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  1. Well yes there is a way, but no one here is gonna do it for you. But in theory you could just get the position and direction of the original wall, then once the bomb explodes delete the original wall and create a new broken wall with the same position and direction as the original one.

  2. Add this into the init of the Clothing Store and you should be able to see a nametag over the NPC, if you want to add the "NPC" text below it will require more editing but should be quite easy, check in fn_playerTags.

    this setVariable ["realname","Clothing Store"]; 
  3. On 6/27/2019 at 11:55 PM, Fawks said:

    As mentioned in another topic, why not just use the Arma generated plates instead of creating your own? It requires less code, runs faster, and is done for you.

    If you dislike the way the script is made feel free to make your own tutorial.

  4. Version: Only tested with 5.0

    Difficulty: Easy

    Note: This will not replace already existing vehicles number plates with new ones.


    Open fn_vehicleShopBuy.sqf and add this code under _vehicle disableTIEquipment true; //No Thermals.. They're cheap but addictive.

    _select1 = selectRandom ["A","B","C","D","E","F","G","H","J","K","L","M","N","O","P","R","S","T","U","W","X","Y","Z"];
    _select2 = selectRandom ["A","B","C","D","E","F","G","H","J","K","L","M","N","O","P","R","S","T","U","W","X","Y","Z"];
    _select3 = selectRandom ["A","B","C","D","E","F","G","H","J","K","L","M","N","O","P","R","S","T","U","W","X","Y","Z"];
    _select4 = selectRandom ["1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9","0"];
    _select5 = selectRandom ["1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9","0"];
    _select6 = selectRandom ["1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9","0"];
    private _plate = format["%1%2%3 %4%5%6",_select1,_select2,_select3,_select4,_select5,_select6];
    _vehicle setPlateNumber _plate;

    and in the same file scroll down further til you find if (_mode) then { then add _plate after _colorIndex in the arrays remember to separate with a comma.


    Go to fn_vehicleCreate.sqf in life_server and comment out _plate = round(random(1000000)); 

    in the same file add _plate = [_this,4,"",[""]] call BIS_fnc_param;


    Go to fn_insertVehicle.sqf in life_server and replace ["_plate",-1,[0]] with "_plate"

    and in the same file find || _plate isEqualTo -1) exitWith {}; and change it to || _plate isEqualTo "") exitWith {};


    Go to fn_spawnVehicle.sqf in life_server and find private _wasIllegal = _vInfo select 13; and add private _plateNumber = _vInfo select 7; directly under.

    in the same file go to //Reskin the vehicle and add _vehicle setPlateNumber _plateNumber; directly under.


    Now go back to the mission file and go to fn_impoundMenu.sqf and find _tmp = [(_x select 2),(_x select 8)]; and add (_x select 7) to the array and remember to separate with a comma.


    Now go to fn_garageLBChange.sqf and find " +(localize "STR_Shop_Veh_UI_Color")+ " %8<br/> and add " +("License Plate:")+ " %9<br/> directly under.

    in the same file find _vehicleColor add a comma after _vehicleColor and then add _numberPlate directly under.

    now again in the same file find _classNameLife = className; and add _numberPlate = (_dataArr select 2); under.

    and make sure to add "_numberPlate" to the private array and REMEMBER to separate by a comma.


    Last but not least run this code in your database:

    ALTER TABLE vehicles MODIFY plate varchar(7) NOT NULL



  5. 2 hours ago, Deoxyr said:

    i changed it in the West line like following:

    case west: {format ["SELECT pid, name, cash, bankacc, adminlevel, donorlevel, cop_licenses, coplevel, cop_gear, blacklist, cop_stats, ctulevel playtime FROM players WHERE pid='%1'",_uid];};

    As we have added a additional level specially for the cops.
    Now we get this error in the RTP files when a player spawns in.

    11:57:54 Error in expression <) isEqualTo _uid) exitWith {
    _x set [1, _time_gathered];
    _x set [2, time];
    } >
    11:57:54   Error position: <_time_gathered];
    _x set [2, time];
    } >
    11:57:54   Error Undefined variable in expression: _time_gathered
    11:57:54 File \life_server\Functions\PlayTime\fn_setPlayTime.sqf [TON_fnc_setPlayTime], line 24
    If we add a " , " behind ctulevel (our new level) it wont fix the issue.
    If we remove ctulevel it does fix the issue.
    Any guess whats going wrong here?

    Try adding ctulevel after playtime instead.

    case west: {format ["SELECT pid, name, cash, bankacc, adminlevel, donorlevel, cop_licenses, coplevel, cop_gear, blacklist, cop_stats, playtime, ctulevel FROM players WHERE pid='%1'",_uid];};

  6. 2 hours ago, Fawks said:

    Add " widthRailWay = 4; " to the bottom of the MapView class in spawn_selection.hpp.

    No, he should add it to Life_RscMapControl in common.hpp instead.

  7. 4 hours ago, kirky1423uk said:

    hey up all I want to add a licence for gathering because when I go to process something it gives me the option to process strait away or purchase the licence whats point of the licence if I can process starit away so iv been thinking about adding licence for gathering how would I go about this cheers 

    I'm pretty sure that if you process without a license you will have to pay each time you process.

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