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    OPG - Takistan Life RP: The Start of something new.

    No worries mate! I actually plan to write more. I just had to go and do some things.
  2. Website: http://opg-a3l.com Mods and other information: http://opg-a3l.com/index.php?/topic/5-mod-download-arma3ts3-ip/ Introduction Hello! I'm Veteran, the Founder and Head Developer over at Over Powered Gamers. We are a long lasting ArmA Community, with previously successful Lakeside Valley servers and more. We have now released our Takistan Life and are lacking one serious quality, players! Takistan We see Takistan as an amazing map, with lots of Roleplay potential. The map itself allows for a whole different variation of RP, providing an overall fun experience. We have an entire backstory for our Takistan (available for viewing on our website). (http://opg-a3l.com/index.php?/topic/330-the-story-of-takistan/) But enough of that, let's get into the features! -Takistan Military Police (TMP) The TMP are a Militarised Police Force, established in order to counter rising levels of Terrorism the normal Police were no longer capable of dealing with. They Patrol the North of Takistan, along with operating the Checkpoint (the only passage to the northern side of the map. or is it?) Enforcing laws, and maintaining order. -National Alliance Treaty Organisation (NATO) NATO were called in after the return of Terrorism to the north, following the mass slaughter of many TMP officers. A Government official managed to get word out, and NATO sent in soldiers to establish a Garrison. They brought the fight straight to the Terrorists, not pausing to show any Mercy. They have since not left Takistan completely, as the decision was made to keep the NATO Garrison in the North of Takistan running and be ready for anything. -United Nations Relief Team The United Nations were called into Takistan as a response by the U.S.A, after mass bombings left civilians majorly injured in the Capital City of Takistan. They operate throughout Takistan, under the supervision of the TMP (for protection), and respond to injuries and incidents throughout the country. Will add a lot more features wise tomorrow. Terorist activity is at an all time high in Takistan. Will you join the fight to protect the Civilian Population. Or join up in Arms with the Terrorists and take the fight to NATO. Only time will tell.
  3. VeteranREAL

    [Tutorial] Car Re-Paint

    Unfinished script , not working in
  4. Well , PSI's just advertised you. Good job man!
  5. VeteranREAL

    [Tutorial] Zip Ties

    After following this ; you can ziptie people but then not interact. AND cops can't interact with vehicles or players anymore. Help?
  6. Updated with new website : http://opgtakilife.mistforums.com/
  7. VeteranREAL

    Altis life A3L???