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  1. Welcome to Oblivion Roleplay. We are a fairly new community where we encourage roleplay above running and gunning. Oblivion Roleplay Oblivion Roleplay was founded in June 2019 and released on the 4th of April in 2020. We aim to bring you a balanced unmodded Altis Life server, which has been balanced to encourage roleplaying, but still enjoy rebel life. Our server has been worked on for a very long time and is well developed to make sure you get the most out of it. Features You will be financed with £100.000 to get yourself started, for buying your first vehicle and suppl
  2. Servidor de Altis Life con Policía(GC), EMS, Universidad, administración activa, farmeos y bandas. Os animo a todos a entrar y pasar un buen rato SIN whitelist ni addons. TS3: ts3.projectgamers.ovh Foro: http://projectgamers.ovh/ IP SERVER: Puerto: 2302 ACTUALMENTE EN PRUEBAS
  3. Salut ! Tu cherches une île où poser tes bagages ? Alors lis la suite ! Nous sommes Meridium Life : Nous sommes aussi des vrais gens ne t'inquiète pas ! Vous vous souvenez de cette nostalgie d'Arma 3 Altis Life il y a très longtemps quand les scripts commençaient à apparaître, quand le RP n'était pas "décal strider zafir" ? Si non, ce n'est pas grave ! Notre plus grosse qualité est notre écoute de la communauté, nous ne développons pas le serveur mais vous le faites ! La majorité de notre communauté veut qu'il y ait une boîte de nuit ? Alors on met une boîte de nuit !
  4. HardLife abre sus puertas de nuevo, con ganas de recibir gente aqui esta la información: Team Speak 3 Server: hardlife.ts3dns.live - Es posible que la ip del servidor cambie y no estática para evitar riesgos, en todo caso podrás ver la ip del servidor accediendo al TS3. - El servidor cuenta con muchísimos cambios respecto a altis life 5.0 base, más de 50 scripts nuevos, nuevos sistemas y demás que facilitan la jugabilidad. - Se busca staff, concrétamente especializado o con experiencia, policía, y ems - Si alguna persona esta interesada en hacer un altis life y posee maq
  5. Hallo Liebe Altis Life Fans, wie ihr euch sicherlich denken könnt ist auch unser Ziel einen Server zu eröffnen. Da in letzter Zeit ziemlich viele gute Server geschlossen haben planen wir nun seit längerem einen neuen Server der auch neue Features haben wird die es so noch nicht auf den anderen Server gibt. Um dieses vorhaben auch optimal umzusetzen benötigen wir eure Hilfe. Über uns Wir sind ein kleines Team welches bereits zu einem anderem Spiel einen Server aufbaut. Dieser ist bereits zu 30% fertig. Da wir auch Altis Life Fans sind haben wir uns nun vorgenommen nebenbei noch d
  6. Seal Team Sloth Network We are a Altis Life Community, which is always changing to make the role-play experience more immersive. Website: (In Development) TeamSpeak: ts.sealteamsloth.network Game Server: s1.sealteamsloth.network:2302 Custom scripts in the server: Gang Control Area(s) Custom Y Menu Food, Water, Health (status Icons) Furniture Shop (Make your house a home) Talent Tree (Maverick) Custom Drug and legal Runs added soon (Uranium, MDMA and LSD) We have more scripts but I will leave that part for you to find out! Just t
  7. Servidor RPG español. Apertura dentro de poco TS3: serta.servegame.com Foro: https://serta.mistforums.com/ IP: Robos diferentes y divertidos, especialidades dentro de EMS y Policía, bases para Mafia, varias zonas rebelde. Necesitamos policías y ems. Si quieres entrar como civil se acepta también. No whitelist
  8. Moin Moin, schon wieder eine Altis Life (unmodded) Vorstellung, aber sicher nicht 0815. Ich fasse mich in jedem Fall kurz, bildet euch bestenfalls eigene Meinungen durch Probieren Über Uns: - Mehr als vier Jahre Erfahrung in Administration und Scripting - Von der Suchtprofis-Community zum besten Altis Life Server 2017 ausgezeichnet worden Konzept: - Grenzkonflikt USA /\ Mexiko - Die Karte ist durch eine, in die Umgebung passende, Mauer getrennt - Jeder Bürger entscheidet sich bei seiner ersten Verbindung für einen Staat und hat dadurch verschiedene Vor-/Nachteile. -
  9. ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Difficulty: Very Easy Published By: Snipes Murphy Version: 4.x Credit Tonic You will need 2 32x32 icons that are a paa file and one needs to be called rubyr and the other ruby ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ First go into your Config_vitems.hpp MAKE SURE TO CHANGE NULL TO YOUR SET PRICE class ruby_raw { variable = "RubyRaw"; displayN
  10. OceanOne - Altis Life Community ~ Warum OceanOne? Hallo Fremder! Auf deiner Suche nach einem neuen Zuhause möchten wir dir unsere Insel Altis vorstellen. Neben einem ausgereiften Erfahrungs- und Fähigkeitensystem, bieten wir den Bürgern einige spannende Quests- und Craftingmöglichkeiten. Die Telefonnummer-Anbieter haben sich bereits niedergelassen und auch die Verwaltung einer eigenen Gang soll möglich sein. Sämtliche kaufbare Tankstellen haben ihren Dienst neben zwei Auktionshäusern und Lotterien in Angriff genommen. Die Bürger haben viele Möglichkeiten, an das Geld für ihr täglich Brot
  11. Hey Guys! I have a new server I have just released onto a dedicated server! Fully scripted Civilian and Police system (I am still working on the medical system) Rules and regulations can be found here I have a few developers and admins who will be working around the clock to ensure BigRP becomes a fully sustained community. Please check my server out and tell me what you think! Police recruitment will be open very soon and we will be accepting many applications for police! Our Database system is complex and fully automated which means there is no hass
  12. We are a Altis Life Community which is always changing to make the role-play experience more immersive. Website: http://www.tech-legacy.com/ (Feel free TeamSpeak: Custom scripts in the server: Custom weapon shops (Maverick) Vehicle tuning (Maverick) Custom StatusBar Talent Tree (Maverick) Custom Drug and legal Runs added soon (Meth, Uranium, Platinum and LSD) We have more scripts but I will leave that part for you to find out!
  13. LNS Altis Life Teamspeak: Website: www.lugnutzstudios.life LNS is back! After being shut down January of last year we are back to deliver a new and improved life experience. Without giving too much away we hope you will join us and check us out! Key Features: $5 Million Start Expanded Talent Tree Custom Skins Custom Scripts A new reinvigorated Kavala Experienced Staff and Developers with 3+ Years of Arma Server Experience Screenshots to come
  14. Hey! My name is Nick and I want to introduce you to our Altis Life RP project named "ILLICIT". I'm here today to present you what I and my dev team have been working on for over two months now. As we all know, there is an incredible amount of Altis Life servers and competition is undeniably miles ahead with their development and player base but we are here to give it a shot regardless as we believe we have something to offer! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Let's start with a catchphrase as old as Altis
  15. Hello all my names Plod and I am here to present a Altis Life server. We have been up for around a month and a half now and we have a well established player base of Police, Staff, Gangs and players hitting 30 - 50 players weekdays and 50+ weekends. If you are seeking not a huge server but one that recognises your indivisual talents come check us out @ts.innovationrp.co.uk or www.innovationrp.co.uk. Features: - Custom edited map - Tuning Shop - Sleek HUD - Custom Y Menu - Innovative Trunk Menu - Vechile Insurance - Custom Sounds - Custom Skins
  16. Intro First off I just wanna say no, were not the best Altis Life server out there i'm not gonna be fake and lie i'm going to be straight up with you. Although that may be the case, we/I have put a lot of time and dedication into the server and taken every advice tips we thought were worthy. I am a stand-alone dev but have a good partnership with the people that come onto our Altis Life server. A lot of the time when people say they have "custom" ___ most of the time it's taken straight from the forums.. We actually put the time into making most / almost all of what is on our server
  17. Cancer, Cancer is the one word to describe now a day Altis Life community's. Either you finally get a kill after grinding for hours and they report you for RDM or your walk down the street and get passenger seated. Over populated "Roleplay" servers are what i am describing here. I think I found more "Roleplay" on Call of Duty. Time for a change. Time for Oracle Hub. Come check us our on our new Roleplay Altis Life Server with clean HUDs and sleek development allowing you and all fellow players to maximize your Roleplay experience. With high FPS and great map work you can extend your combat ski
  18. We have recently launched our Altis Life Server and would like to welcome you to it. I'd also like to thank this forums for the scripts that can be found and maverick applications for the brilliant scripts available for the public. Details can be found below. Features Seatbelts [https://www.altisliferpg.com/topic/306-tutorial-seatbelts/] Zipties, blindfolds and gags [https://www.altisliferpg.com/topic/1521-tutorial-zipties-revised-fully-working-with-gag-and-blindfolds/] Intro Text [https://www.altisliferpg.com/topic/33-tutorial-intro-text/] Professional Looking HUD [https://www
  19. COME JOIN REVIVAL ROLEPLAY FOR SERIOUS ROLEPLAY, POLICE CHASES, SHOOTOUTS, DRUG RUNS, AND MUCH MORE! Hello I am James ORyan from Revival Roleplay. I am a Senior Admin here and I have come to advertise here because we are a fairly new server and we need more players who want to roleplay and have fun. This server is an american based server previously an english based server. Our mission is to bring the best roleplay possible to our server. We currently are in our late dev stage, adding little scripts, more skins, customizing map, and we need players to put that all to use.
  20. Hey guys got this server, in development but its gonna be fun. wanting to put a larger player base together for it. Im looking for anyone interested in playing We have an Altis checkpoint to add more dynamics to our server and much more. We are not a server that is just a basic not edited not fun server, we wanna give everyone the fun time we all know from Arma III Originality RP | 50k Start | Checkpoint | Hiring Staff | The Fun Time We Remember In Arma Discord : https://discord.gg/Eq5a2jM IP : Port : 41000 Also Add Me on Steam for Questi
  21. Electro-Inf “Fun and Ethical Gaming” Senior Management team at Electro-Inf have invited you to join this new upcoming server. We have a strong stable staff team with brilliant developers who are always willing to hear new ideas and implement them ingame to make the roleplay of the server even better. Anyone who has dedicated time and brought new ideas to our staff team will be rewarded in game. Here at Electro-Inf we are looking for hardcore roleplay. We do not take rulebreakers easy and they will face punishment. We strive to have the best roleplay
  22. Men of Altis is a new life server. We have a police department, medical service, and national guard. Both legal and illegal item runs can be done, with low barriers to entry. Atm's are dispersed throughout the map for easy and expedited deposits. onto the server. Also, the police and medic forces are looking for new trainees. We have a dedicated staff who are always welcome to new suggestions. IP: Screenshot: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1170797780
  23. Autor: Blackfisch How it looks like ingame: 1. Download the Folder form here: https://github.com/BlackFisch/AttachableLightbar Add the Fils in the right Folders !!! 2. Open your init.sqf and add: emergLight_vehicles = []; { emergLight_vehicles pushBack (configName _x); } forEach ("true" configClasses (missionConfigFile >> "emergLightVehicles")); 2. Go in your description.ext and search: #include "config\Config_Master.hpp" add direct under: #include "Config_EmergLights.hpp" 4. Open your CfgRemoteExec.hpp and add F(bf_fnc_ligh
  24. Destiny-Roleplay Destiny-Roleplay is a high quality server with good staff! The server is new and is constantly being supplied with top quality updates. Content includes a custom map, custom jobs/trades, advanced rebel, apex DLC vehicles, gang perks! With new things being added every day! Come and join us at Destiny-Roleplay now to fulfil all your roleplaying needs! Server info below. Game server IP: TeamSpeak IP: Website: http://www.destiny-roleplay.com/
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