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  1. I am having trouble to find a resolution for this billboard the big one works fine but I just cant find a good res for this one if someone could help me please thanks.
  2. this server is shut down btw, it was posted in September.
  3. @breaker12312 are you going to be making a server on this map when its done?
  4. Hello, I need help of getting skins for clothes like UK cop texture and vehicle textures if anyone can help me or link a download like to it I will very much appreciate that thanks.
  5. We are looking for Developers who are experienced at doing a Database and scripting are server is almost there we heard that it is a easy fix but we don't know how to fix it so we need a experienced developer. Join us on TeamSpeak 3: ts.realrp.co.uk Thanks Regards, OneShot.
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