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  1. The server is being trialed on a home VPS till next month where it is going to be moved to a dedicated box setup, (With DDOS protection) The point of opening it now was to establish a base on where to build the community.
  2. Checked all the files Keyhandlers ect cant seem to find an issue, ill check my rpt
  3. So for some reason the rob action on knocked out people does not work anymore. Ive tried giving them money and trying it when they have surrendered. Anyone know whats up
  4. Altis life 5.0 vehicle config is slightly different.. there is no option to make certain vehicles for different factions a certain price, so i had to set the default price to watever and the multiplier for cops to 0 in the master config.
  5. Think that has done it thanks mate not to used to 5.0
  6. Okay so im an idiot and dont know how to make vehicles for cops free on altis life 5.0 I made civ ones cost but how i do Police ones? there is only one price config
  7. My staff have never abused their position as administrators so im gonna call you bull on that. Unless you have some form of footage
  8. You dont even remember why you were banned no? You know why you were banned so dont try bring hate here when you caused it urself
  9. They are just things that are unused and need to be removed. In general the server is stable.
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