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  1. Hello everyone, Arma 3 has changed some software coding after a new update, so some servers and more precisely, all servers do not show the extensions of Weapons. Someone shared the following method as hotfix for this critical issue before, I wanted to open such a topic for server owners who are not aware of this. open your -->> core\shops --> cfn_weaponshopselection <<-- -->> Replace with the codes in Pastebin below link https://pastebin.com/iKJcR8qH -->> Sources Kasztura <<-- ( I just edited it a little bit. -->> after the --&g
  2. Hi guys, accessories for guns are not showing up after new update how can I solve this?
  3. Wunderschönen guten Tag, meine Damen und Herren, sowie allen Befürwortern des RDM-Simulatoren den wir als Arma 3 kennen. In diesem Beitrag geht es um eine Teamsuche in unseren neuen Bereich "Arma 3 Altis Life (Non Modded)" Wir sind ein Gaming Netzwerk was sich in vielen Bereichen unterteilen lässt. Unser Netzwerk gibt es seit dem 28 September 2020. Unsere Bereiche unterteilen sich in dieser Form: ➽ Arma 3 Altis Life ➽ Minecraft Freebuild ➽ Minecraft Modded Falls bei jemanden den Namen Nepdis eine Bek
  4. NUEVO SERVIDOR DE ARMA 3 ROLEPLAY Estamos en desarrollo de un nuevo servidor de roleplay de Arma 3 El servidor tiene: -Farmeos Legales (Petroleo, Trigo, Camionero) -Farmeos Ilegales -Periodistas -Abogados -Médicos -Policía Americana -Taxistas -Mafiosos -Robos Y bastantes cosas que se irán implementando a medida que se vaya uniendo la gente al servidor Tenéis disponible por el momento nuestro foro: http://armalife.es/foro Y nuestro Teamspeak 3: armalife.3srv.xyz Pronto trabajaremos también en un di
  5. Simple Life Roleplay ——————————————————————— Discord: CLICK HERE About us: We are a new Tanoa Life RP Server that has weekly updates, friendly players, friendly staff, and a good start to help your experience be the best it can! We currently are doing weekly updates to fix all the bugs, so you guys can have the best experience you possibly can! We have a $3,000,000 start for every player so you guys can have a good startup and be able to get to doing drug runs and robberies. We have just created this server but we were recently known as Lazy Boy RP.
  6. Staða netþjóns - Snemma þróun Islandia Life? Islandia lífið er nýtt og spennandi lífsverkefni sett upp af hópi reyndra leikmanna, Islandia lífið hefur verið búið til til að fara aftur í hlutverkaleik, við leggjum áherslu á erfiða reynslu sem gerir þér kleift að vera það sem þú vilt og fá þér sneið af íslensku lífi. Af hverju að spila með okkur?
  7. HardLife abre sus puertas de nuevo, con ganas de recibir gente aqui esta la información: Team Speak 3 Server: hardlife.ts3dns.live - Es posible que la ip del servidor cambie y no estática para evitar riesgos, en todo caso podrás ver la ip del servidor accediendo al TS3. - El servidor cuenta con muchísimos cambios respecto a altis life 5.0 base, más de 50 scripts nuevos, nuevos sistemas y demás que facilitan la jugabilidad. - Se busca staff, concrétamente especializado o con experiencia, policía, y ems - Si alguna persona esta interesada en hacer un altis life y posee maq
  8. Hi everyone, hi need help, i want to put in safe my script to avoid script stealing, I wanna to create a addon like life_server and put my script there, but i dont know how to do that, please, any can help me?
  9. Website | Discord | Steam Group Hello and greetings from the team at Arma.Life! We’re an upcoming Arma Life community based on the Takistan map from the CUP Project. Our philosophy is if we like it, we’ll have it! That’s why you’ll see a different mix of styles with our law enforcement, such as the uniform and vehicles; this will be explained later. We market ourselves as a hybrid life server because of this.| Our Mission: • To create a fun and unique project – Almost all of the people that have helped start up Arma.Life was part of an older community, British Borders. As such, ou
  10. XfinityGaming is an Arma 3 Community looking to bring back the Takistan Life that we all know and love with a few modern twists. Our member count currently is quite small but we are hoping to increase that over the coming months. Our current aim is to create a Takistan Life Server for Arma 3. We are currently looking for NATO, TSF and EMS Command as well as Staff and Developer positions. Where to contact us: Website - https://www.xfinitygaming.co.uk/ Discord - https://discord.gg/bjZmrqW Steam Group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/XGCommunity
  11. Enovia Life - Altis Life Bonjour à tous et à toutes, L'équipe d'Enovia Life (anciennement appelée EnoviaGaming) se lance à nouveau dans la création d'un serveur Arma 3 Altis Life. Grâce à une équipe nombreuse, ainsi qu'expérimentée, ce serveur apportera aux joueurs AltisLife une expérience Roleplay hors du commun. L'esprit de communauté étant notre priorité, Enovia Life servira d'endroit où est-ce que les gameurs et gameuses francophones du monde entier pourront se réunir sous une même bannière afin de passer du temps de qualité. Ce projet qui a initialement été lancé au mois de
  12. “Leben wie ein Präsident” Teamspeak IP: Steamgruppe: El Presidente Life Server IP: Download Links sind im TS! Du suchst noch eine erlebnisreiche und amerikanisch gestaltete Insel ? Dann bist du bei El Presidente Lakeside Life genau richtig! Unser Team besteht aus insgesamt 6 Personen worunter alle mindestens 18 Jahre sind (Meisten Ü19). Darunter sind 4 an der unmittelbaren Serverentwicklung und Administration zuständig. Die Insel wird stetig mit neuer Ausstat
  13. YOU DON'T NEED MODS! Hey everyone we would like to proudly announce that our server is released. Chaotic Gaming Community has finally started it's journey. Just over the course of 2 Years of developement! More importantly as part as the administration team here on Chaotic Gaming we want to give our players a rundown of some server features that serve as the upper edge on our servers. Civilians: Illegal Activities (Marijuana, Cocain, Moonshine, Turtle killing, Federal Reserve) Legal Activities (Mining, DP Missions, Merchandising, News Broadcasting) DP Mission
  14. Présentation du serveur arma 3 Canard-RP: ● L’équipe ● Nos objectifs ● Un aperçu de ce que le serveur dispose ● Nos engagements ● Ce qui nous différencie des autres ● Quelques photos ● Liens utiles Duckyyy52/Mozfel/Zemino: Fondateur du serveur Canard-RP Pablo: Administrateur du serveur Canard-RP /!\ Recherche de Support/Helpeur/Modérateur/Développeur/Graphiste /!\ (Nous cherchons des membres sérieux est qui son prêt à rester sur ce projet!)
  15. Destiny-Roleplay Destiny-Roleplay is a high quality server with good staff! The server is new and is constantly being supplied with top quality updates. Content includes a custom map, custom jobs/trades, advanced rebel, apex DLC vehicles, gang perks! With new things being added every day! Come and join us at Destiny-Roleplay now to fulfil all your roleplaying needs! Server info below. Game server IP: TeamSpeak IP: Website: http://www.destiny-roleplay.com/
  16. Disclaimer: This server is a work in progress, and some features may not yet be complete. TS³: Website: a3life.enjin.com (temporarily WIP with ads.) Server IP:
  17. ARMA NEXUS METROPOLIS What we need: We need developers, and we need players. Developers will be expected to be active, we will treat you with respect and let you work at your own pace. Once you get to know us you will find we are very friendly people. [We do not pay developers nor ourselves, all money goes towards the server] Content: Over 200 new vehicles Strict Roleplay Custom Scripts to improve your experience Contact: Forums: http://arma-nexus.com/forums/ Discord: https://discord.gg/JyP7svp Teamspeak: ts3.arma-nexus.com
  18. Here at Black Wolf Gaming we focus on providing quality roleplay that keeps our community fun and exciting towards all walks of life and leaving the deadlines and bigotry out of the server. Our community is built by veteran members of ARMA 3 who have extensive knowledge and experience in running and maintaining roleplay communities. Knowing that the police force is an important part of roleplay servers, we pride ourselves on having mature and dedicated people within our police force to bring the highest possible amount of roleplay in every situation. We’re glad to let you
  19. Hello! We're running a Tanoa Life Server which is, for as far as we know, the best Tanoa Life server currently out there! Feel free to check us out on www.enddays.eu and perhaps join us if you're into Tanoa!
  20. Hello, and thank you for your interest in VERTEX GAMING. I will keep it short and simple for those who wish to not read a whole book.We at VERTEX GAMING took a new turn on roleplay, we have a lot of custom stuff, and a well experienced team of administrators. We are looking for players that wish to play on our server. We have open positions in the police department and the ESU department. (Some may not be available.) We are looking for all kinds of players, we don't care where your from, what your name is or how old you are. We just want you to have fun. We want to be one community, one for al
  21. Hello, everyone! Thanks for viewing and taking your time to look at this thread. I am currently looking for some developers/graphic designers, for my server if you are wishing to become a staff member. Please contact me via Direct Message (private message). Our teamspeak server is; altislife.streamlinegames.com
  22. New altis life server. RubyRolePlay AltisLifeRPG | ActiveCommunity | Custom | *NEW* | We have custom art and scripts for the server and its all new! Come join us ! The server is also antihack. Server Ip:
  23. Hello! And thanks for checking out Elysium Entertainment's server advertisement! Server Information: IP: PORT: 2302 (default) Teamspeak Information: IP: to be created Website Information: elysium-entertainment.ca We are a new up and coming Tanoa Life server and are still developing, however we decided to open up our server to the public as it is in a fun play-able state. We are a canadian-hosted Tanoa Life server with a ton of features on the way, and are looking for new players. Here listed are our features:
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