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    [Tutorial] StatusBar 5.X

    Sorry , I have not tested As I wrote in the title
  2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tested Working Author: Akai Difficulty: Easy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Open Altis_Life.Altis\description.ext class RscTitles { #include "dialog\progress.hpp" #include "dialog\hud_nameTags.hpp" #include "dialog\hud_stats.hpp" #include "dialog\statusBar.hpp" <--- Add }; Now Open Altis_Life.Altis\init.sqf /* File: init.sqf Author: Description: */ StartProgress = false; [] execVM "briefing.sqf"; //Load Briefing [] execVM "KRON_Strings.sqf"; [] execVM "scripts\Status_Bar\init_statusBar.sqf" // Statusbar StartProgress = true; 4. Open the file you downloaded and drag the images folder inside the Status_Bar folder. (scripts>Status_Bar) 5. Also drag playerBar.sqf into the same folder. (scripts>Status_Bar) 6. Drag the scripts folder into your Altis_Life.Altis main directory. 7. Lastly in your Altis_Life.Altis folder go to dialog and then in your downloaded file open dialog and drag statusBar.hpp into the servers dialog folder. 8. Done. Download: statuss.rar
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