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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. Just as I wanted to do a script to check items in the T truck inventory. Ex: If you have "Wood" in the T truck inventory, run hint "TEST"; Something like this. Bother the person who knows, please answer me. Thank you very much (Sorry for the use of language in communication. I am quite a bit of lane language, must have help to help translate­čśü)
  2. Hey! Im looking for someone with experience as a scripter/developer who can make me a custom bleedout script! I will obvoisly pay the person. Im just looking for a simple script so when u die you go into a "downed" state, where you are laying on the floor on your back with your gun (if you have one) next to you. I want there to be an option to bleedout after 5 minutes and the whole bleedout to death to last 15 minutes. I wand a nice looking HUD which showcases the blood level, what button to bleedout (when avaliable) If there is any medics online and if so how far away. PM me on discord for more details: foxyy#0241 Thanks for reading and hopefully this will interest someone out there!
  3. Hi Framework v5.0 I am trying to remove the no license processing option from the processing machines. So players just have the option to process with only buying the license. I have set the no license fee to -1 like so in Config_Process.hpp.- class oil { MaterialsReq[] = {{"oil_unprocessed",1}}; MaterialsGive[] = {{"oil_processed",1}}; Text = "STR_Process_Oil"; //ScrollText = "Process Oil"; NoLicenseCost = -1; }; This has just made it free to process. I am wondering what to remove from the processing object init to remove the add action for the no license option, i have tried a few things but it keeps breaking it- this enableSimulation false; this allowDamage false; this addAction[localize"STR_Process_Diamond",life_fnc_processAction,"diamond",0,false,false,"",' life_inv_diamondUncut > 0 && !life_is_processing && !life_action_inUse',5]; this addAction[format ["%1 ($%2)",localize (getText(missionConfigFile >> "Licenses" >> "diamond" >> "displayName")), [(getNumber(missionConfigFile >> "Licenses" >> "diamond" >> "price"))] call life_fnc_numberText],life_fnc_buyLicense,"diamond",0,false,false,"",' !license_civ_diamond && playerSide isEqualTo civilian ',5]; Thank you.
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