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  1. Search for Prison Break Scripts and try to understand how it works then create it for your server
  2. I cant help fix the issue but i Disabled SpyGlass and Battleye and got another system to protect my server because of the issues i keep facing with them
  3. Hello everyone, ive been working on a server for a while and everything was going good until today Version: 4.4r4 Hosted on Havoc Pastebins: https://pastebin.com/xBqmBhzs https://pastebin.com/vY6y32Zz (The strings error keeps on going for another 4,000 Lines) Current issue is: When i spawn as a civ, i directly get killed and i start spectating I installed this and for some reason it doesnt shop up at all. I tried everything but still not working Information: Map: Kellys island Recent mods added is the Jonzie Car Pack
  4. Is there any way we can make this work for V4.4
  5. Hello everyone ! I hope i am posting this in the right place and i hope for any type of help. Over review: We have been working on a project for the past couples of months and we have couple of things left to do which we are facing some difficulties with, ive scripted some simple things for the server that are working just fine and also took some scripts from here and modified them to fit our modded server but with the other stuff the scripts failed horribly and i am hoping someone got them and would share them with us so we modify them for our needs or guide us to the right path. Information: We run a Modded Kellys island server and we use 4.4 Requests: Gang System : - System where members can buy premade gang bases and depending on the gang level features unlock (Market,ClothingStore,etc) - Gang base doors can be only opened by gang members and tax must be taken from gang funds every day ID System: - I was hoping for something where you fill up something when you first spawn into the server and these information are displayed on an id that can be presented to other players for cops and civs and medics Police system: - We use a browser based wanted list + filling reports and showing available units, but what we need is a working Jail Time script and the ability to have allot of Jail spawn areas , to explain more we have Jail cells and we want whenever someone gets sent to jail, a script will find an empty cell and put the criminal there - Jail break, i was thinking of taking the federal reserve script and modifying it for something like a jail break. if anyone has another idea please suggest. - Revoking License system: We wanna be able to let cops remove license from a the persons list and not just driving or rebal ! Civ System: - Job system: i dont really know if its called job systems or quest systems because we want the civ to go drop something or create something then take it somewhere and automatically get paid. - Tow Trucks: we have the car and the script to tow but we want only people with that license to be able to buy and tow and "chopchop" the car, we modified the chop chop to something more like a station for towed cars but the problem is we dont want it to get sold we want it to get "impounded" as in it goes to the guys garage but with a fine that will be issued by cops - ive seen before on other servers and on some websites were people are selling the script, a system where everyone spawns as a civ and then cops must go to the pd and Check In and same with medics !, i know this is difficult and will take time and also buggy but if anyone got any information related to this and we will take it from there. I am not here to ask for full scripts and then copy paste but these are the stuff i am struggling with and anything from the community will be helpful . Ive also been looking at website hosts and i am not sure which is the best for this kind of server as i am looking for fetures where you can go and check your characters stats and at the same time have forums and other stuff, i really liked the GTA Community website and i am not sure what do they use. I hope this wont annoy anyone or cause people to get angry as we are looking for any type of support and not just to copy paste and also sorry for any spelling problems
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