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  1. This just doesn't seem to be true. Careful what you post though, this is slander
  2. OP posted a way that'll stick a needle in a few peoples balloons, it's the polar opposite of putting everything server side, that's just a detriment at that point, this little server name check has no overhead This fills the JIP queue for everyone, sending huge amounts of code on every user join is not good. You also opened a security vuln by allowing people to overwrite whatever you're sending them from the server
  3. publicVariable "allFunctions"; iM nOT UsInG JiP
  4. Might want to make that a tad smaller, you've created another country
  5. Why is London and the whole South getting split in two by a gigantic river ?
  6. What is Altis Life 5.5, are you using the base framework..?
  7. BoGuu

    Life Mod Launcher

    This is all hard coded around your community wonder life, doesn't seem too useful? Also, ignoring including source, downloading arbitrary files from your web server could put people off. Are you allowed to redistribute the TFAR library? Edit: Also forgot to mention this is not a virus, but nothing would stop one from being downloaded in the future by the app.
  8. Imagine if you round together everyone from the UK and get them to help with designing the towns/cities around their home town.
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