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  1. HardLife abre sus puertas de nuevo, con ganas de recibir gente aqui esta la información: Team Speak 3 Server: hardlife.ts3dns.live - Es posible que la ip del servidor cambie y no estática para evitar riesgos, en todo caso podrás ver la ip del servidor accediendo al TS3. - El servidor cuenta con muchísimos cambios respecto a altis life 5.0 base, más de 50 scripts nuevos, nuevos sistemas y demás que facilitan la jugabilidad. - Se busca staff, concrétamente especializado o con experiencia, policía, y ems - Si alguna persona esta interesada en hacer un altis life y posee maquina pero no conocimientos, contacte conmigo y vemos la posibilidad de una unión. Contacto: Correo: [email protected] Whatsapp: +1 845 210 6815 (El número es de EEUU, el sevidor es de España, pero aporto este numero el cual utilizo para 4Quality, una "empresa" de venta de scripts en SQF, el lenguaje de programación principal de Arma 3) Muchisimas gracias por su atención, hasta pronto.
  2. Hi everyone, hi need help, i want to put in safe my script to avoid script stealing, I wanna to create a addon like life_server and put my script there, but i dont know how to do that, please, any can help me?
  3. Website | Discord | Steam Group Hello and greetings from the team at Arma.Life! We’re an upcoming Arma Life community based on the Takistan map from the CUP Project. Our philosophy is if we like it, we’ll have it! That’s why you’ll see a different mix of styles with our law enforcement, such as the uniform and vehicles; this will be explained later. We market ourselves as a hybrid life server because of this.| Our Mission: • To create a fun and unique project – Almost all of the people that have helped start up Arma.Life was part of an older community, British Borders. As such, our style of roleplay and the management of our community influenced by British Borders. We aim to recreate what we had there, as well as introduce our own ideas. This is why our community has started off on the Takistan map; Arma 2 was where we started from and enjoyed so much. • To maintain realism, not accuracy – While some may consider the two inseparable, we must remember that this is a game and must be flexible. If we were to limit certain mechanics, cosmetics or gameplay for the sake of ‘accurate realism’ we would be limiting the enjoyability of the game. Instead, we have adopted an open-minded realism approach; as long as it’s not bat-sh*t crazy such as Cops with wands and it’s something that will enhance gameplay, we’ll add it. A great example of this would be our Police Uniform, a blend of German-Greek Police and the emergency vehicles, based on the British. • To be the next big thing – We all know the quote, right? “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” A successful community is a mix between the right people, the right idea and the right platform. We have the right people, we have the right idea and we definitely have the right platform (Arma Franchise) and we plan to stick with Arma 3 and beyond for as long as possible. Basically, we’re in it for the long-run. Now then! Let’s get talking about our main features. • Takistan Map – We are convinced the Takistan Map is most suited for roleplay on Arma 3; It’s not too big nor too small and can comfortably accommodate quality roleplay for as little as 10 people to as many as 100 people in our experience. The shops and other locations are evenly spaced out for balance and we’re analysing the information we receive about the locations and adjusting accordingly. • Takistan Divided – North and South Takistan are divided by a border that spans the entirety of the map. To get across, players must enter through one of two checkpoints or cross illegally. We have plans to introduce a secondary, separatist persistent government that can be set up by players when they meet the minimum numbers and requirements. • Unique Points System – While this is more of a community feature, it directly affects in-game roleplay. We are proudly unmonetized and don’t agree with monetization at all. Instead, we have introduced a points system where members can gain points by communicating on our Discord and getting involved in the discussions. Points are automatically gained as soon as they join our Discord and start messaging. These points can then be used for in-game tiers from 1-3 which contain exclusive vehicles, items, and weapons to use. As everyone can earn points and use them, Bohemia Interactive have given us the green light to use this system. In the future, points will be an additional in-game currency where they can be used for purchases within the game itself. And here are our other numerous important features: • Open factions – You do not need to be a member or apply to play any of our official factions, which are Police, United Nations, EMS/THS and of course, civilian. • Custom Hospital System – If you’re knocked unconscious, there is a chance you will need to be treated at the hospital. • Various The Programmer Scripts such as Government, Companies, Drugs, Police Dispatch and more. • Multiple Civilian Jobs • Custom Number Plates • Black Market that moves regularly • Jail Break System • Casino Betting, Slots. • Additional Money Making Opportunities, such as slaves that slowly gather money • Faction Weapon Locker • Awesome Custom Skins • Court House Roleplay • Zipties, Gags and Blindfolds’ (For them special moments) • Terrorists & Insurgents • 3 Month Persistence followed by a Battle Royale Purge, with the winner(s) receiving significant money boosts for the next cycle. • South Government System (planned) • War System (planned, North VS South) • Player-owned PMC system (planned, can be done by group/gang system for now) • And so much more! We're scheduled to release Friday 19th July 2019. For the mean time, please see some media below.
  4. XfinityGaming is an Arma 3 Community looking to bring back the Takistan Life that we all know and love with a few modern twists. Our member count currently is quite small but we are hoping to increase that over the coming months. Our current aim is to create a Takistan Life Server for Arma 3. We are currently looking for NATO, TSF and EMS Command as well as Staff and Developer positions. Where to contact us: Website - https://www.xfinitygaming.co.uk/ Discord - https://discord.gg/bjZmrqW Steam Group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/XGCommunity Kind Regards, John O'Connor Founder - XfinityGaming
  5. Enovia Life - Altis Life Bonjour à tous et à toutes, L'équipe d'Enovia Life (anciennement appelée EnoviaGaming) se lance à nouveau dans la création d'un serveur Arma 3 Altis Life. Grâce à une équipe nombreuse, ainsi qu'expérimentée, ce serveur apportera aux joueurs AltisLife une expérience Roleplay hors du commun. L'esprit de communauté étant notre priorité, Enovia Life servira d'endroit où est-ce que les gameurs et gameuses francophones du monde entier pourront se réunir sous une même bannière afin de passer du temps de qualité. Ce projet qui a initialement été lancé au mois de février 2019 par les fondateurs Zeox et Greg, n'est que le début d'une grande aventure qui comptabilisera des milliers d'heures de plaisir au sein de ce serveur. État du projet: Serveur Ouvert Voici quelques informations pertinentes, ainsi qu'une série de photos en but de vous mettre l'eau à la bouche! Nous joindre TeamSpeak 3: ts3.EnoviaLife.ca Serveur: EnoviaLife.ca:2221 Forum: www.EnoviaLife.ca Caractéristiques du serveur Bourse dynamique Assurances Invincibilité en safezone Menu interactif Map personnalisée et complète Licence rebelle permanente Grande variété d'armes, de véhicules et d'équipement Items de plusieurs DLC disponibles Non moddé Divers Teamspeak 3 et Forum 24h/7 Équipe administrative présente et à l'écoute Contexte de l'île 2034, l'île d'Altis est toujours sous l'emprise des barons de la drogue. Le gouvernement tente depuis des années de contrer ces Cartels, mais rien n'y fait. Des guerres civiles éclatent à chaque jour pour le contrôle du territoire. Les familles, ainsi que les villages sont déchirés par la violence. Les membres du FNA ( Front National d'Altis) ne savent plus quoi faire. Ils attendent l'arrivée d'un miracle... 2035, Le Québec, pays allié d'Altis depuis peu, décide de créer une coalition entre la FNA et l'armée québécoise afin de mettre un terme aux guerres qui font rage au sein de leurs terres. Étant devenu la 1ère puissance mondiale, le Québec décida de déployer une majeure partie de ses forces armées pour neutraliser toute menace possible sur le territoire d'Altis. 2036, une guerre sans merci éclate entre la coalition et les rebelles. Les cadavres s'empilent par milliers et les 2 camps ne sont pas près de s'arrêter tant que l'adversaire ne sera pas à terre. 2037, Abdication de la part des rebelles après une lutte sans fin, les barons de la drogue décidèrent de se retirer afin de récupérer leurs forces. Grâce à cette trêve d'hostilité, le gouvernement a réussi à mettre en place un encadrement policier québécois regroupant la crème de la Sûreté du Québec (SQ). Étant maintenant déployés sur l'île, les anciens membres de la SQ ont pour but de maintenir l'ordre et la paix au sein des habitants de l'île. Le gouvernement reste à l’affût de toute action provenant des rebelles restants et compte bien s'en charger le moment venu. Pour l'instant, Altis se reconstruit et espère connaître de meilleurs jours...
  6. “Leben wie ein Präsident” Teamspeak IP: Steamgruppe: El Presidente Life Server IP: Download Links sind im TS! Du suchst noch eine erlebnisreiche und amerikanisch gestaltete Insel ? Dann bist du bei El Presidente Lakeside Life genau richtig! Unser Team besteht aus insgesamt 6 Personen worunter alle mindestens 18 Jahre sind (Meisten Ü19). Darunter sind 4 an der unmittelbaren Serverentwicklung und Administration zuständig. Die Insel wird stetig mit neuer Ausstattung sowie anderen fortschrittlichen Sachen versorgt. Wir verfügen außerdem über ein vollkommen funktionstüchtigen Testserver, auf welchen wir zuerst neue Sachen testen um etwaige Fehler noch auszumerzen. Um auf unsere Insel zu reisen, benötigt ihr zudem kein umfangreiches Einreisevisum. Es genügt eine kurzes Gespräch in welchen wir euer Alter aufgreifen und sicherstellen, dass ihr über ein funktionstüchtiges Mikrofon vefügt. Das heißt, ihr könnt sofort eure neue Existenz aufbauen! Welche Voraussetzungen sollte ich für das Spielen auf den Server haben? Grundsätzlich sind wir offen für neue Arma 3 Spieler. Ihr solltet jedoch schon einen Einblick in die Rollenspiel Szene von Arma 3 genossen haben. Ihr solltet auch eine gewisse geistige Reife sowie stimmliche Reife mitbringen. Unser Mindestalter ist auf 16 gesetzt. Was für Features habt ihr zu erwarten auf unserer Insel ? Unser liebevoll gestalteter Server spielt auf der amerikanischen Insel Lakeside. Es wurden dabei diverse Schwachstellen ausgemerzt sowie diskrete Verbesserungen getätigt (Eine komplett neue Stadt wurde als Beispiel gebaut!)..Es folgen noch andere Features: - Unser Mission ist stark modifiziert und wurde auf viele neue Funktionen aufgestockt. - Wir verfügen über ein komplett überarbeitetes Nachrichtensystem, welches ein Handy Script beinhaltet. - Wir verfügen über viele original amerikanische Fahrzeugdesigns bei EMS sowie Polizei. - Unsere Polizei unterteilt sich in City Police DP, Sheriff DP und State Patrol / Police. - Das EMS teilt sich in Search & Rescue sowie Nothelfer. - Wir bieten auch gerne Unternehmensgründungen an, insofern es dem Regelwerk entspricht. Unternehmen haben auch die Pflicht ihr Einkommen zu versteuern und können richtige Firmenautos kaufen sowie Mitarbeiter einstellen. - In regelmäßigen Abständen werden Events wie Rennen auf unser örtlichen Rennstrecke mit allerlei Fahrzeugen getätigt (Bspw: DTM- oder Formel 1- Autos). - Unsere Polizei besitzt ein ausgereiftes Ausbildungssystem sowie eine stark strukturierte Rangordnung. - Wir besitzen einen extrem vielseitigen Fuhrpark und bieten euch eine ultimative Freiheit bei der Fahrzeugauswahl. - Der Server beinhaltet ein komplett ausgereiftes Regierungssystem welches es ermöglicht, dass Spieler sich zur Präsidentenwahl aufstellen lassen können und diese bei Ernennung Minister bestimmen können, welche den Staat in ihrer jeweiligen Position überwachen (Finanzminister überwacht Steuern bei Unternehmen usw.). Außerdem können zusätzliche Gesetze bestimmt werden insofern sie nicht dem Grundgesetz widersprechen. - Wir wollen unseren Spielern nur das beste bieten und haben dadurch exklusive Gebäude (Polizeihauptquartier, usw.) und Fahrzeuge (Red). Wir suchen außerdem noch dringend Medics und Cops! ...und natürlich normale Bürger sowieso, sonst würden wir ja hier nicht werben ;D Kommt heute noch und sichert euch die Staatsbürgerschaft! Wir freuen uns auf euch! Mit freundlichen Grüßen El Presidente Serverteam
  7. YOU DON'T NEED MODS! Hey everyone we would like to proudly announce that our server is released. Chaotic Gaming Community has finally started it's journey. Just over the course of 2 Years of developement! More importantly as part as the administration team here on Chaotic Gaming we want to give our players a rundown of some server features that serve as the upper edge on our servers. Civilians: Illegal Activities (Marijuana, Cocain, Moonshine, Turtle killing, Federal Reserve) Legal Activities (Mining, DP Missions, Merchandising, News Broadcasting) DP Missions Fishing Gang Wars Gang Hideout Processing Hunting Areas for rabbits and all of your fellow critters! Dynamic market (price drops, raises based on our players) Houses that are customized based on storage and adding your own furniture Customized Kavala based on what our community wants! Donator city (Coming soon) Repair Script for every individual piece of your vehicle! Bounty clear at Kavala Police HQ so you can pay off your crimes! Custom IDs that allow you to show proof of residency and identification. Experience points to put toward perks in-game! Altis Police Department (APD) Search and Seizure script that allows you to remove what items are illegal 10% Price discount on all weaponry, items, vehicles Bounty List to catch your "Friendly Rebels" Rebel pings when bounties have been added Placeable objects free of charge in your "Y" menu. Ticketing for minor charges Customized Prison for your Saftey S.W.A.T team assigned by Chief Experience points to put toward perks in-game! Custom vehicle skins "Go on Duty" instead of public cop slots. Just go in-game to the APD HQ to the civilian once whitelisted Ability to give parking tickets Altis Medical Department(AMD) Revive script for your liking! $$ Custom vehicle skins 3 Different Hospital locations for your convenience "Go on Duty" instead of public medic slots. Just go in-game to any medic location to the civilian once whitelisted. Customized clothing and diverse selection for you! Civilian pings on map so you know who needs help first! Ever wanted to join a Roleplay server with intense role-play and a professional staff team? Chaotic Gaming is for you! We as the Chaotic Gaming administration team aim to make your wants come to life and your needs come to life. Whatever you want we can make it happen just post it on our fourms! Tonight is invite a friend to play night and we challenge you to build your clan to the top! In this diverse arma 3 map we have created for our players! Invite your friends, family, aunt or uncle we accept all! Server Event coming soon, stay tuned! Chaotic Gaming awaits you...... Website: www.chaoticgaming.netTS: ts.chaoticgaming.netServer Address: al.chaoticgaming.net port 2302 for direct connect!
  8. Présentation du serveur arma 3 Canard-RP: ● L’équipe ● Nos objectifs ● Un aperçu de ce que le serveur dispose ● Nos engagements ● Ce qui nous différencie des autres ● Quelques photos ● Liens utiles Duckyyy52/Mozfel/Zemino: Fondateur du serveur Canard-RP Pablo: Administrateur du serveur Canard-RP /!\ Recherche de Support/Helpeur/Modérateur/Développeur/Graphiste /!\ (Nous cherchons des membres sérieux est qui son prêt à rester sur ce projet!) Nous avons pour but de créé un serveur RP avec une économie certe pas forcément réaliste mais un style de jeu le plus réaliste possible, donc pour ceci la gendarmerie est sur candidature, le samu aussi ainsi que les rebelles aussi, pour ce qui aime les rebelles tous joueurs dispose de la licence bandit qui leurs permet de faire les méchants. Ensuite pour le côté des forces de l'ordre nous avons actuellement la gendarmerie et le GIGN, nous comptons surment ajouter la police qui aura une mission bien différente de celle de la gendarmerie mais toute aussi intéressante, mais bien-sûr pour ne pas oublier le style de jeu de altis police, gendarmerie et GIGN joindre leurs force en cas de nécessité. Pour les rebelles il faudra faire la demande ainsi que présentation de votre groupe sur notre forum et après un certain délai nous vous ajouterons la whitelist rebelle, suite à cela vous pourrez demander la construction d'une base. Vous aurez aussi la la possibilité de créé des entreprises en nous les présentant sur le forum. Nous disposons actuellement sur le serveur d’un numéro de téléphone réaliste avec la possibilité d'ajouter des contact comme dans la vrai vie, il y a aussi possibilité de créer un numéro professionnel pour vos entreprises. Nous disposons aussi des plaques d'immatriculation pour les véhicules ce qui ajoute un RP bien plus présent pour la police car il leurs faudra vérifier les plaque a la gendarmerie la plus proche pour connaître le propriétaire, ces plaques peuvent être changé ou bien trafiqué pour les rendre illisible mais ceci est bien-sûr illégal alors attention à vous. Nous somme en train d'ajouter un menu permettant de whitelister les gens directement par le jeux ce qui permettra au entreprise, au force de l'ordre et au secours de s'auto-gérer, par exemple vous avez votre entreprise vous pourrez donc recruter des gens sans avoir à passer par les administrateur. Nous comptons aussi un nouveau GPS plus réaliste qui trace la route à suivre, il permet aussi de rejoindre la ville ou station essence la plus proche et encore d'enregistrer des destinations. Il y aura aussi un style de jeux très spécifique en cas d'interventions des forces de l'ordre sur une prise d'otage par exemple, il y auras des négociateurs bien spécifique qui auront en charge toute l'opération ainsi que les reines des forces de l'ordre tant qu'il n'y aura pas eu de dérapage eu côté des preneurs d'otage, suite à des complications les négociateurs se retirent de l'affaire et cela passe sous le commandement du GIGN et de l'état major pour la suite des opérations. Il y a aussi de nouveau farm légaux et illégaux et nous sommes encore en train de travailler sur d’autre à ajouté. Toute l’équipe du serveur Canard-RP s’engage à faire de son mieux pour garantir une expérience de jeu unique. Nous privilégions le RP des joueurs notamment avec des ajouts de métiers & de farm. Nous sommes aussi totalement à l’écoute des joueurs et de leurs soucis ou questions et même de leurs suggestions ! Ce qui nous différencie c'est que nous voulons faire en sorte que tous le staff soit vraiment au plus proche des joueurs qui joue avec les joueurs que l'on ne le différencie pas le staff des joueurs. Nous voulons vraiment créer une proximité avec nos joueurs. Nous avons aussi envie de créé un serveur pas que pour nous, nous voulons surtout faire un serveur pour la communauté. Notre site : www.canard-rp.fr Notre TeamSpeak 3 : ts3.canard-rp.fr Notre serveur Arma 3 : a3.canard-rp.fr Vous pouvez nous contacter à l'adresse e-mail: [email protected] L'équipe Canard RP vous souhaite bon jeu !
  9. Destiny-Roleplay Destiny-Roleplay is a high quality server with good staff! The server is new and is constantly being supplied with top quality updates. Content includes a custom map, custom jobs/trades, advanced rebel, apex DLC vehicles, gang perks! With new things being added every day! Come and join us at Destiny-Roleplay now to fulfil all your roleplaying needs! Server info below. Game server IP: TeamSpeak IP: Website: http://www.destiny-roleplay.com/
  10. Hi, I have a Altis Life 4.4r4 mission file and when I launch the server with extDB2, life_Server and life_hc I join and I get stuck on setting up client, then I shut down the server after 5 - 10 minutes of me waiting there, then I go the the @extDB2 folder and there is no extDB2 folder, so no logs are being made. As you can see there is not a extDB2 folder there, this is after the launch, my paramaters are: -port=2302 "-config=C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default\TADST_config.cfg" "-cfg=C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default\TADST_basic.cfg" "-profiles=C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default" -name=default -filePatching "[email protected]_A3;@life_hc;@life_server;@extDB2" -autoInit Any help would be much appreciated! Also I do have the requirements for extDB installed.
  11. Hey guy's!!! Problem: So im here couse im having a little question, how can i check the player licenses? Like im making a scripts that need's to check if the player has the driver license for example. Anyone who can help me i will be gratefull!!! Thanks everyone. Level: Im kind of new on this but i know some, i will say 7 more or less.
  12. Disclaimer: This server is a work in progress, and some features may not yet be complete. TS³: Website: a3life.enjin.com (temporarily WIP with ads.) Server IP: We are an Arma 3 Life server running on Lakeside, with some custom scripts and some mixed scripts from CL3, CG, and A3PL. We are a steadily growing community working towards getting a stable player base, with people who play on a daily basis. We strictly enforce the use of RP in game, however we do allow contact through external VoIPs, but meta-gaming will be punished. Our staff team does its best to keep the community fun for everyone, and the server is updated on a regular basis with new scripts and bug fixes. Due to being a modded server, you are required to download mods, however they can be found on the steam workshop for quick download and easy access. Some General Info you may want to know: We have donations, however they do not give an unfair advantage, due to Bohemia's Terms of Service. The servers are up 24/7 with minimal downtime. We are searching for Police We are searching for EMS We are searching for Staff We do not tolerate any hacking or RDM, and encourage these to be reported. Experienced Senior Administration team. Experienced Heads of Police and EMS forces. We guarantee you will have a great time playing on the server (Provided that we get a nice playerbase) This post will be updated as time progresses. Pictures and video footage will be added soon.
  13. Hey!!! So im kind of new on this of codeing/scripting and i decide it to start makeing a scripts with a friend of mine. After a couple of hours we tought we finish. We started the server, we start fixing some errors that we got, etc. BUT there one error that we coulden't fix, so here i am >D Problem: Well, its say's that we miss a ; but we search it 100 times, and nothing!!! Level: Im kind of new, my level might be a 5/10 more or less. Heres the script and the error: https://pastebin.com/SHzAw52K http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=903102179 If anyone could help me i will be really greatfull, thanks to everyone!!!
  14. ARMA NEXUS METROPOLIS What we need: We need developers, and we need players. Developers will be expected to be active, we will treat you with respect and let you work at your own pace. Once you get to know us you will find we are very friendly people. [We do not pay developers nor ourselves, all money goes towards the server] Content: Over 200 new vehicles Strict Roleplay Custom Scripts to improve your experience Contact: Forums: http://arma-nexus.com/forums/ Discord: https://discord.gg/JyP7svp Teamspeak: ts3.arma-nexus.com More Screenshots: Phone and UI: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/480020637374968318/ED38AD4D25D3FA31F9DBD8A8C619817F32AA8341/ A few cars: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/276237827945429295/0EEC4FFAD30C20D14A9423B9DA28E4790A83FDAB/ Map: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/276237827945447174/05914009861D15B65170B87BEDF19F1BB7356E42/ More Map: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/276237827945447030/7B78B4507CB41B3F525C2D795EC263761C789A6A/ Even More Map: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/276237827945446842/EC1567CEFA78F41E500646FB57AB47DC35DFBE30/ Also Map: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/276237827945446675/B547478C51EA500C7CF1BB8E8ACD79FE32F3D306/ Come on the discord or forums and contact me if you're interested in developing, feel free to join and discuss things if you're interested, thanks.
  15. Here at Black Wolf Gaming we focus on providing quality roleplay that keeps our community fun and exciting towards all walks of life and leaving the deadlines and bigotry out of the server. Our community is built by veteran members of ARMA 3 who have extensive knowledge and experience in running and maintaining roleplay communities. Knowing that the police force is an important part of roleplay servers, we pride ourselves on having mature and dedicated people within our police force to bring the highest possible amount of roleplay in every situation. We’re glad to let you know that as a community we can cater to your needs. Which is why we hope that you would consider being a part of it. We welcome all people, from veterans to first timers, with opportunities in the community to match everyone's playstyle. Hope to see you in game. ~ Black Wolf Gaming Staff Team Website - http://blackwolfgaming.invisionzone.com/ Server IP - Port - 2302 TeamSpeak - ts.blackwolfgaming.net
  16. Hello! We're running a Tanoa Life Server which is, for as far as we know, the best Tanoa Life server currently out there! Feel free to check us out on www.enddays.eu and perhaps join us if you're into Tanoa!
  17. Hello, and thank you for your interest in VERTEX GAMING. I will keep it short and simple for those who wish to not read a whole book.We at VERTEX GAMING took a new turn on roleplay, we have a lot of custom stuff, and a well experienced team of administrators. We are looking for players that wish to play on our server. We have open positions in the police department and the ESU department. (Some may not be available.) We are looking for all kinds of players, we don't care where your from, what your name is or how old you are. We just want you to have fun. We want to be one community, one for all and all for one. I myself, can guarantee you this: I'm having a lot of fun here, and I think you will too. but thi is a hardcore roleplay server. its a new map and great place to play. we got a lot of new things coming and plans for the server If you are interested Here is our teamspeak: vertexgaming.net Here is our website: http://vertexgaming.net I hope to see you soon! Regards, VERTEX GAMING here a link to a police preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNilu_LYUz8 Here is how to download the mods: Down below!!
  18. Hello, everyone! Thanks for viewing and taking your time to look at this thread. I am currently looking for some developers/graphic designers, for my server if you are wishing to become a staff member. Please contact me via Direct Message (private message). Our teamspeak server is; altislife.streamlinegames.com
  19. New altis life server. RubyRolePlay AltisLifeRPG | ActiveCommunity | Custom | *NEW* | We have custom art and scripts for the server and its all new! Come join us ! The server is also antihack. Server Ip:
  20. Hello! And thanks for checking out Elysium Entertainment's server advertisement! Server Information: IP: PORT: 2302 (default) Teamspeak Information: IP: to be created Website Information: elysium-entertainment.ca We are a new up and coming Tanoa Life server and are still developing, however we decided to open up our server to the public as it is in a fun play-able state. We are a canadian-hosted Tanoa Life server with a ton of features on the way, and are looking for new players. Here listed are our features: Active Staff Members Custom Scripts (more coming) $3,000 start cash (economy is balanced for this) Buy-able Houses Radio Active material mining (not currently in) White listed ONLY Police (contact us on ts to apply until we have our application, this is done to prevent chaos) Custom Textures Custom Spawn Locations (more convenient) Shipwreck-diving! (not currently in) Realistic vehicle spawn locations (cars spawn in parking slots, planes spawn aligned on taxiway heli's spawn on helipad) Beautiful Tanoa Map (perfect for life servers!) Custom Shops Rob-able Gas Stations 24/7 Server Hosting \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ And much, much more coming! We already have some regular players and are looking for more. We are open to suggestions (contact us on ts) and will soon have our forums completed and ready for use.
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