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  1. BoGuu

    [Tutorial] Removing Mission Side Code

    Everything goes through the server, regardless of where it comes from and where it goes 👍 (this applies to the HC if the HC & server are on the same network, or not)
  2. BoGuu

    [Tutorial] Removing Mission Side Code

    You're chucking a very large amount of data across the network and into the JIP queue. It's not a small amount if one plans to move all code server side, there is alot. It'll certainly be less noticeable for the lower player count servers though, which is probably the majority who'll give this a pop. However, with the absolutely monumental spamming across the network, its becoming harder to distinguish amongst all this stuff, as people enjoy chucking everything unoptimized in without thought (there is a huge room for improvement on this from a vanilla standpoint as well), and it runs worse from day one. I'd never seek to improve protection and what not on the repository regardless, it's not the purpose, that's for the end user to figure out. It's not closed source
  3. BoGuu

    [Tutorial] Removing Mission Side Code

    Would also be absolutely nonsensical to do, unfortunately. I'd advise nobody to do this, so forcing it is a whole other matter
  4. BoGuu

    [TUTORIAL] Material 3D Vehicle Store UI

    In what way? I see a red box
  5. BoGuu

    [TUTORIAL] Material 3D Vehicle Store UI

    All the releases are cool 👍, but may I ask, what makes this material? Perhaps the screenshots don't do much justice
  6. BoGuu

    [IRT STUDIOS] Script - Bleeding Out Medical System

    These kind of 'replace the file with X' tutorials aren't so great. If somebody wants to update etc, they have conflicts, perhaps try make it more modular?
  7. BoGuu

    Multiple Game Breaking Errors

    Can you please post the content or start of the programmer dialog_master include?
  8. BoGuu

    ExtDB 3 Connection Error

    Post your description.ext for sanity
  9. What does task manager or alike show the memory usage as when this happens? Have you changed away from the default mem. allocator (CLI args). I'm not sure what the limited on amount of pages you can request, but your pagefile certainly shouldn't become so big. Check the logs near the crash (server RPT), for things relating to virt. mem & pagefile
  10. BoGuu

    Custom NEW Phone Menu

    Perfect. Make sure you write it in a file on the download for when people download.
  11. BoGuu

    some input after EndOfFile (HELP)

    That snippet is showing his master_group is undefined, the asyncCall is simply before the offending line, and unrelated I assume it said Config: some input after EndOfFile?
  12. BoGuu

    Custom NEW Phone Menu

    I'm not worrying at all, I'm just trying to avoid the endless carelessness to IP. If other servers have icons without proper rights, they also shouldn't be using them, end of story. Every case you list is the same, there is a breach of IP or license somewhere, it doesn't matter how small or large, you simply don't do it. This is a forum which is public facing, and the first port of call for most people seeking these kind of things, or help. People will mindlessly download this, and either knowing or unknowingly are doing so in a manner that shouldn't happen, it's simply illegal. If you take the approach of 'it doesn't matter', then you ultimately won't help stop any of the IP violations you mention, it's completely futile. As a helper on this forum, it's quite disgraceful you take this approach. This isn't some kind of personal attack, I think the phone looks cool, but it needs to abide by the same rules everyone else has to
  13. BoGuu

    Custom NEW Phone Menu

    I mean, chances are they won't ever be aware of this, and I couldn't say what their would think or do, if somebody told them. If you were to steal something from say a shop, does it make it okay if you weren't caught? Would it be even worse if you gave the things you stole to other people, making them liable? Bottom line is, if you're going to release something to the general public, don't breach IP, stick by the rules (it's literally the law), you're not doing anyone any favours by furthering the massive issue we already have with it on this platform.