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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I'm trying to un an Altis Life RP server, (Polish version) and i need few textures for uniforms, vests and cars. I woudlike to pay for anyone work, also if you want to help in server (scripts etc.) we can figure something out ! Just PM me Best Regards, Artur.
  2. Hello, Here is a tutorial on how to make civilians whitelisted. This tutorial is based on Not Altering anything from the original Altis Database. Location of changes: Difficulty: Easy Publish: Jeroen Underwood ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Go to your Mission folder > Core > fn_initCiv and add this code in after waitUntil {!(isNull (findDisp
  3. This tutorial has been lost from the forums going down and I found how to do it on another Altis development forum to which I'm translating it for here. ================= Original Post By: Sergueiii ================= Tutorial on how to Separate Civilian and Police Cash & Bank Account *Remember to re-pack @life_server\addons\life_server folder after making these changes. ================= Step 1: Go to your life_server\Functions\MySQL\fn_insertRequest.sqf and modify this: _query = format ["INSERT INTO players (pid, name, cash, bankacc, aliases, co
  4. Hello thanks for taking time to view our server. We have a lot to offer with our roleplay. We have 10gb of mods which makes the server awesome and fun. This life mod took us 8 months and we have had it up for a few weeks. We have tons of cars and shops. You can even work at taco bell or be a tow truck driver. It is endless on what you want to do. Our player base is big and friendly, If you ever have a problem we have great staff to take care of it. We want you now join now and get 500k to get you started and start having fun. Contact and server info Website: www.argogaming.net
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