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  1. Thanks for your reply, the issue has been resolved. Inbound/ Outbound Port UDP was being restricted by Firewall.
  2. I can't seem to setup my Rcon for my dedicated server. Any help is appreciated. Here is what I have done... (I am using TADST, not a .bat) I have a BEServer.cfg located in Arma 3 Server\TADST\default\BattlEye Inside the BEserver.cfg is as follows: RConPassword 123 RConPort 2309 Now in my Rcon is as follows: Port:2309 password: 123 Host: I have tried with different ports, and have tried changing from "root" to "", but no luck. Any help is appreciated, cheerio.
  3. Receiving this error message when trying to setup a local mySQL database for my altislife server. Have never encountered this error in the past. Thank you for your time.
  4. [TUTORIAL] Fix "Error Loading Mission" I have noticed that since the forums have been revived no one has posted a fix for the "error loading mission file" after building in the Eden editor, which is a very common error. So here is a quick simple fix. 1.) Open your Altis Life map in the Eden editor. 2.) At the top left of your screen, select "entities", this will bring up all the entities in the game, from npc's, markers, cars, buildings etc. 3.) In the search bar, search for "car1_1". There should be two identical duplicates. 4.) Delete one of them, and save. DONE! Now
  5. Liam

    [Tutorial] Zip Ties

    I have already tried that, with a bunch of other things. It definitely is not conflicting scripts because I have reversed the additions.
  6. Looks nice, did you make it? +1
  7. Liam

    [Tutorial] Zip Ties

    Yes, just add an addAction. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction
  8. Why don't you test it on 4.4 ? By doing that, you will have answered your own question
  9. Why don't you test it on 4.4 ? By doing that, you will have answered your own question
  10. Uhhh a little problem. Not really a problem, but a question out of confusion... Changing the prices in fn_config.sqf located in core\DynMarket does not seem to be changing the prices in game. Am I missing something? I even matched the corresponding prices with the config_vitems. Here is what it looks like in fn_config.sqf: ["heroin_processed",9000], ["marijuana",5250], ["cocaine_processed",9750] Is there another file that needs to be altered to change the prices? *EDIT* I even changed the config.sqf serverside and prices remain the same. *EDIT #2*
  11. How to add custom spawn points: Difficulty: EASY For adding spawn points that require a certain license: Step 1: Open your mission file in the editor, and create a new marker and place it where you want the player to spawn. There CANNOT be any spaces in the name, if you wish to use a space use _ as a replacement. So one e.g. could be gang_spawn_1 or just gang_spawn.. It really doesn't matter, just make sure the marker name doesn't already exist. Step 1: Open up Config_SpawnPoints.hpp and find which side (cop,civ,med) you want to add the spawn to. The process is the exact sa
  12. For noobs. Here are the codes you need to add custom textures for cop uniform skins, medic uniform skins, medic backpack skins, cop backpack skins, medic backpack skins allocated to certain ranks, cop backpack skins allocated to certain ranks etc. File: fn_playerSkins.sqf COP: For adding custom backpack textures: if ((backpack player) == "insertClassnameHere") then { (unitbackpack player) setObjectTextureGlobal [0,"textures\*insertDirectoryHere.jpg"]; }; For adding custom uniform skins assigned to certain ranks: if ((FETCH_CONST(life_coplevel) >= 3) &
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