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  1. Thanks for your reply, the issue has been resolved. Inbound/ Outbound Port UDP was being restricted by Firewall.
  2. I can't seem to setup my Rcon for my dedicated server. Any help is appreciated. Here is what I have done... (I am using TADST, not a .bat) I have a BEServer.cfg located in Arma 3 Server\TADST\default\BattlEye Inside the BEserver.cfg is as follows: RConPassword 123 RConPort 2309 Now in my Rcon is as follows: Port:2309 password: 123 Host: I have tried with different ports, and have tried changing from "root" to "", but no luck. Any help is appreciated, cheerio.
  3. Receiving this error message when trying to setup a local mySQL database for my altislife server. Have never encountered this error in the past. Thank you for your time.
  4. [TUTORIAL] Fix "Error Loading Mission" I have noticed that since the forums have been revived no one has posted a fix for the "error loading mission file" after building in the Eden editor, which is a very common error. So here is a quick simple fix. 1.) Open your Altis Life map in the Eden editor. 2.) At the top left of your screen, select "entities", this will bring up all the entities in the game, from npc's, markers, cars, buildings etc. 3.) In the search bar, search for "car1_1". There should be two identical duplicates. 4.) Delete one of them, and save. DONE! Now you can edit in the 3D editor as much as you want.
  5. Liam

    [Tutorial] Zip Ties

    I have already tried that, with a bunch of other things. It definitely is not conflicting scripts because I have reversed the additions.
  6. Looks nice, did you make it? +1
  7. Liam

    [Tutorial] Zip Ties

    Yes, just add an addAction. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction
  8. Why don't you test it on 4.4 ? By doing that, you will have answered your own question
  9. Why don't you test it on 4.4 ? By doing that, you will have answered your own question
  10. Uhhh a little problem. Not really a problem, but a question out of confusion... Changing the prices in fn_config.sqf located in core\DynMarket does not seem to be changing the prices in game. Am I missing something? I even matched the corresponding prices with the config_vitems. Here is what it looks like in fn_config.sqf: ["heroin_processed",9000], ["marijuana",5250], ["cocaine_processed",9750] Is there another file that needs to be altered to change the prices? *EDIT* I even changed the config.sqf serverside and prices remain the same. *EDIT #2* I forgot to change it in the databse... I haven't slept in 18 hours :c Cheers, Liam.
  11. How to add custom spawn points: Difficulty: EASY For adding spawn points that require a certain license: Step 1: Open your mission file in the editor, and create a new marker and place it where you want the player to spawn. There CANNOT be any spaces in the name, if you wish to use a space use _ as a replacement. So one e.g. could be gang_spawn_1 or just gang_spawn.. It really doesn't matter, just make sure the marker name doesn't already exist. Step 1: Open up Config_SpawnPoints.hpp and find which side (cop,civ,med) you want to add the spawn to. The process is the exact same for every side. (For this example I will be adding a civilian spawn). Step 2: Make a new class, it is easier to just copy and paste the above class and then adjust it. New class CAN look like this: class Gang { //"Gang" can be anything you want! displayName = "Gang Spawn"; //this is the display name that will appear on the spawn selection menu! spawnMarker = "gang_spawn_3"; //this needs to be the exact same name as the spawn marker you named in the editor! icon = "textures\spawnicons\spawnciv.paa"; //This is the icon that will appear next to the display name, if any. [64x64] licenses[] = { { "gang", true } }; //"gang" is the license required to be able to spawn at the new spawn. We will add the license in the next step! level[] = { "", "", -1 }; //leave this alone }; Now for the license: Open up Config_Licenses and again, find which side you want to add the license to. Copy the above class and then adjust it like this: class Gang { //must be the same class as the class name in Config_SpawnPoints.hpp variable = "gang"; //must also be the same as the variable in "Config_Spawnpoints.hpp displayName = "STR_License_Gang"; //just change the last word (Gang) to whatever you want price = 75000; //The price for buying the license! Does not matter if you don't want people to be able to buy it, and only want to manually add it through the database. illegal = true; //is the license illegal? side = "civ"; //which side is this license for? *IMPORTANT* }; For adding spawn points that do NOT require a license: Literally just do the exact same process, but do not touch Config_Licenses! And make sure you get rid of the License name in : licenses[] = { { "gang", true } }; So it should look like this if you do not want a license to be required: licenses[] = { { "", true } };
  12. For noobs. Here are the codes you need to add custom textures for cop uniform skins, medic uniform skins, medic backpack skins, cop backpack skins, medic backpack skins allocated to certain ranks, cop backpack skins allocated to certain ranks etc. File: fn_playerSkins.sqf COP: For adding custom backpack textures: if ((backpack player) == "insertClassnameHere") then { (unitbackpack player) setObjectTextureGlobal [0,"textures\*insertDirectoryHere.jpg"]; }; For adding custom uniform skins assigned to certain ranks: if ((FETCH_CONST(life_coplevel) >= 3) && ((uniform player) == "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam")) then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\clothing\cop\cop_uniform_sarg.jpg"]; }; *NOTE* the "3" in >= 3 refers to the cop level. and the >= basically means "greater than or equal too". You can change it accordingly to what you want. <= will mean less than or equal too. So "if life_coplevel is less than or equal to 3, than all cop levels below level 3 including level 3 will equip THAT specified skin when they buy the clothing, which in this case is U_B_CombatUniform_mcam. MEDIC: For medics it is literally the same, just changing life_coplevel to life_mediclevel. It should look something like this. if ((FETCH_CONST(life_mediclevel) >= 3) && ((uniform player) == "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam")) then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\clothing\med\par.jpg"]; }; Hopefully you get the idea. For reference, below I will include an example of what your file should look like. case west: { if(uniform player == "U_Rangemaster") then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\cop_uniform.jpg"]; }; if ((FETCH_CONST(life_coplevel) >= 3) && ((uniform player) == "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam")) then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\clothing\cop\cop_uniform_sarg.jpg"]; }; if ((FETCH_CONST(life_coplevel) >= 7) && ((uniform player) == "U_O_OfficerUniform_ocamo")) then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\clothing\cop\coastguard.jpg"]; }; if ((backpack player) == "B_Bergen_blk") then { (unitbackpack player) setObjectTextureGlobal [0,"textures\clothing\cop\cop_bergen.jpg"]; }; }; case independent: { if(uniform player == "U_Rangemaster") then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\clothing\med\medic_uniform.jpg"]; }; if ((FETCH_CONST(life_mediclevel) >= 1) && ((uniform player) == "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam")) then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\clothing\med\emt.jpg"]; }; if ((FETCH_CONST(life_mediclevel) >= 2) && ((uniform player) == "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam")) then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\clothing\med\aemt.jpg"]; }; if ((FETCH_CONST(life_mediclevel) >= 3) && ((uniform player) == "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam")) then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\clothing\med\par.jpg"]; }; if ((FETCH_CONST(life_mediclevel) >= 4) && ((uniform player) == "U_Rangemaster")) then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\clothing\med\lieutenant.jpg"]; }; if ((FETCH_CONST(life_mediclevel) >= 5) && ((uniform player) == "U_Rangemaster")) then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\clothing\med\captain.jpg"]; }; if ((backpack player) == "B_Kitbag_mcamo") then { (unitbackpack player) setObjectTextureGlobal [0,"textures\clothing\med\medic_backpack.jpg"]; }; }; *WARNING* Make sure you order your skin ranks as shown above ! They must be in ascending order otherwise the game will just load the one after the next, which may not be the skin you want for that rank.
  13. Liam

    [Tutorial] Zip Ties

    http://imgur.com/a/mNo34 If you still can't find it.. please don't ask here.
  14. Liam

    [Tutorial] Zip Ties

    I made sure to change surrender to shift + l
  15. Liam

    [Tutorial] Zip Ties

    So adding this corrupted my fn_keyHandler.sqf! Upon spawn, the Ymenu did not work, neither did the surrender function or earplugs. I removed it, and everything worked fine, but obviously I wasn't able to use the ziptie function. SO..... I closed it off like this... case 48: { //The number, 48, is the key that has to be pressed in order to zip tie someone currently "b" if(_shift) then {_handled = true;}; //This makes it so they have to hold shift + key(48) to work. if(playerSide in [west,independent]) exitWith {};//Makes it so police and EMS cant zip tie people if !(license_civ_rebel) exitWith { hintSilent "You need a rebel training!"; };//Add required license's. Remove the whole line if you dont want any checks if(_shift && playerSide == civilian && !isNull cursorTarget && cursorTarget isKindOf "Man" && (isPlayer cursorTarget) && (side cursorTarget in [civilian,east]) && alive cursorTarget && cursorTarget distance player < 3.5 && !(cursorTarget getVariable "Escorting") && !(cursorTarget getVariable "restrained") && speed cursorTarget < 1) then { if([false,"zipties",1] call life_fnc_handleInv) then//Removes the zipties from the inventory { [] call life_fnc_RestrainAction; hintSilent "You have cuffed him! "; } else { hintSilent "You don't have zipties"; }; }; }; And everything worked again... BUT.. When trying to ziptie someone, nothing happens. Except for the hint at the top right saying that "you have cuffed them". Nothing in RPT logs either, and I have thoroughly looked over the steps above. fn_keyHandler.sqf
  16. Liam

    [Tutorial] Zip Ties

    A good idea would be to open up your missionfile, and go to the top right of your file browser and search for it... Honestly!
  17. Hi, this is a quick tutorial on how to add more police ranks in your database using NaviCat. (Procedure may not be the same with other programs). Step 1: Backup your current database! To do this, open Navicat and right click on your database. Select "dump SQL file..." and save the file to on your desktop. DONE! Step 2: Change the code! Find: `coplevel` enum('0','1','2','3','4','5','6','7') NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', and add more ranks by adding more numbers e.g. If I wanted 8 ranks in stead of seven I would add an ,'8' after '7'. 8 cop ranks should look like this: `coplevel` enum('0','1','2','3','4','5','6','7','8') NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', And so on.... 9 police ranks should look like this: `coplevel` enum('0','1','2','3','4','5','6','7','8','9') NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', Get the idea? Step 3: Now you can right click on your old database, select "execute SQL file" and execute the new database with the extra police ranks!
  18. For some reason this didn't work when I tried on my 4.4r3 server, so here is a simple solution if anyone can't get it working. add this to your init.sqf in your root directory instead of your fn_spawnConfirm.sqf: [] execVM "core\intro\fn_introtext.sqf";
  19. Have you enabled the debug console on your server?
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