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  1. Puma Power.PT

    Safezone script

    im testing alone i dont know if only text but the text show if get in car already translat the screnshoot
  2. Puma Power.PT

    Safezone script

    sorry i go trasnlate
  3. Puma Power.PT

    [Tutorial] Altis Life 5.0 | Insert Opfor Fraction | by Kuchenplatte

    if i suicide is loading loadout i delete database and connect i spawn naked but i give suicide and load the spawn items rpt: https://pastebin.com/P7KUzh8w
  4. Puma Power.PT

    [Tutorial] Altis Life 5.0 | Insert Opfor Fraction | by Kuchenplatte

    already make that step and its work , but i spawn naked full naked have some idea about?
  5. Puma Power.PT

    Safezone script

    i add triggers and its work but have one fail, in safezone you get inside vehicle and show msg You are leaving the safezone ,have some idea?? condition: player in thisList; In activation: SafeZoneFired = player addEventHandler ["fired", { if !(typeOf (_this select 6) isEqualTo "B_9x21_Ball") then { deleteVehicle (_this select 6); }; }]; hint "Entraste numa zona segura."; player allowDamage false; In desactivation: player removeEventHandler ["fired", SafeZoneFired]; hint "Saiste de uma Zona Segura."; player allowDamage true;
  6. Puma Power.PT

    [Tutorial] Altis Life 5.0 | Insert Opfor Fraction | by Kuchenplatte

    guys i folow all tutorial but in variable i donjt know where i put that can be more specific
  7. Puma Power.PT


    im talking about (You enter now in safe zone , you are leaving safe zone
  8. Puma Power.PT

    Safezone script

    you have that script?? using warnings for 5.0
  9. Puma Power.PT


    this is not have hint?
  10. Puma Power.PT

    [Tutorial] SafeZone Warning & Actions

    the [] execVM "scripts\al_safezone.sqf"; is in the top?? i ask because i make all and is not work 5.0
  11. Puma Power.PT

    [IRT STUDIOS] Script - SeatBelts

    for script work for me need delete this : fn_seatbeltOff and fn_seatbeltOn //--- Define Hint if (vehicle player != player) then { breakOut "main"; }; and replace in initbelts because you get out car and the belt continous in apply //--- Add EVH player addEventHandler ["GetInMan", {_this call IRT_fnc_onSeatbeltOff;}]; player addEventHandler ["GetOutMan", {_this call IRT_fnc_onSeatbeltOff;}]; for this //--- Add EVH player addEventHandler ["GetInMan", {IRT_seatbelt = false;}]; player addEventHandler ["GetOutMan", {IRT_seatbelt = false;}]; But still have bugs in icons if you get in car not show icon if you press button for belt the icon show but stuck in screen for ever if you spam button is two icons spammed someone now how fix brcause you leave car and icon stay in screen
  12. Puma Power.PT

    [Tutorial] Seatbelts

    Can you help me to fix my?
  13. Puma Power.PT

    [Tutorial] Seatbelts

    you have icons belt?
  14. Puma Power.PT

    [Tutorial] Seatbelts

    Pls fix your script not work the icon command