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    • Rozo

      Donations   09/18/2016

        We've added a donation block on the right side. All of those donation goes directly to the developer of Altis Life mod ( currently BoGuu ). None of that money is used to maintain the forum. In the future we might add a donation button to support the forum, but for now we want to encourage the developer because they went through a lot. To discuss this topic - Here
    • Shakir Darwish

      IS YOUR SERVER BROKEN SINCE 1.64 UPDATE?   09/22/2016

      If your server is broken since 1.64 go check this link thanks. https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/issues/104
    • Rozo

      Sad Day   01/04/2017

      Good evening community of Altis Life RPG, Today was a sad day. We learned the hard way that one of the helper was using his status and visibility on the forum to do things i wouldn't imagine.  We were warned about this user in the beginning, we talked about his behavior and he said that they were things of the past. We were fooled.
      Unfortunately, he fooled other community members by selling stolen content and impersonating his role as a developer in another community. Here's a remember of one of the rules on our forum, No selling scripts, snippets, or services.   So if anyone come across someone who's selling his services, scripts or whatever, Report them. Especially if it's coming from an Helper, Mod, Admin. No one in the staff should ask for money, we already mention this when we reopened the forum and that rule is here to stay.

      We can't be sorry enough for what happen here, for any harm it as caused among other communities, for money that shouldn't been spent and we truly hope this doesn't happen again.

      As for the user in question, he is now banned from our forum and discord and we wish to never cross his path again.
        If there's anything we can do hit us on Discord or send a message to an admin.
      Thanks, Rozo.


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  1. Closed

    no matter what you add to the mission / server it can be removed faster than you can typed it up, what im trying to say is no matter what you do to prevent someone there will always be away around just depends how much time someone is willing to put in to. jezz gta, asylum, rpuk files are all leaked think they dont do things to make the files secure? they all do but there ether someone decrpting or a rouge dev, just as deadless was saying carful who you trust as if you have unique scripts they will be someone always trying to get them or leak them
  2. Have a laugh with InifiStar!

    What is funny is typing [''infishit'' ] or [''killme'',''/killme'',''kill me'',''/kill me'',''/suicide'',''suicide''] in any chat group, side, direct or whatever. on a server with infistar You will Get a nice ban / kick for it
  3. License Menu

    @God-father init=" this addAction [localize ""STR_MAR_DMV"" ,life_fnc_licenses,""DMV""];"; You missed the double "" at the start and end of STR_MAR_DMV and at the start and end of DMV
  4. New App

    Tell us about yourself: What skills do you possess that you feel will help you do well as a helper? ~~ I 'm a very talanted developer, With skills in c++, c#, SQL, Php, Html, Css, Sqf, Plus a few more, Also i enjoy giving back to the comunity that help Have you ever been banned/kicked ( if yes please specify why )? ~~Never have a don't plan to niether Your date of birth: / / / ~~ d.o.b: 24 of July 1996 *Im (22) this year* What's your experience with SQF and SQL languages, or other sorts of Arma related development? ~~ Can build pretty much anything from scatch, Sqf, sqm, C++ ,h++ . What is the first thing you would like to change about the forums(Nothing? then NA)? ~~ N\A Do you have Discord? ~~ Yes .... Name: Ni1kko |#0633 Do you have any problems working with other staff members? ~~Nope, Along as they can follow the site rules. i have no problems. I treat others how id like to be treated. Why do you want to be a Helper? ~~I See this as a great opertunity to give back to alrpg, i like to help people and i have alot of spare time. How would you deal with someone being rude towards members? ~~ That would depend severity, first a verbal warning then raise the issue with someone higher if it continues If you were to become a helper, would a moderator position be appealing to you as well in the future? ~~I would like more details on this before anwsering, like what would be required of me to do. Also i use ipboard Forums too so know what im doing .
  5. License Menu

    I can confirm this fully working on 4.4 with @noms || ANGRY Fix.... Also Would like to add that it works without his fix but your puchased lics don't dissaper .Meaning you can still Can buy the same license regardless wether you own it . @ZippyMaybe the MAIN POST can be edited with @noms || ANGRY Fix.....
  6. [Tutorial] Vehicle Insurance

    not to sure how to update that been using extdb2 since 4.4 updated everything else but that just seem like it was unnecessary as everything works sweet no errors. what benefits are they going from extdb2 too 3 ? , also i never said it was error with his post just merely making him aware that a vital text part is in a different language. might look into updating the extdb tho.
  7. [Tutorial] Vehicle Insurance

    might want to update this part of the post to this : (_vehicleInfo select 12), _vehicleColor, [_insurancePrice] call life_fnc_numberText, if(_insurance == 1) then {"<t color='#8cff9b'>Insured</t>"} else {"<t color='#FF0000'>No insurance</t>"}, (_vehicleInfo select 9) ]; if(_insurance == 1) then { ctrlShow [97480,False]; }else{ ctrlShow [97480,True]; }; REASON : that part in yours is in french , apart from that thanks, working perfect on altis rpg v5 & extdb2
  8. [Release] Zipties | Blindfolds and Gags | 4.4r3+

    thanks, works perfect
  9. [Tutorial] Advanced Banking System, With Pins.

    help, I use altis life 5 + extDB2. The bank System work´s but you have to enter your Pin every time you login in as a civ . Cops & Medic's are fine only asks for pin once but the civ ask's everytime, i checked by db it does update The Pin Line. But when someone logs on to the server as a civ, they must enter thier pin again. Ive no idea why, help on how to fix this would be gratefully appricated thanks in advance .