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  1. Thierry

    Sandalye Oturma - Chair Sit down Script

    Hi, Just to let you know, i'm on version 5.0 and it's working well to sit and to stand but be carefull if you are in qwerty or azerty for the W Also be very carefull if you copy paste because sometimes it's like that : Standup.sqf standup.sqf TulparHAN\scripts\standup.sqf tulparhan\script\standup.sqf the only bad thing it's when you are sit you can not move at all even on alt double clic so if you can fix this it will be cool Sorry for my english Thanks
  2. Thierry

    [Tutorial] Simple Morphine/Bandages

    Ok thanks
  3. Thierry

    [Tutorial] Bleeding Script [5.0, 4.4R3]

    Ok thanks i will try that and back to you if needed
  4. Thierry

    [Tutorial] Bleeding Script [5.0, 4.4R3]

    Hello, Thanks for your work Is it possible to do it for car accident for exemple or everything making damage Thanks
  5. Thierry

    [Tutorial] Simple Morphine/Bandages

    Hello can you tell me how to do that please ? i'm on Altis 5.0 Thanks
  6. Thierry

    [Tutorial] Radiation Area

    Hello, Thanks for that, it's working well on 5.0 Can you tell me what to do to set some damage even if there is protection ( -50% for exemple ) At the moment it's no damage with clothing Thanks EDIT: // this is the check to see if they are wearing protective clothing if ((_uniform isEqualTo "U_C_Scientist")) then { _player setDamage (_damage + 0.05);
  7. Thierry

    Custom Trunk Menu

    Hello, can you explain that please (put them in dialog) i don't know where to add that icons Thanks EDIT: find it thanks