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  1. Sooooo many posts from server owners wanting members from here to "check out" their servers. So a simple post with lacking information isn't going to get you anyone so i suggest taking the above advice and editing your post (add pics too)
  2. This section is for members wanting to apply to become helpers on ALRPG. Moved
  3. Corey


    This section is for members wanting to apply to become helpers on ALRPG. Moved
  4. I would add a list of unique features to your post People on here like to read on what scripts etc they can expect before joining servers so "features that I wont spoil it's something YOU need to find out!" Will most likely make people just skip your post buddy.
  5. Can you please add screenshots & Little more detail to your post.
  6. ^ Add a screenshot please
  7. Corey

    Infistar kick all

    "Contact infishit support" Prob your best bet buddy.
  8. +11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 I would like to see this guy on the team but right now we have like 4 or 5 helpers already? But yeh looks good buddy. Tips - Try build your rep because right now its only (5) - Build your posts up because 17 is way in active - Become active in discord and make yourself noticed
  9. I don't understand tbh , So cops can see civs on the map? huh
  10. Then something was added... A- make sure peeps don't just vote day time non stop B- Check admins are not changing it to day time...Kids like to spam that shit. C- check what was added and if you didn't add it then find the person who did. I've never came across this problem before but i'm guessing it could be done via script or mission.sqm?
  11. Tbf that actually looks pretty decent
  12. I agree...Its kinda common sense not to buy stuff from someone with 1 post and only signed up not so long ago...If you do add people from this site and they scam you etc then its nothing to do with us
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