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  1. If you try to rotate an attached item 1 degree it will spin a lot more, i'm sure there is a way around it I just haven't spent the time to find one.
  2. Its just "placeable setDir ((getDir placeable) + 1);" on the object while its being held, I never implemented this because there is an issue with rotation attached objects though... If you want to implement this you will have to add code to set a variable when you drop the item.
  3. Does that change the number to metric? It will be changing the suffix for MPH but the number will still be the metric number that is listed in the cfgVehicles config. In fn_vehicleShopLBChange.sqf change line 42 to _maxspeed = (_vehicleInfo select 8) * 0.62; and in fn_garageLBChange.sqf you have the change it from km/h and change line 70 to (_vehicleInfo select 8) * 0.62,
  4. Convert your server to imperial measurements! Updated May 10th 2018 This is a basic script that will allow your server to switch from metric to imperial measurement units. I cant take credit for the majority of the script however, 90% of the script is actually a feature Bohemia has in the game that is just hidden. All my code does is activate it and change the HUD in vehicles to say MPH and FT. Yea I know its dirty but it works IMAGE Features Changes speed of aircraft and vehicles into Miles Per Hour (MPH) Changes ALT in aircraft to Feet (FT) Changes way points put on the map to Feet and Miles (FT & MI) Air craft way points will be shown as Nautical Miles (NM) Other minor changes to measurement units. Install Open init.sqf in the Altis_Life.Altis\core folder. At the very bottom add the following code. setSystemOfUnits 2; onEachFrame { ((uiNamespace getVariable "RscUnitInfo") displayCtrl 1004) ctrlSetText "mph"; ((uiNamespace getVariable "RscUnitInfo") displayCtrl 1005) ctrlSetText "ft"; }; Open fn_radar.sqf in the Altis_Life.Altis\core\cop folder. Replace Line 11 with _speed = round ((speed _vehicle) * 0.62); PBO Download (Optional) Don't want to go though the hassle of editing the mission, or do you want to use this in other servers or single player? Well then this PBO is for you! Note: This will not change the default police radar settings, (Steps 3 and 4 listed above) STEAM WORKSHOP DOWNLOAD
  5. Test if you can do the seat belt stuff with and without the barrier option added, if it stops working when the barrier option is added then there is a typo somewhere.
  6. Post your fn_setupActions.sqf real quick
  7. Did you ever check if you could drop fishing nets or rob people? It could just be a typo or missing ; in the setup actions.
  8. Is the rest of your Life Actions objects working (dropping fishing net/robbing people)?
  9. It might, I am not sure if any of the required attachTo code and such is the same syntax. Try for yourself my dood.
  10. You can ignore the error, when you run the function is resets the 'placeable' variable to prevent bugs when placing new stuff and removing. But the first time you run it there is nothing down yet so it errors if you wanted you could put "placeable = "";" in your init.sqf to stop it from happening.
  11. I don't know what causes that to happen, some people have the problem of it killing them some don't. I am sorry about that.
  12. You added a second "switch (code) do {" that second }; would go at the end of your case list after all the other keys.
  13. I do not know how the Y menu works in the new 4.X framework, I don't work with the Altis Life framework anymore. Sorry.