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  1. If you dislike the way the script is made feel free to make your own tutorial.
  2. And it can also be done by creating new ones. I haven't noticed any time changes for a vehicle to spawn?
  3. So people can have custom formats/looks on their license plates?
  4. https://www.altisliferpg.com/topic/5881-tutorial-vehicle-license-plate/
  5. Version: Only tested with 5.0 Difficulty: Easy Note: This will not replace already existing vehicles number plates with new ones. Open fn_vehicleShopBuy.sqf and add this code under _vehicle disableTIEquipment true; //No Thermals.. They're cheap but addictive. _select1 = selectRandom ["A","B","C","D","E","F","G","H","J","K","L","M","N","O","P","R","S","T","U","W","X","Y","Z"]; _select2 = selectRandom ["A","B","C","D","E","F","G","H","J","K","L","M","N","O","P","R","S","T","U","W","X","Y","Z"]; _select3 = selectRandom ["A","B","C","D","E","F","G","H","J","K","L","M","N"
  6. No. AFAIK this won't even work without installing https://github.com/ConnorAU/A3UserInputMenus
  7. Try adding ctulevel after playtime instead. case west: {format ["SELECT pid, name, cash, bankacc, adminlevel, donorlevel, cop_licenses, coplevel, cop_gear, blacklist, cop_stats, playtime, ctulevel FROM players WHERE pid='%1'",_uid];};
  8. Then you have done something wrong.
  9. Clearly says what the problem is?
  10. Do it this way instead, Go to fn_playerSkins.sqf and add this under case west & case independent if you want it for cops and medics. just change this "B_Carryall_cbr" to whatever backpack you want to be invisible.
  11. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/playSound
  12. then its wrong in the execVM code
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