files are available here: https://github.com/DiabolicaTrix/Life-Banking-System/releases Navigate to the core folder, and drag the banking folder directly into it (these are single files, no files should be replaced) In the session folder, open the file fn_requestReceived.sqf and copy the contents of the file. Then go to your file of the same name, and copy the code just after initializing the CASH, BANK, etc. variables. Open the file fn_updatePartial.sqf, and copy the contents. Paste the code just after the "box 7: ..." In the shop folder, open fn_atmMenu.sqf, and copy the one line. Then replace the contents of your file with the same name by this single line. At the core root, open the configuration.sqf file, and in your file of the same name, copy the rows right after the life_marker In the init.sqf, copy the contents of the file, and in your file, paste the code between the initialization of the "sides" (initCiv, initCop, etc.) and the initialization of the "restrained" In the dialog folder, drag the banking folder directly. In the function, paste the files directly, and replace existing files. Copy the atm.hpp file directly to the dialog folder. Open the MasterHandler.hpp file and copy the contents. Add it to the very end of the file. Drag the sounds folder directly Drag the textures folder directly Drag the Config_Banking.hpp file directly Copy the single line of the Config_Master.hpp file and add it to the end of the Config_Master.hpp file. Copy the contents of description.ext, and add it to the end of CfgSounds In Functions.hpp, add the contents of the file after Vehicle. In the stringtable.xml, add the content to the end of the file, just before the closing tag of Project (</ Project>) In your life_server, navigate to the Mysql folder, and open the file fn_queryRequest.sqf, add "banking_pin" after each query, just after playtime. An example is provided in the file in question. Then, in the same file, copy the rest of the file and paste it before the switch. Copy the contents of fn_updatePartial.sqf, and add the right after box 7. In your database, add a new field in the player table, the field must be an int, with a length of 4, and be non-null (same features as the cash field).
  6. Embassy Pack Hello everyone here in Altis Life RPG. I am here today to give to you all a gift! I am a Rep for GGreenaming Nation, we just recently started full production of new textures for all facets of Arma 3. With our Arrival we would like to give to the Altis Life RPG Community and its guests the free "Embassy Pack" texture pack. This free texture pack does not come with the PSD file needed in order to professionally edit. If you want the PSD then message me on Discord and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to reply to this thread. Thank you all and have a great Arma experience. Textures Included in the Embassy Pack: "Vulture" texture for the Hummingbird Helicopter. "Rustbucket" texture for the Off Road Truck. "Specter" texture for the Off Road Truck. Embassy Pack Also Contains: Multi-resolutioned JPG files of each texture: 2048x2048px | JPG qualities: 30, 60, and 100. .PAA versions of each texture. Screenshots of each texture. License \ Ad \ Help File. Screenshots of Vehicle Textures (click to enlarge) Download: PACK_FREE_2_TC.zip
  7. Hello, Tropic Roleplay is a server in early stages, currently standing at around 80 members our primary goal is to give the player an enjoyable roleplay experience. We operate under the map 'New Shoreham' and we offer a free, a lot more custom version of ArmA 3 Project Life. We have a variety of custom features that are described below: We have a custom, modified framework. We have a custom map, built and designed for our community only. All the vehicles we use, we have permission from its original owner. Custom Anti-Yeet (Anti-Hack) built only for our platform. Traffic Light system. Custom fire script that has been tested and doesn't use as many resources as the original script. Custom XP System that functions with dialogs. Ziptie script. Custom vehicles. There are countless reasons why you should consider joining us over another alternative. Not only do we have experienced developers working on optimising and creating custom features for our framework daily, but we also have a dedicated staff team that works effortlessly to manage the server and ensure that every user playing on our server has a great, enjoyable experience and will want to come back the next day! From all of us at Tropic Roleplay, we really do hope that you come along and join our community! We have recently introduced a referral system so if you join and refer a friend meeting the requirements you will receive rewards! Have a great day! Links: Forum: https://forum.tropicrp.com/index.php Teamspeak 3: ts3.tropicrp.com Trello: https://trello.com/b/DXkmiLYM/tropic-roleplay
  8. YES! Our map is actually New York State and is not click bait as you can see in the photos! We feature a fully custom made New York State Map (still in the works). We currently have 4 Major Cities and roughly 4 towns.. The map is roughly 20km x 20km so plenty of room to fly and explore but still see other players regularly. Our map is still growing and we are looking to build a great community. I am the owner of ICE Gaming Adirondack Life. It is called Adirondack to stand out from the click-bait "New York" servers. The Adirondacks a large national park on the northern side of New York State. Anyways, back to the server! We incorporate a lot of scripts that can be found on this website making the immersion feel. We also write our own custom scripts! We have state trooper vehicles that are skinned as the New York State Troopers. Custom skinned sheriff patrol cars for our sheriff team. A Russian Embassy, Black Market, Breathalyzer, Alcohol/Drug use, Task Force Radio is incorporated & much more! Our Website! TS/Arma 3 Server IP: icegaminglife.servegame.com Mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=928976641 Custom Features: ACE Medical Implimented Custom NY Skinned Police Cars Custom FD (Still in the works) Usable alcohol & drugs (Tutorial used from this website) Ticket and check licenses can be accessed in the vehicle interaction menu Select Jail Time (Found on this website) Cop Radar Rework (Found on this website) Buyable Modded Houses Encrypted Police Channels Task Force Radio Incorporated Jobs: State Trooper DOC County Sheriff / SWAT Fire Department EMT Rescue National Guard (In the works) Laywer Judge Tow Truck Driver Deliveries Pilot Draft alcohol & More! Working on a promo Video atm... Images:
  9. Hi! Im making my own Y- Menu like a phone and Ive made half of it already but it takes so fukin long to have to launch the server each time just to move an icon the have to keep launching and moving it to get it right. I know there is a gui editor in arma 3 but is there a way I can get my phone image up and use it so that I know where Im drawing the buttons and stuff? Anyone that can help I would greatly appreciate it!
  10. Title: [UK][TLG] Three Lions Gaming | 30+ Unique features Server IP: Slots: 100 Website: http://www.three-lions-gaming.co.uk/ Factions: Altis Armed Forces Altis Police Department Altis Rebel Alliance Civilian Emergency Medical Services Careers: Bounty Hunter Hitman Journalist Mayor Military Police (AAF) Port Authority Service Worker Rebel Militia (ARA) S.A.F. (AAF) Task Force Operative (APD) Terrorist (ARA) UAV Operator (AAF) Most Unique Features: ATM & Bank Systems: The SUATMM Bank based in Kavala can be robbed by regular civilians, triggering a small-scale "raid". Each ATM machine across the island has a completely remade interface designed to look and function like a real ATM. The Bank offers premium insurance (available at ATMs as well), where players can protect what they have in the bank. Customised Map: Our map has been constructed from scratch. NPCs weren't just moved, they were completely remade to ensure our map is unlike anyone else's. Some locations have even been completely rebuilt to better the atmosphere you have when playing. Our map is based around a Civil War scenario, in which half of the local population have started an uprising against the NATO assisted Altis Armed Forces. Go-Karting, Paint-balling and Gambling: Most servers have Go-karts available, and some form of "Paintballing"... in our server, we've created an actual race mode for the Go-Karting, based around the track at the airport. The Paint-balling itself is held inside a customised arena with a "Capture the Flag" style play... and the best part? All of this can be gambled upon from a local Gambling shop in one of four key towns around the map by any other players. If these events aren't on, players can try their luck at betting on the horses and listening to them win (or lose) on the radio. Map Filtering: The Map can always be quite cluttered with all the markers on it. Our server allows you to toggle off certain markers to better clear up your experience... which is especially useful when tracking other individuals. Morality: Morality is something we included to help separate players based on their wants and needs. Some players would prefer to just rob citizens, and shoot people, and with morality these players are branded as "Bad" players. They receive unique unlocks associated with their morality and can further themselves by pursuing a life of crime... other players that wish to remain on the side of law and perform "Good" actions can remain as such, largely going un-punished by Hitmen, and sticking to earning cash the hard way... they gain unique unlocks and perks as they progress on the side of Good. Quest: The Quest is mostly a secret thing in our version of Altis Life... you interact with "Dodgy Dave", a guy who served hard time a long time ago for a heist that went wrong, but has come back with a plan to get his stolen ATM back! Earning a variety of rewards as you go along, the Quest Line ultimately gives you the ability to summon your own pet dog! Player revealing: In most scenarios, players are required to track one another across the map of Altis. Several methods reveal a player's location dependent on a unique perk system in place. Players can hack, spy, detect, inspect or coerce information in order to obtain the whereabouts of other players. It even goes down to having a "Forensics Kit" and studying corpses as a Police Officer to determine who a killer might be, if there were no witnesses to the crime! Unique Texturing: The majority of our texturing is custom done to fit our server. From billboards to uniforms, most of our textures are developed in-house. *** Unfortunately, I don't have pictures or a video yet. The video displayed on our website is mostly out-dated, as we went through an entire interface overhaul after that video was made... that said, all our features can be viewed with a picture on our website *** This was a preview video meant for our existing community members, which was recorded in the editor mode... It shows an overview of the modified "Kavala Square" and the Port Authority area. https://plays.tv/s/LSTfjsWyNRvW
  11. Difficulty: Medium Credit To: Snipes Murphy Screenshot: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/93853995681305698/2BA8798D6748A599ECC098F6BFE68C7FF53CCFD6/ Versions Tested: Comment for Verification and adding to post 4.4r3 - Snipes Murphy dialog/truck.hpp: that done we go to our functions.hpp / functions.h in the root directory nad add unter class vehicle the following: class vehTakeAllItem {}; class vehStoreAllItem {}; next of we go in the directory core/vehicle and create 2 new sqf files the first one: fn_vehStoreAllItem.sqf: and fn_vehTakeAllItem.sqf: now for the Icons/Images: Put them in Dialog https://mega.nz/#!gt5VxKQY!rleKGrMisV4XbSbi7pVomNzAw9tmRJzqe6rMYOM1v9M
  12. Our Teamspeak Server: ts3rgc.com We currently have an Amazing Staff Team, Dedicated to keeping the server sociable and they will help you with any issues you may find. Our server has many custom scripts and we have many custom buildings and locations. if you would be Interested please downloads our mods with ArmaA3Sync The Repo for this is: Feel free to join the Teamspeak: ts3rgc.com Our Server Details are: The server resets are at: 4AM GMT 8AM GMT 12PM GMT 4PM GMT 8PM GMT 12AM GMT We hope that you can join our community and have fun but also have some good, serious role-play experiences.
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