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  1. Buenas, mi nombre es Ramón , y vengo hablaros sobre mi servidor de Altis life el cual tiene la apertura programada para este viernes a las 18:00. Mañana por el Discord pasaremos el ts3 Discord: https://discord.gg/rewfwpTVM9
  2. #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" private ["_inArea","_zone1","_zone2","_zone3","_dis1","_dis2","_dis3"]; _zone0 = getMarkerPos "Kavala_safe"; _zone1 = getMarkerPos "rebel_1"; _zone2 = getMarkerPos "pygos_safe"; _zone3 = getMarkerPos "Athira_safe"; _zone4 = getMarkerPos "mainair_safe"; _zone5 = getMarkerPos "rebel_1_1"; _zone6 = getMarkerPos "Police_sofia"; _zone7 = getMarkerPos "spawn_safe"; //setmarkersize form mission.sqm "Kavala_safe" setMarkerSize [4330, 2715];
  3. Simple Life Roleplay ——————————————————————— Discord: CLICK HERE About us: We are a new Tanoa Life RP Server that has weekly updates, friendly players, friendly staff, and a good start to help your experience be the best it can! We currently are doing weekly updates to fix all the bugs, so you guys can have the best experience you possibly can! We have a $3,000,000 start for every player so you guys can have a good startup and be able to get to doing drug runs and robberies. We have just created this server but we were recently known as Lazy Boy RP.
  4. Hello, I've got a problem while starting the altislife. I'm on Ubuntu 18.04 and I'm trying to load extDB3. Everytime I open the server these are the logs. 11:44:32 "---------------------------------------------------------------------" 11:44:32 "---------------------------------------------------------------------" Call extension 'extDB3' could not be loaded 11:44:32 "extDB3 Failed to Load, Check Requirements @ https://bitbucket.org/torndeco/extdb3/wiki/Installation" 11:44:32 "" 11:44:32 "If you are running this on a client, Battleye will random block extensions. Try Disable Battleye"
  5. Servidor Altis life TerraGaming, entra para descubrir lo que hay en el server. Ip: Discord: https://discord.gg/bppjEmc
  6. MKStudioslife.com | AU Life [AU] This server was originally released using the Altis Map. It has been rebranded and the Altis experience has been ported to the Australia map. The Altis map is approx 270klm2 - The Australia map is approx 1200klm2 The server is in Open BETA to iron out bugs and to gain players feedback. Discord (Community hub) - https://discord.gg/HnXGG6v Teamspeak (Support desk / Police and Medic channels) - Webpage https://mkstudioslife.com/ Steam Community - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/MkStudios_AULife
  7. HardLife abre sus puertas de nuevo, con ganas de recibir gente aqui esta la información: Team Speak 3 Server: hardlife.ts3dns.live - Es posible que la ip del servidor cambie y no estática para evitar riesgos, en todo caso podrás ver la ip del servidor accediendo al TS3. - El servidor cuenta con muchísimos cambios respecto a altis life 5.0 base, más de 50 scripts nuevos, nuevos sistemas y demás que facilitan la jugabilidad. - Se busca staff, concrétamente especializado o con experiencia, policía, y ems - Si alguna persona esta interesada en hacer un altis life y posee maq
  8. Hi everyone, hi need help, i want to put in safe my script to avoid script stealing, I wanna to create a addon like life_server and put my script there, but i dont know how to do that, please, any can help me?
  9. Seal Team Sloth Network We are a Altis Life Community, which is always changing to make the role-play experience more immersive. Website: (In Development) TeamSpeak: ts.sealteamsloth.network Game Server: s1.sealteamsloth.network:2302 Custom scripts in the server: Gang Control Area(s) Custom Y Menu Food, Water, Health (status Icons) Furniture Shop (Make your house a home) Talent Tree (Maverick) Custom Drug and legal Runs added soon (Uranium, MDMA and LSD) We have more scripts but I will leave that part for you to find out! Just t
  10. Servidor RPG español. Apertura dentro de poco TS3: serta.servegame.com Foro: https://serta.mistforums.com/ IP: Robos diferentes y divertidos, especialidades dentro de EMS y Policía, bases para Mafia, varias zonas rebelde. Necesitamos policías y ems. Si quieres entrar como civil se acepta también. No whitelist
  11. Hello, I'm Crazy from ThriveGaming and we're now releasing a brand new server on Altis using the Tonic framework, Our server has now officially launched in Beta. However, there will be still be a few bugs . We're currently developing the server daily to make it better in each way, this is on the mission file, teamspeak and website to make sure the server goes into the right direction. APD (Altis Police Department): At the moment we have got 7 cops and we're still recruiting, if you're looking for a good APD experience come and join us and write an application on our website.
  12. Hello. I have a problem with my Altis life RPG server database (extDB2) Here is the extDB2 log: 15-10-35.log the extDB config: extdb-conf.ini rpt: arma3server_2018-10-26_17-09-51.rpt when i change some database things like pass to something random, the error still occurs, but the password/name with navicat works fine.
  13. Enovia Life - Altis Life Bonjour à tous et à toutes, L'équipe d'Enovia Life (anciennement appelée EnoviaGaming) se lance à nouveau dans la création d'un serveur Arma 3 Altis Life. Grâce à une équipe nombreuse, ainsi qu'expérimentée, ce serveur apportera aux joueurs AltisLife une expérience Roleplay hors du commun. L'esprit de communauté étant notre priorité, Enovia Life servira d'endroit où est-ce que les gameurs et gameuses francophones du monde entier pourront se réunir sous une même bannière afin de passer du temps de qualité. Ce projet qui a initialement été lancé au mois de
  14. Hello, I was installing scripcts and i booted up my server and this error message popped up and i could no longer load in INPUT after EndOfFile. So i start googling it and i find nothing please help i have included my mission.sqm,and my stringable+my descrepstion description.ext mission.sqm stringtable.xml
  15. LostParadise GER/EU | TanoaLife | RP | Modded | Since 2017 Wir von LostParadise haben eine erfolgreiche Zeit als RP und Fun Server hinter uns und haben uns mittlerweile auf eine Modded Umgebung auf Tanoa eingespielt. Unsere Features: Eigener TS³ sowie eigenes Forum Leistungsstarker 64 Bit Server Angepasste Preise Weiterentwickelte und eigene Scripte Skill- und EXP System Neuartige Shops Schließfachsystem Dynamischer Drogendealer Erweitertes Craftingsystem Viele neue Farmjobs Fahrzeug und Gebäudehand
  16. Hallo zusammen, wir von LostParadise haben uns bereits einige Male neu erfunden und sind nun seit einiger Zeit auf den Fun-RP Modus aktiv. Neben den gängigen Anpassungen uns Scripts (Die eh jeder Server haben sollte) haben wir ein einzigartiges Spielerlebnis mit einigen neuen Fraktionen und Features geschaffen! Hier werden einige der Features aufgelistet: - Eigenkreierte Kleidungs- und Fahrzeugskins - Permanenter Personal und Dienstausweis - Fessel- Knebel- und Augenbindensystem - Sperrzonen - Fastroping - Fahrzeug- und Häuserhandel - Crafting System für schwere
  17. Hallo Zusammen, ich stelle euch unseren FUN-RP Server vor. Wir haben viele Anpassungen wie zum Beispiel neue Fraktionen / Fahrzeuge und Hauptquartiere. Bei uns steht das Roleplay im Vordergrund und das ohne das Farmen und Verkaufen von Rohstoffen um Geld zu verdienen! Seit ihr ein Clan ? Eine Spielergruppierung? Meldet euch im Teamspeak und sichert euch euren eigenen Bereich und Clanbase! Zu uns: Wir sind seit ca 6 Monaten online und haben uns immer wieder neu Orientiert. Ob Modded, Life oder Milsim. Wir haben alles getestet und sind zum Schluss gekommen, e
  18. ScottishGAMERZ Altis Life Server Details Server Ip: Teamspeak ip: scottishgamerz.teamspeak3.org Website: www.scottishgamerz.uk Features Altis Map Skills & XP - Maverick Custom Threat Script - Select the threat level to high or low depending on severity Panic Button for Police - Alerts cop you need assistance Zipties & Blind Foldes Suicide Vest - available in rebel stores Seat Belts for vehicles Ear Plugs Custom Skins Passport Feature Hand Signals Placeables
  19. COME JOIN REVIVAL ROLEPLAY FOR SERIOUS ROLEPLAY, POLICE CHASES, SHOOTOUTS, DRUG RUNS, AND MUCH MORE! Hello I am James ORyan from Revival Roleplay. I am a Senior Admin here and I have come to advertise here because we are a fairly new server and we need more players who want to roleplay and have fun. This server is an american based server previously an english based server. Our mission is to bring the best roleplay possible to our server. We currently are in our late dev stage, adding little scripts, more skins, customizing map, and we need players to put that all to use.
  20. I cant see the person at every shop in Altis life. Anyone know how to fix this?
  21. The majority of the code is from the ArmA wiki that can be useful to Altis life admins: Execute all code in the debug menu. Please fell free to post any in the comments below. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . Adds 100000 to in game cash life_atmcash = 100000; Adds Godmode to player player allowDamage false; . Destroys object in front of cross hair cursortarget setdamage 1 .Change Vehicle texture in game with Cursor Target: cursorTarget setObjectTextu
  22. Ciao a tutti oggi volevo presentare il mio server che come avrete letto dal titolo è un life server RP l' apertura avverrà quando avremo un po' di utenza ( si parla di da 10 a 20 utenti sul teamspeak 3) per connettersi al teamspeak basta inserire questo indirizzo ip : disponiamo anche di un forum: http://americanliferevolution.forumfree.it Grazie per la lettura e buon game!
  23. Server Information Website: www.HardlyGaming.net Teamspeak: Hardlygaming.voip.pub Direct Connection Info: UP Time 24/7, 7 days a week Current Framework: 4.4R4 with extDB2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Server Description Salutations, basement dwellers. Tired of lackluster, lifeless Altis Life communities that are part and parcel clones of previously establi
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