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  1. Karmas a bitch. PsiSyn Monetization Issues Update By PsiSyn, Yesterday at 02:34 AM in News & Announcements
  2. But I do admit its pretty good that you know how to use A records and MX records, makes your community professional a trait most on here lack or thereof.
  3. Good Thing. Only took you 2 months when it should have only taken 5 minutes but hey at least its done.
  4. If you want to remote exec the notification so all players can see this use this instead ["INSERT TITLE HERE","INSERT TEXT HERE"] remoteExec ["UPM_fnc_showNotification", -2];
  5. _varCheck = parseText "I COPY SCRIPTS"; hint typeName _var; if (!(_varCheck)) then { _var = parseText "If you know SQF, even better!"; } else { _var = parseText "No thankyou xD" }; //Find my mistake up there, and thoroughly take the piss out of me, you will most likely get a spot in our Development team! First off this is c# not sqf or arma coding as you call it, secondly a 2-year-old could see the mistake of what you did _var = parseText "No thankyou xD" should be _var = parseText "No thank you xD";. Secondly, the way you advertised this is so cringy and peculiar its mind boggling and to make matters worse you couldn't even spell thank you correctly and you didn't close off the statement so I guess this community can "thoroughly take the piss out of me".
  6. You should be ashamed of your self working in pharma industries, they are scammers. How to cure a problem elderberries and weed once a day works for me. @KLM ✈
  7. Highly unlikely considering i no none of my family and i am in foster care.
  8. They are called sliders not flip-flops, your use of the word flip-flops and your language makes me find it incumbent that you are called out for being a old man at the playground
  9. @KLM ✈ I wear gucci, supreme and stone island what do you wear primark.
  10. What selling yourself at local market. Must work a treat for you. Once again I would like to say sorry for the lack of decorum is showing. Kind of a juxtaposition
  11. And don't worry the double time I will get on Sunday at £16.20 a hour is sufficient for me
  12. @KLM ✈ You look like the old man who hangs around playgrounds.
  13. @KLM ✈ On the contrary I start work at Tescos in 2 hours with my boyfriend.
  14. @KLM ✈ I'm not racist and i have no idea where you got the idea that i was doing scripts for that disgusting entity but all your talking is hearsay and not the truth.
  15. Honestly i have no idea and my lack of intellect when it comes to anything computing hurts me and makes me feel depressed and im sorry for the anguish i have breathed you to as an intelligent party. I would like to apologize for my fallacious behavior.
  16. This will explain why you don't get pbos https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Intellectual_disability
  17. I will make you a video for 1 Vietnamese Dong, 1 Vietnamese dong equals 0.000033 Pound sterling
  18. All obfuscation is doing when referring to mission files is making it unclear and just pushed away because of that's what it is, now if you put the mission file in without mod and rsa key it won't work as the mod has dependencies but if you move the dependencies to the original state then the obfuscation has failed. You do make a good point has you cant really change delimiters and you have to theorize a format with algorithms.
  19. Move to 5.0 basically the same then use extdb3 as extdb2 is depreciated
  20. class picture_1: life_RscPicture { idc = 1200; text = "INSERT_LOCATION"; x = -0.7125; y = -0.42; w = 2.425; h = 1.86; }; That will put a picture in the middle of the screen
  21. So guys this will be not be released any time soon due to the damage that could be done with it. Let's get to it encryption is completely different to obfuscation and a 15-year-old whos lonely could break it then so could anyone. Do not bother asking me for this tool because it is not being released but you can see it working
  22. I dont understand what you want.
  23. @Nirawin Create a onFiredMan EVH this should fix it
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