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  1. The rpt ar so big because its a modded server and it tracks a lot of thing. about the other files: Dont need the logs , is the only error related to this @dexatrin82.
  2. Everything is set up propely... Take a look on as it is the important part (because when i try to retrieve the car, it repats that part.) It only works to save cars in garaje and to buy them. Cant be database... have tried with everything and it adds the card propelly to the DB. Thanks PD: cant upload RPT, its so long that the navigator crrashes (not long because of errors XDDDD)
  3. Y a ti quien te dijo eso XDDD serás karnal. ACLARACION: no fue mi idea. 🤣🤣
  4. @imthatguyhereand what about the problem I have when accumulating notifications? What happens is when the 1st appear, the the 2nd appear over the 1st, and when 3rd appear, the first goes down but the second stays below the 3rd and a bucle... Any help?
  5. it isnt giving any number in RPT, i have done what u said
  6. oh ok im so sorry, so how would i test the ctrlTextHeight ??? i mean with the script parameters, you know.. tto see if it gives a crazy number and touch adnd touch until it gives a reasonable number.
  7. ok i must see... and there is no way to make yourself a system that des that job well. i mean, arma shouldnt be the problem because it works on UMP, but if someone kind can take some minutes to compare both and try to adjust the system of the other to this... i couldnt understand everything of the system (with heights and x, y....). Thanks.
  8. but editing the script, i could make the strip to adjust to the text, the problem is that then i tried to adjust the frame to the striop but the strip doesnt has text and there is not a ctrlHeight , only a ctrlTextHeight . What do u recommend me to do?
  9. yeah, i have done that, but its more or less like that and didnt worked... but thanks, i will wait
  10. _adjustedHeight = (ctrlTextHeight _TextCtrl); Thats the line that doesnt work propely seem to be, but cant get whats going on ...
  11. Hi, i have tried some things but there is no way, i could adjust the strip height to the text but the frame still goes crazy tall and i dont know how to make as tall as the text, here is the script: i wonder if someone can help me... how the prolem looks:
  12. Works perfect, i dont have any issue. I have a question, if you are arrested, you can sit down? or there are a script to avoid that...?
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