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  1. Please for the love of god don't use xampp and expose the webserver
  2. I dont agree, this is drag and drop into a web server with no knowledge required, SQL can get quite in-depth.
  3. This isn't really an introduction. Next time please post in the correct places.
  4. port 2303 https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BattlEye#Sample_beserver.cfg
  5. To stop nss is as easy as turning on verifySignatures, however you should really think about updating your BE filters too.
  6. Surely no errors can't be a feature D: Apart from that, good luck.
  7. There is literally a category for advertising, and still, it somehow ends up in the wrong place. Anyways, moved for obvious reasons, however i could only assume it was an English server.
  8. Join the discord, ill help from there
  9. Ive also edited mine to explain a little more, and i appreciate the edit. Thank you.
  10. When leeches like you don't contribute or help others, yes i do get mad. Ruins the community. - You edited your post ill edit mine. Yes, its your changes like the person above has just posted, but why would you come on saying "yes I've done this but I'm not going to release it ". Why not just keep that to yourself and be done with it. Sharing in a community like this is what makes it work, for example if whoever made this didnt share it you would have no script to add the sound too, if the framework isn't constantly updated you would have no server to run, thats the point I'm trying to make. Im not saying release 100% of the things you make, not at all. But when you don't help others in their need at all, when you blatantly have the answer to their question, it just doesnt seem right to me at all.
  11. You don't want to share adding a simple sound? Why would you come on here comment saying you've done it and then not be prepared to share the simple addition? If it was a complete script you wrote that may make a bit more sense, but considering you didnt write any of this just makes you look very selfish imo.
  12. I see, didnt download the script. Do you not have the ability to attach files straight to the post?
  13. Could you not also use mysqldump, this comes with the MySQL server when its downloaded normally? Nevertheless I'm sure people will find the very useful.
  14. If you go for the OVH route, https://www.ovh.co.uk/dedicated_servers/details-servers-range-GAME-id-MC-32.xml Should be fine. Ive known quite a lot of communities to use this plan and it worked fine for them.
  15. What.... Unless you have some pretty decent home line then I'm not sure how you got to this conclusion. Obviously it will be faster for you personally however for others i highly doubt it.
  16. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/isDedicated
  17. The config is blank so: What AL version are you using? Any RPT logs? Make sure the life_server and mission file match up in versions.
  18. @Snipes Murphy This tutorial really needs to be thought through again i had a look on the git and you are selecting 13 for all sides, however each side brings in a unique number. Plus this was made for 4.4r4 which actually sets houses to 13 (civ obviously) which has not been incremented as it should have been to take place for the extra piece of data you have added. This will cause issues with peoples Arma and end up breaking their server.
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