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Found 9 results

  1. Advanced Handcuff's & Key's Hello everyone, this is my first time making a script and releasing it to the public Make it so cops need to buy handcuffs and keys from the store to be able to restrain and un restrain players , Just a easy thing to add what can bring alot of rp. Also this took me around 10 minutes to make and there might be a better way but i'm still a noob so no hate please, And i
  2. Intro: Description: Tutorial: Closing:
  3. This tutorial has been lost from the forums going down and I found how to do it on another Altis development forum to which I'm translating it for here. ================= Original Post By: Sergueiii ================= Tutorial on how to Separate Civilian and Police Cash & Bank Account *Remember to re-pack @life_server\addons\life_server folder after making these changes. ================= Step 1: Go to your life_server\Functions\MySQL\fn_insertRequest.sqf and modify this: _query = format ["INSERT INTO players (pid, name, cash, bankacc, aliases, co
  4. Checkpoint Alarm Hello everyone, this is my first time making a script and releasing it to the public. This tutorial will help you set up a working checkpoint alarm that will use a sign and four speakers. All sound files will be provided. If you use this, I request that you do not remove my name but add your name under if edited *Change Log* Works server sided now. - Date unknown Fix for 4.4+. - 07/03/2017 Spam prevention. - 08/03/2017 Limited to a specific rank (read script comments) - Re-working 1. Head into the mission file and go int
  5. I am trying to mount a server only when the player enters it can enter from cop wanted to limit it, could someone help me?
  6. I been looking for so long for textures for my server for the police UK version If you have some please reply I also looking for civillian stuff It be nice if you could show me some?
  7. I've uploaded a high quality siren to replace the current version that is included in the Altis Life files, you can edit the siren to your needs there's only a few versions of the different siren modes but you can always chop edit etc. I've also added the mp3 of all the sirens together, just remember to change the timing to match your edit (for the newbies) in your respective files otherwise it will over lap and sound really crappy. Anyway enjoy. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/33ub0h7ssal3oth/Rumbler.zip?dl=0
  8. Hi, this is a quick tutorial on how to add more police ranks in your database using NaviCat. (Procedure may not be the same with other programs). Step 1: Backup your current database! To do this, open Navicat and right click on your database. Select "dump SQL file..." and save the file to on your desktop. DONE! Step 2: Change the code! Find: `coplevel` enum('0','1','2','3','4','5','6','7') NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', and add more ranks by adding more numbers e.g. If I wanted 8 ranks in stead of seven I would add an ,'8' after '7'. 8 cop ranks should look like this:
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