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  1. Yes I use Infistar; How can I change it?
  2. Thanks for your answer ! They are set here, indeed. I've tried to up the values. (+1000) each. But still not working
  3. Hello guys ! I have an Altis life server, and there is a problem with the render distance. All my graphics setting are in max and people can't see other players when they are too far (~750m). Here are my setting in my init.sqf (root) : /* File: init.sqf Author: Description: */ StartProgress = false; [] execVM "briefing.sqf"; //Load Briefing [] execVM "KRON_Strings.sqf"; [] execVM "core\scripts\fn_statusBar.sqf"; setTerrainGrid 40; setViewDistance 4000; setObjectViewDistance [3000,50]; StartProgress = true; Can you guys help me ? Thanks !
  4. Hello ! I did this tutorial : It work actually, but the market option is not displayed on the Y menu. (4.4r4) I have no errors in my rpt Someone know why ? Thanks for helping guys !
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