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  1. @Corey Dang long time no see. Congratz on mod (Have not seen it before now )
  2. I mean yeah but i dont use the life_hc as its not required. Is there any way to make it work without the life_hc?
  3. Anyone got a clue what i can do?
  4. Anyone know of a fix? The progress bar is bugged out and script wont work. No errors in logs and it dosent stop the server from working
  5. Okay i have a problem. Where do i find this Life_HC thing? Have looked everywhere! What i have done is added everything to the server but the Life_HC folder thing. And when i launched the server i get no errors but the SQL part of the Phone is not working. I still have the same old boring one I have tried to google it and i see some people have that folder but i dont and my server works fine. Im running framework v.5
  6. Leave him alone Hes my rescue Thanks for vid! +1
  7. Ive used the script for a while but it has never worked.. There is no errors it just that when i go to rob the fstation the progress bar disapears? Anyone know how i can fix this? Also how can i make it add them to a wanted list after robbing it?
  8. Tested it and i still cant scrap any cars and my put in vehicle is not working.
  9. Anyone have any tips or ideas to what i can do?
  10. So i have this problem where say if i send someone to jail for 5 minutes they still go in for the standard time 15 minutes. And if i put in say 25 minutes they still get the 15 minutes one.. Anyone knows how i can fix this?
  11. Sry was tired. By reading the scrips description i can see he talks about adding alot thats not added yet. And the logs say no errors. It just does not work idk. But im gonna reinstall it today and see if it works
  12. Script fucked up my Put in Car button and there is no crush vehicle button. Anyone knows how i can fix that?
  13. By reading the mod some features are missing. And its not working on my v5 server. Ill try reinstall it tho
  14. Its unfinished and its missing alot of features
  15. Anyone got a working one i can have?
  16. Still looking for the 2 scrips as this one i got from KingCrazy is not done and does not have many functions
  17. We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Thats waht i get when i click on the 1 .rar link u posted
  18. We could not locate the item you are trying to view.
  19. I cant get this working.. Im running version v5
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