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  1. @xShARkx i´ve contacted an admin, so now the coments are clean again, thanks for your contribute
  2. @Hyper4u.'<3 Ive added a screenshot
  3. Edit by Deadlesszombie: Author: Basti | John Collins for Eisenschmiede-Gaming ********************************************************************************************* Hey Guys, today i want to share my trunk with all of u and how to install it ********************************************************************************************* to start things of here are some information about it: The trunk has 2 new buttons one to take all (as much as possible) one to store all ( as much as possible) it has ha new layout, and yea, it is not the best but yea go with it, design is not my strongest It will look like this: ********************************************************************************************* Tested in versions: 5.0.0 4.4.1 ********************************************************************************************* first we need to Edit the menu so go to dialog/trunk.hpp and replace everythin with my code that done we go to our functions.hpp / functions.h in the root directory nad add unter class vehicle the following: class vehTakeAllItem {}; class vehStoreAllItem {}; so it should look like this next of we go in the directory core/vehicle and create 2 new sqf files the first one: fn_vehStoreAllItem.sqf: and fn_vehTakeAllItem.sqf: so with this done it should work, if i forgot something please let me know below
  4. yea i dont have it with the finetuning of menus sorry for that :3
  5. Hey guys i want to share my Sellall script with you Author: Basti | John Collins Contact: [email protected] to start of create in the directory core/shops/ a new sqf called "fn_virt_sellAll.sqf and paste the code in #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" /* File: fn_virt_sell.sqf Author: Bryan "Tonic" Boardwine Description: Sell a virtual item to the store / shop */ private ["_type","_index","_price","_amount","_name"]; if ((lbCurSel 2402) isEqualTo -1) exitWith {}; _type = lbData[2402,(lbCurSel 2402)]; _price = M_CONFIG(getNumber,"VirtualItems",_type,"sellPrice"); if (_price isEqualTo -1) exitWith {}; _amount = ITEM_VALUE(_type); if ((time - life_action_delay) < 0.2) exitWith {hint localize "STR_NOTF_ActionDelay";}; life_action_delay = time; _price = (_price * _amount); _name = M_CONFIG(getText,"VirtualItems",_type,"displayName"); if ([false,_type,_amount] call life_fnc_handleInv) then { hint format [localize "STR_Shop_Virt_SellItem",_amount,(localize _name),[_price] call life_fnc_numberText]; CASH = CASH + _price; [0] call SOCK_fnc_updatePartial; [] call life_fnc_virt_update; }; if (life_shop_type isEqualTo "drugdealer") then { private ["_array","_ind","_val"]; _array = life_shop_npc getVariable ["sellers",[]]; _ind = [getPlayerUID player,_array] call TON_fnc_index; if (!(_ind isEqualTo -1)) then { _val = ((_array select _ind) select 2); _val = _val + _price; _array set[_ind,[getPlayerUID player,profileName,_val]]; life_shop_npc setVariable ["sellers",_array,true]; } else { _array pushBack [getPlayerUID player,profileName,_price]; life_shop_npc setVariable ["sellers",_array,true]; }; }; if (life_shop_type isEqualTo "gold" && (LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"noatm_timer")) > 0) then { [] spawn { life_use_atm = false; sleep ((LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"noatm_timer")) * 60); life_use_atm = true; }; }; [3] call SOCK_fnc_updatePartial; next open in the root directory your functions.h or functions.hpp (depending on version) and add under class Shops { the following: class virt_sellAll {}; it should look like this then: class Shops { file = "core\shops"; class atmMenu {}; class buyClothes {}; class changeClothes {}; class chopShopMenu {}; class chopShopSelection {}; class chopShopSell {}; class clothingFilter {}; class clothingMenu {}; class fuelLBchange {}; class fuelStatOpen {}; class levelCheck {}; class vehicleShop3DPreview {}; class vehicleShopBuy {}; class vehicleShopEnd3DPreview {}; class vehicleShopInit3DPreview {}; class vehicleShopLBChange {}; class vehicleShopMenu {}; class virt_buy {}; class virt_menu {}; class virt_sellAll {}; class virt_sell {}; class virt_update {}; class weaponShopAccs {}; class weaponShopBuySell {}; class weaponShopFilter {}; class weaponShopMags {}; class weaponShopMenu {}; class weaponShopSelection {}; }; next of we have to edit the sell menu(add the new button) therefor open dialog/shop_items.hpp and add a button like this: class ButtonRemoveAllG: Life_RscButtonMenu { idc = -1; text = "Sell. All"; colorBackground[] = {"(profilenamespace getvariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_R',0.3843])", "(profilenamespace getvariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_G',0.7019])", "(profilenamespace getvariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_B',0.8862])", 0.5}; onButtonClick = "[] call Life_fnc_virt_sellAll;"; x = 0.592716 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.71 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.103125 * safezoneW; h = 0.033 * safezoneH; }; if this is done the sell all button should work in markets like Altis market or the mission sellpoints for copper iron etc.
  6. @MoNtEcRiStO© jea, gmod over 4228 hours 2500 in lua programming
  7. Hey guys, My gamer name is killerknight My RP name is mostly Kirito Kasura Im an anime fan, and like to programm php lua and recently started sqf ( only can the basics, its hard to learn compared to lua) im curently working on an altis project for my own community ( work in progress ) im 20 years young and work as capenter im from Germany so my english is not the best but i try ^^
  8. is there now a way to limit it to specific groups i edited at line 777 from: [] call SA_Add_Player_Tow_Actions; to : if(playerSide in [independent]) then { //the medic group [] call SA_Add_Player_Tow_Actions; }; so only medics shoud be able to use, where is my error in all of this there is no error in the console but the actions arent there as medic
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