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  1. Jason_000

    hot to get rid of this

    That is a much better suggestion.
  2. I do not remember releasing this tbh and for whoever xzg is at least he left the header in tact, it was one of the first scripts i made, and you can use it all you like. Not sure what you mean by plugins, or what you intend to get out of this thread in all honesty?
  3. Jason_000

    Need help setting up database so staff can whitelist

    Please for the love of god don't use xampp and expose the webserver
  4. Jason_000

    Need help setting up database so staff can whitelist

    I dont agree, this is drag and drop into a web server with no knowledge required, SQL can get quite in-depth.
  5. Jason_000

    ★ How To Enable VehicleShop3D (Easy)

    This isn't really an introduction. Next time please post in the correct places.
  6. Jason_000

    You dont need to request medic

    I literally pointed out the line to you above.
  7. Jason_000

    You dont need to request medic

    What you have just mentioned is in the framework, have a look on there.
  8. Jason_000

    You dont need to request medic

    https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/blob/master/Altis_Life.Altis/core/medical/fn_revivePlayer.sqf#L14-L15 That if checks if you are in the "revivable" state.
  9. Then try to provide more information, have you added cars to the default config, and forgot a class, is it when retrieving from a garage? Pinpoint the exact cause, and check over your logs to see if anything is happening.
  10. Jason_000

    Need help whitelisting cops.

    There are AdminPanels out, mine is on the forums somewhere *hint hint*. And web hosting really doesnt cost much, £5 a month maximum.
  11. Jason_000

    Server stuck in loading

    @MorgansFlaccidCock Nice name. Anyways, is this still an issue?
  12. @Nathan B Please when you request help from members on the forums and then fix your issue, please post the fix for it on your thread, it may help others with a similar issue to what you were experiencing.
  13. Jason_000

    [Release] Zipties | Blindfolds and Gags | 4.4r3+

    Did you get it sorted?
  14. No problem.