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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I am totally new in installing servers ... a few days ago I installed version 5.0.0 without any problems but decided to change because the free "robstore" and "robatm" scripts did not work for 5.0.0 and I read in Comments that worked for older versions of altis life if they worked. But now I can not install the server 4.4r3 correctly when I enter the server I get the message "Setting up client, please wait" Thanks to everybody and check sorry for my english... MY RPT:
  2. AlaskaVet posted a tutorial to add the Takwondo, knee bends and pushups, but there are additional gestures which can be added to your server by similar commands. Same as with AlaskaVets tutorial, you just need to add this to you fn_keyhandler to enable these cool gestures. They are similar to what you would have seen in Arma3Life....except there is no middle finger gesture case 2: { if(vehicle player isEqualTo player) then { if(!life_action_inUse) then { player playActionNow "gestureHi"; }; }; }; case 3: { if(vehicle player isEqualTo player) then { if(!life_action_inUse) then { player playActionNow "gestureHiC"; }; }; }; case 4: { if(vehicle player isEqualTo player) then { if(!life_action_inUse) then { player playActionNow "gestureHiB"; }; }; }; case 5: { if(vehicle player isEqualTo player) then { if(!life_action_inUse) then { player playActionNow "gesturenod"; }; }; }; These are bound to keys 1-4, there are lot's more gestures you can add using the same code...they can be found here (Cntrl F and look for gestures): https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/playAction/actions
  3. How to add custom spawn points: Difficulty: EASY For adding spawn points that require a certain license: Step 1: Open your mission file in the editor, and create a new marker and place it where you want the player to spawn. There CANNOT be any spaces in the name, if you wish to use a space use _ as a replacement. So one e.g. could be gang_spawn_1 or just gang_spawn.. It really doesn't matter, just make sure the marker name doesn't already exist. Step 1: Open up Config_SpawnPoints.hpp and find which side (cop,civ,med) you want to add the spawn to. The process is the exact same for every side. (For this example I will be adding a civilian spawn). Step 2: Make a new class, it is easier to just copy and paste the above class and then adjust it. New class CAN look like this: class Gang { //"Gang" can be anything you want! displayName = "Gang Spawn"; //this is the display name that will appear on the spawn selection menu! spawnMarker = "gang_spawn_3"; //this needs to be the exact same name as the spawn marker you named in the editor! icon = "textures\spawnicons\spawnciv.paa"; //This is the icon that will appear next to the display name, if any. [64x64] licenses[] = { { "gang", true } }; //"gang" is the license required to be able to spawn at the new spawn. We will add the license in the next step! level[] = { "", "", -1 }; //leave this alone }; Now for the license: Open up Config_Licenses and again, find which side you want to add the license to. Copy the above class and then adjust it like this: class Gang { //must be the same class as the class name in Config_SpawnPoints.hpp variable = "gang"; //must also be the same as the variable in "Config_Spawnpoints.hpp displayName = "STR_License_Gang"; //just change the last word (Gang) to whatever you want price = 75000; //The price for buying the license! Does not matter if you don't want people to be able to buy it, and only want to manually add it through the database. illegal = true; //is the license illegal? side = "civ"; //which side is this license for? *IMPORTANT* }; For adding spawn points that do NOT require a license: Literally just do the exact same process, but do not touch Config_Licenses! And make sure you get rid of the License name in : licenses[] = { { "gang", true } }; So it should look like this if you do not want a license to be required: licenses[] = { { "", true } };
  4. ANIMAL TRACKING DESCRIPTION It can help finding animals when you are hunting by informing you about nearby animals (sheep, goats, roosters and hens). It provides information about the type of animals, it's generic distance and generic direction. In order to keep it realistic like real hunting tracking, it does not provide compass bearings but directions relative to where you are facing (ahead, right, left, behind) actually dividing your relative orientation circle in quadrants. The distance information also simulates the way a hunters looks for animal traces so "very recent traces" means less than 50m away, "recent" means 50-100 meters and "old" means 100-200 meters. It works only when you are on foot (not on a vehicle). In order to use that, you have to purchase the introduced Virtual Item "Hunting Kit", available at the Market. It is tested in 4.4r3 and works without any problems. I hope, I did not forget anything. The script is written by me so there are no copyright issues. You may use it in your servers or modify it to serve your needs. Just don't sell it as is, since it is a free offer to the community. I hope you have some amusing time in the Hunting Grounds. INSTALLATION STEP 1. At your mission folder, go inside core\items, create a new file and name it fn_huntingKit.sqf. Then paste in it the following code: /* File: fn_huntingKit.sqf Author: Nikos (Ravenheart) Description: Hunting Kit helps to track animals. To be used at the Hunting Area. */ private["_foundAnimal","_foundDistance","_foundDirection"]; closeDialog 0; _check_animals = ["Hen_Random_F","Cock_Random_F","Goat_Random_F","Sheep_Random_F"]; //What animals to look for. _check_distance = 200; //How should the kit look. if (vehicle player != player) exitWith {hint "You cannot examine the ground from within a vehicle!"}; _track = [typeof (nearestObjects [player, _check_animals, _check_distance] select 0), getpos player distance getpos (nearestObjects [player, _check_animals, _check_distance] select 0), player getreldir (nearestObjects [player, _check_animals, _check_distance] select 0)]; _foundAnimal = "void"; if (_track select 0 == "Hen_Random_F") then {_foundAnimal = "Hen";}; if (_track select 0 == "Cock_Random_F") then {_foundAnimal = "Rooster";}; if (_track select 0 == "Goat_Random_F") then {_foundAnimal = "Goat";}; if (_track select 0 == "Sheep_Random_F") then {_foundAnimal = "Sheep";}; if (_track select 0 == "Rabbit_F") then {_foundAnimal = "Rabbit";}; _foundDistance = "Old"; if (_track select 1 <= 100) then {_foundDistance = "Recent";}; if (_track select 1 <= 50) then {_foundDistance = "Very Recent";}; _foundDirection = "Ahead"; if (_track select 2 >= 45 && _track select 2 < 135) then {_foundDirection = "to the Right";}; if (_track select 2 >= 135 && _track select 2 < 225) then {_foundDirection = "Behind";}; if (_track select 2 >= 225 && _track select 2 < 315) then {_foundDirection = "to the Left";}; if (_foundAnimal == "void") then { hint "No traces of animals found"; } else { hint format ["There are %1 traces of a %2 leading %3.",_foundDistance,_foundAnimal,_foundDirection]; }; STEP 2. Open core\pmenu\fn_useItem.sqf, find switch (true) do { and right below that paste the following code, so you have a new "case" statement: case (_item isEqualTo "huntingKit"): { [] spawn life_fnc_huntingKit; }; STEP 3. Open Config_vItems.hpp, find class market { name = "STR_Shops_Market"; side = "civ"; license = ""; level[] = { "", "", -1, "" }; items[] = { "waterBottle", "rabbit", "apple", "redgull", "tbacon", "pickaxe", "toolkit", "fuelFull", "peach", "storagesmall", "storagebig", "rabbit_raw", "hen_raw", "rooster_raw", "sheep_raw" }; }; and add the Hunting Kit item in the items[] line so it looks similar to the following (I have added it before the pickaxe: class market { name = "STR_Shops_Market"; side = "civ"; license = ""; level[] = { "", "", -1, "" }; items[] = { "waterBottle", "rabbit", "apple", "redgull", "tbacon", "huntingKit", "pickaxe", "toolkit", "fuelFull", "peach", "storagesmall", "storagebig", "rabbit_raw", "hen_raw", "rooster_raw", "sheep_raw" }; }; STEP 4. In the same file, find: class pickaxe { variable = "pickaxe"; displayName = "STR_Item_Pickaxe"; weight = 2; buyPrice = 750; sellPrice = 350; illegal = false; edible = -1; icon = "icons\ico_pickaxe.paa"; }; ..and right after, add this: class huntingKit { variable = "huntingKit"; displayName = "STR_Item_huntingKit"; weight = 2; buyPrice = 800; sellPrice = 300; illegal = false; edible = -1; icon = "icons\ico_huntingKit.paa"; }; STEP 5. In your Mission folder, open Functions.hpp, inside the Class Items block add this as a new line: class huntingKit {}; STEP 6. In your Mission folder, open stringtable.xml, find: <Key ID="STR_Item_Pickaxe"> <Original>Pickaxe</Original> <Czech>Krumpáč</Czech> <Spanish>Pico</Spanish> <Russian></Russian> <German>Spitzhacke</German> <French>Pioche</French> <Italian>Piccone</Italian> <Portuguese>Picareta</Portuguese> <Polish>Kilof</Polish> </Key> ..and right after that add this: <Key ID="STR_Item_huntingKit"> <Original>Hunting Kit</Original> </Key> STEP 7. In your Mission folder, open Config_Master.hpp, find: saved_virtualItems[] = { "pickaxe","fuelEmpty","fuelFull","spikeStrip","lockpick","boltcutter","blastingcharge","defuseKit","storageSmall","storageBig","redgull","coffee","waterBottle","apple","peach","tbacon","donuts","rabbit","salema","ornate","mackerel","tuna","mullet","catshark","turtle_soup","hen","rooster","sheep","goat","defibrillator","toolkit" }; //Array of virtual items that can be saved on your player. ..and add the Hunting Kit so it look similar to this: saved_virtualItems[] = { "pickaxe","huntingKit","fuelEmpty","fuelFull","spikeStrip","lockpick","boltcutter","blastingcharge","defuseKit","storageSmall","storageBig","redgull","coffee","waterBottle","apple","peach","tbacon","donuts","rabbit","salema","ornate","mackerel","tuna","mullet","catshark","turtle_soup","hen","rooster","sheep","goat","defibrillator","toolkit" }; //Array of virtual items that can be saved on your player. STEP 8. Finally, in your Mission folder, open the icons folder and put the ico_huntingKit.paa file: ico_huntingKit.paa
  5. TRAILER INFORMATIONS Le serveur est un serveur RP sur la map Tanoa, 140 slots. Il reboot tous les jours à 02h/08h/14h/20h. PRÉSENTATION GÉNÉRALE EYL Reborn est un serveur moddé et FULL RP ayant pour carte les magnifiques îles de Tanoa. L'histoire se déroule en 2035, le gouvernement a très récemment ouvert ses portes à l'immigration et, malgré les avantages qui en découlent, il semblerait que les activités criminelles ont fait leurs apparitions ! A vous de choisir votre voie mais sachez que si vous tombez dans la criminalité, des portes se fermeront peut-être pour vous ! Pour une meilleure immersion dans votre aventure, le TaskForce Radio est activé et obligatoire. Le Staff est à l'écoute des attentes et remarques des joueurs, ce sont eux qui jouent donc le serveur est développé pour eux ! Enfin, pas de système donateur chez nous, vous êtes libres d'effectuer une donation au serveur afin de payer les charges mensuelles mais vous n'en tirerez aucun avantage. L'ensemble du contenu du serveur est disponible à tous et ne dépend pas de votre porte-monnaie. Le forum est une partie intégrante du jeu, il dispose d'une vraie partie RP qui entre dans la continuité de votre gameplay et tout ce qui y est inscrit est connu de tous, RP parlant. Nul n'est censé ignorer le forum. Par exemple, pas de zones de capture sur notre serveur, vous passerez par le forum pour revendiquer un territoire et à vous de faire le nécessaire pour faire respecter vos revendications. Les lois y sont inscrites également, à vous de vous tenir au courant des éventuelles modifications qui pourraient êtres faites par la Gendarmerie ou le Gouverneur. GAMEPLAY CONTENU EN CONCLUSION Un vrai gameplay civil Du contenu inédit (+20 nouveaux véhicules) et original (vêtements) Champs illégaux cachés et déplaçable si la Gendarmerie les trouve, Mine de Diamant caché mais jamais déplacé Le mod TaskForceRadio qui permet une immersion totale dans vos interactions RP Farming par Hélicoptère nerf (coût au temps de vol) pour privilégier les rencontres terrestres Trois factions (civil, criminels et gendarmes) aux gameplays complet, aucun n'est dérisoire Possibilité de créer votre entreprise (licite ou non) et de la faire grandir Des bâtiments clés inédits (bientôt) Des mécaniques de jeu original (faire pousser vos plantes, braquages de PNJ évolué, banque aux différents procédés...) Un staff à l'écoute Serveur FULL RP Pas de grade donateur, vous avez accès à l'ensemble du contenu du serveur quelques soient vos moyens Pas de véhicule de guerre (blindé, HMG) Faction criminelles limités et whitelistés NOUS REJOINDRE Site : www.eyl-reborn.fr TS : ts3b.engine-serv.com:9004 Forum : forum.eyl-reborn.fr
  6. I had a look for the new SQL file for the 4.4r3 but unfortunately the topic that had the update has been moved or removed. SO I was wondering if anyone has the update for 4.4r3, I can't seem to find it on github either, there is an sql for 4.4. but unfortunately I need the r3 so my database stops throwing a tanty. Thanks.
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