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  1. if you want to add an extra touch of realism add this to the end of your "RestrainAction" File player playMove "AinvPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_Putdown_AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon"; Will play a small animation to add further realism to cuffing someone. To do it for unrestraining the same code applies just to the unrestrainaction
  2. TheBritLife! Connection Address - Website - thebritlife.mistforums.com About us We are a British themed role play Server on arma 3 who strive to be less combat oriented and more focused on roleplay, we are not doing this server for profit or ever plan to as we just want to build a community were people can have fun and roleplay. We hope people who join this server have fun but also remember to follow our rules. Features Im not going to go into a long list of our features as we hope you can enjoy and discover them ingame. We
  3. Thanks for the release, do you have a preview of it ingame?
  4. The server is being trialed on a home VPS till next month where it is going to be moved to a dedicated box setup, (With DDOS protection) The point of opening it now was to establish a base on where to build the community.
  5. My staff have never abused their position as administrators so im gonna call you bull on that. Unless you have some form of footage
  6. You dont even remember why you were banned no? You know why you were banned so dont try bring hate here when you caused it urself
  7. They are just things that are unused and need to be removed. In general the server is stable.
  8. You are completely correct to think that because that is what happened... but, we are the first malden life community in arma 3 and we aint gonna give up like we did altis life!
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