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  1. Because i am still working on some details. Will be released soon
  2. If anyone are interessted in some Norwegian police vehicle skins and uniform, you can contact me and i will send everything needed to you. (Just need to finish the work) This is just to show what i have done so far.
  3. Hello, i am new to arma 3 server development and stuff, and i have an issue with starting up my server because some sort of an Database error. As i see this is what is stopping me. 2018/08/04, 2:36:52 "extDB3: Error with Database Connection" 2018/08/04, 2:36:52 "Server FSM timer" I think if i should get help with this i maybe need to post the whole RPT log but i will wait if somone are willing to help me.
  4. Dear @Josh & @Mich, It looks like PhantomEntertainment have some technical issues. i am sorry for that. i am trying to contact the developer to take a loom at the problem.
  5. Phantom Entertainment __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Features: First, Our website can be found Here! Many modifed altis life systems Many modifed altis life systems Police uniform textures for all ranks Preformance optimization Better Dialogs Server sided changes Placeables for Police & NHS Anti-Hack filters, idd whitelist, battleye, CfgPatch check Always active Community lead(s)
  6. @Badger The teamspeak server is currently down, but you can fin Further information on our website Here!
  7. Well, i am a part of the server so i can post "some" screenshots that i have. Outside Kavala police station. The Kavala Square. Our Map Custom Y Menu As you see, custom Health, Food and Drink bar.
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