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Found 6 results

  1. Hello guys, today I'm releasing out another notification system but this one is inspired from Arma 3 Project Life's one. It took me like five minutes to create this, so I'm releasing it with installation guide. Create "fn_notificationSystem_new.sqf" in "core\functions" and add in the file you just created this code: /* Author: PiterChannel Description: Activates the notification system Syntax: 1) [colour,"Welcome"] spawn life_fnc_notificationSystem_new; 2) _msg = format ["Welcome %1", name player]; [colour,_msg] spawn life_fnc_notificationSystem_new; */ params ["_colore","_messaggio
  2. AlaskaVet posted a tutorial to add the Takwondo, knee bends and pushups, but there are additional gestures which can be added to your server by similar commands. Same as with AlaskaVets tutorial, you just need to add this to you fn_keyhandler to enable these cool gestures. They are similar to what you would have seen in Arma3Life....except there is no middle finger gesture case 2: { if(vehicle player isEqualTo player) then { if(!life_action_inUse) then { player playActionNow "gestureHi"; }; }; }; case 3: { if(vehicle player isEqualTo player) then {
  3. How to add custom spawn points: Difficulty: EASY For adding spawn points that require a certain license: Step 1: Open your mission file in the editor, and create a new marker and place it where you want the player to spawn. There CANNOT be any spaces in the name, if you wish to use a space use _ as a replacement. So one e.g. could be gang_spawn_1 or just gang_spawn.. It really doesn't matter, just make sure the marker name doesn't already exist. Step 1: Open up Config_SpawnPoints.hpp and find which side (cop,civ,med) you want to add the spawn to. The process is the exact sa
  4. ANIMAL TRACKING DESCRIPTION It can help finding animals when you are hunting by informing you about nearby animals (sheep, goats, roosters and hens). It provides information about the type of animals, it's generic distance and generic direction. In order to keep it realistic like real hunting tracking, it does not provide compass bearings but directions relative to where you are facing (ahead, right, left, behind) actually dividing your relative orientation circle in quadrants. The distance information also simulates the way a hunters looks for animal traces so "very recent tr
  5. TRAILER INFORMATIONS Le serveur est un serveur RP sur la map Tanoa, 140 slots. Il reboot tous les jours à 02h/08h/14h/20h. PRÉSENTATION GÉNÉRALE EYL Reborn est un serveur moddé et FULL RP ayant pour carte les magnifiques îles de Tanoa. L'histoire se déroule en 2035, le gouvernement a très récemment ouvert ses portes à l'immigration et, malgré les avantages qui en découlent, il semblerait que les activités criminelles ont fait leurs apparitions ! A vous de choisir votre voie mais sachez que si vous tombez dans la criminalité, des portes se fermeront peut-
  6. I had a look for the new SQL file for the 4.4r3 but unfortunately the topic that had the update has been moved or removed. SO I was wondering if anyone has the update for 4.4r3, I can't seem to find it on github either, there is an sql for 4.4. but unfortunately I need the r3 so my database stops throwing a tanty. Thanks.
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