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  1. Are you both joining the teamspeak server today?
  2. I just don't like that you have to look all around I mean can the author like find all these problems and make a edit to there post so, the people that are wanting to use it don't have to look all around for the correct script.
  3. When will you fix the Zip Ties script, the script right now is a piece of crap.
  4. Please join, this is a awesome chance and your losing out.
  5. Bump, we really need some developers join, please.
  6. Hello, everyone! Thanks for viewing and taking your time to look at this thread. I am currently looking for some developers/graphic designers, for my server if you are wishing to become a staff member. Please contact me via Direct Message (private message). Our teamspeak server is; altislife.streamlinegames.com
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