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  1. possibly "we've" however the intent of original sentence remains unclear.
  2. Well that's a list that I can't even be bothered to read through. Fix your stuff up. Who in the world cares if you have "updated intro text" Really. You can do better.
  3. In addition to @Repentz's, I have compiled a small and basic How-To format an advertisement and draw more attention to it. I've made a template of how I would format it and what I have seen to work the best. This is not a must and definitely should be manipulated in ways to make it unique for you and your community. However, this covers the most important information in the 'important to not that important' order, which could be useful for some.
  4. Ok. Since you've literally put in 0 effort in this advertisement I decided to craft together an example just for you that shows you how to make a proper ad (it's dead simple):
  5. Your question is answered in the first paragraph of this topic.
  6. "10/10 sold. Best advertising." - is what I would say if this was any good. Since it's not I'll give you some honest feedback by providing you with some do-s and don't-sto bring in 100 players per 10 minutes. Not really, but here are they nevertheless: The Do-s: DO make your topic sexy in a way by adding a shitton of pics and content DO make your topic as short as possible with as much RELEVANT INFO as possible DO make update posts with sufficient information that will blow my mind and make me join DO post more often DO stay relevant and put in as much effort as you can DO make PEOPLE want to JOIN IN! okay. Some DONot-s: DO NOT Post Replies Such As "Please Join My Server" (Not Quoted, But The Idea Remains The Same) DO NOT leave your topic unattended for ages DO NOT leave your topic plank and unattractive DO NOT leave your replies to your topic plank and unattractive Just some friendly advice. Believe me, if you do all of this I'll be nice to you and give you some nice feedback that you're waiting for.
  7. @RobinLuck I wasn't actually planning on replying to your nonsense, but here we go nevertheless. Don't worry, I'll give you some more actual feedback for your community so it doesn't end off topic. However, calling me out is rather stupid. 'This is an old version and topic is not updated,' you made the topic (back then) 1 day ago and it was already outdated. Stunning. I am absolutely aware that I am posting feedback on Arma forums and I will absolutely stand by my statement that Arma 3 is a dead-end game seeing the playerbase be on a steady decrease for a bit now. No, I don't currently play Arma 3 and no, I don't understand why someone would make a server right now unless they have an absolutely brilliant business plan because of otherways you're better off throwing your money into the fire. For the servers that people said they die quickly, but then climb to the top - they have a leader with a backbone. You could definitely be one of them, but don't make a fool out of yourself making a server that will go downhill unless you have a plan and you know how to go about doing things. Just a friendly suggestion. Feedback time! I would suggest adding links to forums etcetera on this post as well because sure as hell I can't be bothered to click on the video just to have your video start playing on the background so I could get the links. Honestly. Make it as easy as possible for new players to join and they'll be much happier to join. Can't say anything else though as for some reason I can't access your forums (might just be a bad connection, who knows). Hope this project turns out more than I think it will turn out. Prove me wrong! Enjoy.
  8. Your website → Main page → Career options → Gang lol Not sure how does one make a 'serious roleplay server' and leave the only career option for civilians to be 'a gang'. Look at the things from your average players perspective, add more things for civis to do. And no, if you respond to this 'well, we have plenty to do, we have weed, meth, oil, you can do anything you want' then no. You should make more distinct career possibilities for civis. Maybe not the most simple thing to do with just a few players, but that's how you get more.
  9. I can honestly tell that you've put some effort into this. Good job. But well, if you'd know me you'd also know that I will not leave without giving constructive criticism. The so-called 'trailer' serves a purpose but it's not inviting. However, the sole purpose of having a trailer is to invite players. The background music you've picked doesn't make any sense as it doesn't match to the content provided in any way nor does it tell a story. This is something for you to look into if you want to make the next big hit in Arma communities. Try to show features in a neat fashion that allows you to also show and give players a good idea of what you've got in store for them. It's a difficult path and requires tons of hours of scripting the 'trailer', filming it and editing it; selecting proper music to match different parts of the video, musical fade-ins and 'outs - it all takes time. At the end of the day though, if you've put in effort, you'd have a higher chance of getting a result. By higher chance, I mean that Arma 3 is generally a dead-end game and I don't really see a point for making a community as the majority of people who are left are salty douches that don't give a damn about you or the community. The few nice people left just can't be bothered and whatever server is started will die couple'a months later in agony. This wasn't to discourage you. Best of luck and I hope your project turns out different.
  10. One question: why do cops have 'police' written on their asses?
  11. Literally shit. Won't even give criticism. Take others that have made a proper topic to start with and put your effort.
  12. At least your website was complete before publishing. Lol. Rolling text called "rolling text" and lorem ipsum doesn't leave just the best first impression does it. As well as the screenshot with freecam stuffs. You have a lot of development to do. Enjoy. Best of luck.
  13. your member and admin tags are literally the same on the forums and the texts are off centre. looks bad. better add some screens too m8. maybe make your image a png so the black shit goes away and it looks nice. why would you have 'a team of comissioners' and 'a team of chiefs'? why is your server that special that you require a whole team of comissioners and a whole team of chiefs to lead factions? loads of bold white text isn't really appealing to read btw. switch it up and you'll do good.
  14. finally you made it unwhitelisted. perhaps you now have a chance of getting a playerbase
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