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  1. Thanks for the feedback, made the appropriate changes and updated the post.
  2. I see, as said I appreciate the feedback and I thought I would share something. But the script does has cop level check ? The parameter has cop life level
  3. I wrote mine from scratch. It's to fit different cop levels and/or departments.
  4. Hello Guys, Below is a script that will assign a uniform and its texture depending on cop level. This script can be used for medics as well and/or other factions (donor etc). There are some things, or anything you can remove such as the additional system logs, this script has been tested and works on Altis Life 5.0 If there are any issues with this script I would gladly appreciate if anyone would tell me what and where the issue is, so I can edit the post and fix the issue. Feel free to post any additions/suggestions to this script or other script suggestions you would like
  5. Hey, Thank you for your remark. As we have recently relaunched we are currently in the process of regaining our player base with big plans for the near future. Our peaktimes are on the weekends, reaching player numbers of 30-40. Our goal is to have it how it was back in the day, with 2-3 full servers active. Thanks, James
  6. Hello Everyone, My name is James and I am one of the Staff members over on Arma Life Roleplay. We are a community of more than 17,000 registered members, with a high member activity rate. The community was founded in late 2016. We are a Roleplay based Arma 3 Life community with our own custom made modpack, unique framework and features you have probably never seen before. The Communities Staff and Management team is very experienced in running communities and many of us have been with the Community from the very beginning. We very recently have relaunched back on our Original Lakeside map
  7. Look at communities like PsiSyn.com or armaliferp.co.uk (now starting up again) they have gang bases that they sell for real life money and have on -request skins to be made for real life money?!
  8. Same hud as armadevs.co.uk made for demonicrp seems like you used their services.
  9. It is the windows key on your keyboard. You Can utilise it to commit actions as yours you wish to do such as mining. You can accomplish they by simply pressing the windows key.
  10. Yeah. That's the increases hexagon range so you can see em for further distances then the rangefinder reads the unit, I'll do some digging , thanks for the idea.
  11. Very interesting idea though, will definitely give it a thought, thanks for your input.
  12. Uh, ok, ye that would require some voice/speech recognition, probably beyond my capabilties atm, maybe some really good scripter will do it, but im not sure tbh.
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