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Found 9 results

  1. Server Status - Early Development Islandia Life? Islandia life is a new and exciting life project set up by a group of experienced players, Islandia life has been created to go back to roleplay, we focus on a hard-core experience allowing you to be what you want and get a slice of the Icelandic life. Why play with us? We are the First community to Roleplay as Iceland We offer a unique and varied experience Dedicated and understanding Staff members willing to put the time into the project. Proper roleplay experience, stories, events, businesses and more. We will never accept toxic players in and push for a equal and fun culture Ability to be who you want to be We take the focus away from combat. A map designed for Roleplay that looks good! Unique map design which is away from the standard temperate/tropical island seen in life servers Fresh experiences, events that you can start, ability to live legaly and still make good money. Our Planned Features Realistic Icelandic Weather Forcasts Blizzards! Icelands weather can be deadily so make sure you wrap up warm, the Blizzards can get you spun around and lost, luckily there are Search and rescue teams waiting to save you! Northen Lights Yes northen lights you heard me! Iceland is located in the north hemisphere and in the winter the northen lights foracst is quite frequently high and lets just say there a wonder of this world and it wouldnt be right to make this map and not include them so look out for them on release! Landmarks Here you can see Hallgrímskirkja this is a well known tourist attraction of icelandic loacated in the city of reykjavik, we will be including landmarks like this in the map. Blue Laggon More Planned Features Here: Click me We plan to include more features as we progress on. What We Are Looking For ! Staff We are looking for eager staff members looking to be apart of the next cool thing, we strive for the dedication and special bond between members of happy and friendly staff that will get along with people no matter what nationality,culture and background and to keep profession and high standards at all times, we are looking for people that can speak English and possibly Icelandic as a bonus but its not a requirement, we aim to have active staff covering a wide range of time zones so there is constant monitoring. Development We are looking for developers of these abilitys at the current moment: Texturing Modeling Terrain Developing Scripting If you want to be apart of the project please join the discrord and message me or a member of managment. Investors and contributions If you are intrested and wanna help us out in someway go and check out our Pateron where you can help us with up keep,updates and payments. You Got Any Qustions ? Contact me,staff or a developer Discrod
  2. Hello, I hope you are all doing well. Here in Misfits Life, we offer mods to improve the experience and time when in our server. Mods for many new vehicles from cars, to motorcycles to trucks. We also have done away with the vanilla weapons, and we have plant growing mechanics. We have salvage missions for shipwrecks, among the turtle poaching. We have a mod map we are working on getting set up so we can get away from Altis. We do have more ideas for future mods to improve further the realism and amount we have to offer our community. We do have server events lined up which we plan to have with others with prizes. We have a Discord for talking and socializing along with getting assistance . We do have Teamspeak with Task Force Radio for in game to boost the immersion and does make things easier for hearing others in game. Our server does have a guide with rules and server information. Our mods are listed under the Arma 3 Launcher. We hope to see you join, and if any feedback is given it would be appreciated. In the Arma 3 Launcher, search Misfits and it will show up as one of the first servers. Our server info is Server IP: Port: 2317. We dont require any Arma DLC, just our mods. The mods need to be downloaded through the Misfits server menu in the launcher. Just use the drop down menu, and go to Mods: then more details or you select Join and it will bring up the mods needed and select "Setup DLCS and Mods and join." We do a mod pack in the steam workshop. Search Misfits and a Misfits Altis Life, by bobdike. The screenshots shown some of what we have to offer our players so far. We do have people active every day in game, and in Discord. Here is our Discord: https://discord.gg/XAuk9B7 Sincerely, Nova Cain, Logan Sanders, and ThugPug98
  3. Hello Everyone, My name is James and I am one of the Staff members over on Arma Life Roleplay. We are a community of more than 17,000 registered members, with a high member activity rate. The community was founded in late 2016. We are a Roleplay based Arma 3 Life community with our own custom made modpack, unique framework and features you have probably never seen before. The Communities Staff and Management team is very experienced in running communities and many of us have been with the Community from the very beginning. We very recently have relaunched back on our Original Lakeside map with many new features and additions thanks to our talented development team. There are many Perks and Opportunities that await you upon joining. Not only is the starting money set high and server events being regularly held but the most exciting part is that you can choose from over 170 gangs to take over for free. This includes custom textures and gang shops. The server is made so you don't have to grind, and is very fun oriented,therefore an enjoyable and fun experience is ensured. We have an active player base as well as an active & mature staff team. Our development team is comprised of very talented individuals that bring in new content on a consistent basis. If you have any questions feel free to join the Teamspeak Server and/or our Discord server which you can find the invite link to on our Community website @armaliferp.co.uk. Server Features: Unique Framework Regular Server events Dynamic Economy Skill point (perk) system Custom map High starting money (100k) Less Grind, easier farming (applies for illegal & legal jobs) Casino Random weapon crate system Gambling system (blackjack, slots and more) Fully custom Interfaces & Menus Easy money making system Evidence collecting/destroying system Evidence Locker Raid Gang Bases Capturable gang hideouts Interior Prison Breaks Capturable Cartel convoys with big rewards Gang Zones Gang Warfare Gold Reserve Robberies Capturable Gold convoys with big rewards Bank Robberies D.O.C/Jail Raids Blackmarket Custom Gang uniforms & vehicle textures Custom Gang shops Capturable Bandit convoys with big rewards Job system with many jobs Custom vehicle tuning shop Custom buildings Insurance system Police Database Advanced drug farming system Various factions (LSPD,LVMS, DOJ) Gas Station & Store robberies Enhanced movement And many more. Community Information: Website: armaliferp.co.uk Teamspeak IP: ts.armaliferp.co.uk Server IP: | Port: 2302 | Alternatively, search for ALRP via Filter. Download information can be found on the Website and Teamspeak. Please do not hesitate to consult Staff with any questions or concerns you might have. We hope to see you on the Server! Many Thanks, ALRP Staff Team
  4. Hello Altis Life Forums, My names Kermit the community manager for the new and updated Urban Sky gaming community. I want to extend a warm welcome on behalf of all of the staff and players at Urban Sky Gaming . We are a modded server with a custom Kelley's Island Map, custom scripts and a fully detailed and immersive experience. Made for players by players. While I can talk a big game, about how many custom scripts we have in our server including item crafting, custom business and phone systems We all here at USG have been playing Arma 3 for many years now and have over 5 years of RP experience each for our upper level management team. Our developers are also highly versed and great at what they do, most anything you could want in the server they can get it done. I wont bore you with too much talk as of now I would much rather you guys come and experience this server for yourselves and let us all know what you enjoy and how we can improve. Highlights of our server: Realistic prices and economy. $25,000 USD Starting Funds. Custom Gang Bases and hideouts. Customs Businesses. Active Staff. Active Cops and EMTs (ALWAYS LOOKING TO HIRE MORE TO OUR TEAMS) Custom Vehicle Skins Paired with a huge selection of modded vehicles 150 plus realistic cars. Custom tuning shop with underglow nitro and custom paint-jobs. Vehicle Insurance. Custom Housing Options. Unique crafting system that includes cars, guns and many more items for an extended RP experience. Custom building including some amazing Emergency Service Buildings and custom civilian assets to further enhance RP opportunities (Beware of the cartels and gangs, the government assets operating in the area) Events and prizes for both civilians and emergency personnel. Safe zones to allow new players to get established in the city and to work on RP without fear of being shot robbed or bullied while gaining a foothold a system that benefits both new players and veterans of the RP community. There are so so many things to do on the Island and we cant wait to share and show them with you. I wont bore you any longer with what we having going on rather I would just show you. Come check us out with the links below and if you have any questions contact me here through email or discord. Teamspeak: Discord: discord.gg/KZXbVhP Email: [email protected] Server Info: Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Hope to see everyone real soon.
  5. deleted
  6. Notorious Roleplay A3L Community ($100,000 Start) We are a new and upcoming A3l Sunset Valley server that would like to expand our player base and presence in the modded Arma 3 community. We have a great dedicated staff team that will help with anything that you may request and will be active 24/7. You will be playing on a NEW map called Sunset Valley which is filled with fun aspects to take part in as well as weekly server events that everyone is welcomed too. Our well structured police force will bring you closer to the action and will bring greater immersion. We also still have positions open in the EMS, Police and much more so if you’re interested, join today! Here at Notorious Roleplay we pride ourselves on our amazing, hard working staff team which will try their best to help you in any situation. Anyone is welcome here and when you join Notorious Roleplay, you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself and meet new people that you can roam around the new and improved map. Some Mods & Features CBA_A3 Arma 3 Enhanced Movement Arma 3 Enhanced Interaction Task Force Radio Ear Plugs A realistic prison aspect Ace Medical (will soon be implemented) Gestures Custom new and improved map A race track And a whole lot more Image of Map and vehicles Sunset City Department Of Corrections Gold Reserve Some of our top Cars From our Mods Extra info Website: http://www.notoriousroleplay.co.uk/ Teamspeak: ts3.notoriousroleplay.co.uk Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/NotoriousRoleplay#
  7. Disclaimer: This server is a work in progress, and some features may not yet be complete. TS³: Website: a3life.enjin.com (temporarily WIP with ads.) Server IP: We are an Arma 3 Life server running on Lakeside, with some custom scripts and some mixed scripts from CL3, CG, and A3PL. We are a steadily growing community working towards getting a stable player base, with people who play on a daily basis. We strictly enforce the use of RP in game, however we do allow contact through external VoIPs, but meta-gaming will be punished. Our staff team does its best to keep the community fun for everyone, and the server is updated on a regular basis with new scripts and bug fixes. Due to being a modded server, you are required to download mods, however they can be found on the steam workshop for quick download and easy access. Some General Info you may want to know: We have donations, however they do not give an unfair advantage, due to Bohemia's Terms of Service. The servers are up 24/7 with minimal downtime. We are searching for Police We are searching for EMS We are searching for Staff We do not tolerate any hacking or RDM, and encourage these to be reported. Experienced Senior Administration team. Experienced Heads of Police and EMS forces. We guarantee you will have a great time playing on the server (Provided that we get a nice playerbase) This post will be updated as time progresses. Pictures and video footage will be added soon.
  8. Hello, and thank you for your interest in VERTEX GAMING. I will keep it short and simple for those who wish to not read a whole book.We at VERTEX GAMING took a new turn on roleplay, we have a lot of custom stuff, and a well experienced team of administrators. We are looking for players that wish to play on our server. We have open positions in the police department and the ESU department. (Some may not be available.) We are looking for all kinds of players, we don't care where your from, what your name is or how old you are. We just want you to have fun. We want to be one community, one for all and all for one. I myself, can guarantee you this: I'm having a lot of fun here, and I think you will too. but thi is a hardcore roleplay server. its a new map and great place to play. we got a lot of new things coming and plans for the server If you are interested Here is our teamspeak: vertexgaming.net Here is our website: http://vertexgaming.net I hope to see you soon! Regards, VERTEX GAMING here a link to a police preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNilu_LYUz8 Here is how to download the mods: Down below!!
  9. Hello everyone! I'm Veteran , the Founder + Head Game Developer over at OPG. (Over Powered Gamers). Today I'm here to share my awesome new Lakeside Valley server. I've been working on A3 projects for a while , mainly life mods. Through a long experience , i've taught myself the coding. Learnt the framework off the back of my hand. (My experience is shown in my life mod "Capital Life" , which is Chernarus RP.) The unique aspects of my Lakeside server are as listed: Mafia System (Still a heavy W.I.P) Each Police Department (eg DTU) gets their own base Many more assets Well maintained map (will , and is , frequently updated. With new buildings added etc) Much more! We are based upon the old "Critical Gaming" server file. But unlike most people , I have been given a full go-ahead by my friends over at CG. (He is the Project Lead / Manager) AKA one rank below the Financial Managers. Over at OPG Lakeside we already have many people trained , and rearing to go. Chief Commissioner , Asst. Chief Commissioner , DTU Captain , Lakeside Patrol Captain and finally EMS Chief / Captain. We are also still recruiting for all the other ranks , the most needed being SERT Captain. Thanks for Reading! If you're interested please check us out at : CapitallifeOPG (Our site has the REPO link , TS IP + Server IP listed.) Cheers! Veteran...
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