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  1. BoGuu

    Best way to learn SQF

  2. BoGuu

    Looking For An All Round Developer

    School??! Pick me instead of this wet developerer. Get him lads!!
  3. BoGuu

    [Tutorial] Removing Mission Side Code

    This isn't quite how things work
  4. BoGuu

    Looking For An All Round Developer

    Name: BoGuu Age/D.O.B: 18/03/2003 How Many hours a week you can be available: It really depends, especially on what week it is. 10? Reason Why You Should Be Accepted (100+ words): I have a great passion for everything developerer, and would really like the chance to do some really good developerer stuff, you're community seems really cool, and I cannot wait to get involved. I'm very good at being a cop on servers and being an admin too, I've once dealt with over 7 support requests at once, so I'm pretty good at that. I learn most of my developerer things on youtube, with some great guides from people like Madness (used to be a god around here). Also learned a lot from AlaskaVet. I'm also really easy to talk to. What You Can Offer TriitosGaming (100+ Word): Good developerer, have developed many good things before. word = 0; for "_i" from 0 to 81 do { word = word + 1; }; On a scale 1-10 (10 being highest) How well do you cope under pressure?: 7 On a scale 1-10 (10 being highest) How mature are you?: 10 Any Past Experience: None, hyped for the opportunity!
  5. BoGuu

    [Tutorial] Removing Mission Side Code

    I think you should recreate this and avoid using preprocessfile, you wouldn't want to do it the way everyone else does 😬
  6. BoGuu


  7. BoGuu

    [Tutorial] Removing Mission Side Code

    Everything goes through the server, regardless of where it comes from and where it goes 👍 (this applies to the HC if the HC & server are on the same network, or not)
  8. BoGuu

    [Tutorial] Removing Mission Side Code

    You're chucking a very large amount of data across the network and into the JIP queue. It's not a small amount if one plans to move all code server side, there is alot. It'll certainly be less noticeable for the lower player count servers though, which is probably the majority who'll give this a pop. However, with the absolutely monumental spamming across the network, its becoming harder to distinguish amongst all this stuff, as people enjoy chucking everything unoptimized in without thought (there is a huge room for improvement on this from a vanilla standpoint as well), and it runs worse from day one. I'd never seek to improve protection and what not on the repository regardless, it's not the purpose, that's for the end user to figure out. It's not closed source
  9. BoGuu

    [Tutorial] Removing Mission Side Code

    Would also be absolutely nonsensical to do, unfortunately. I'd advise nobody to do this, so forcing it is a whole other matter
  10. BoGuu

    [TUTORIAL] Material 3D Vehicle Store UI

    In what way? I see a red box
  11. BoGuu

    [TUTORIAL] Material 3D Vehicle Store UI

    All the releases are cool 👍, but may I ask, what makes this material? Perhaps the screenshots don't do much justice
  12. BoGuu

    [IRT STUDIOS] Script - Bleeding Out Medical System

    These kind of 'replace the file with X' tutorials aren't so great. If somebody wants to update etc, they have conflicts, perhaps try make it more modular?
  13. BoGuu

    Multiple Game Breaking Errors

    Can you please post the content or start of the programmer dialog_master include?
  14. BoGuu

    ExtDB 3 Connection Error

    Post your description.ext for sanity